Education: Pap Ndia promises great advice after school starts

Officially, it was a “private” trip. Just before the first round of legislative elections, Pope Andea arrived in Poitiers this Friday to support the outgoing deputy president, Sacha Howley. But the meeting with elected officials, teachers and extra-curricular actors was an opportunity for the national education minister to present his ideas for the school.

He who had been silent for so long that he was criticized for his extreme prudence, came out of the shadows. Doing a first exercise almost before the time of the great advice promised by Emanuel Macron. It will be held “from September or October, when the school year begins”, he announced on the sidelines of the meeting. In the process, he mentions “don’t make a grenade” of education, an indication of the advice edited by his predecessor, Jean-Michel Blanker. The minister said he wanted to go “as close to the field as possible this afternoon” in the spirit of Emanuel Macron’s new approach.

In the hall of the Vouneuil-sous-Biard Vacation Center, a few kilometers from Poitiers, he emphasized that “locally, we envision a coalition between a dozen and a half schools and extra-curricular, aid and related financial means”, teachers, elected officials and extra-curricular actors. .

“Coming out of the darkness”

The minister stressed the need to “project ourselves into a new dynamic” to “survive the darkness” through “equal opportunities” and “bringing in as many people as possible”. The teachers were “physically and mentally exhausted”, “they told me so”, he also slipped.

The context of the great advice promised by Emanuel Macron during the presidential campaign is known: its goal is to open the school to outsiders. Citing an African proverb, the minister explained that “an educational community is not only made up of teachers” who occupy a “central position”, but “it takes a village to educate a child”. “It’s about including all the actors in my project,” he insisted.

Sacha Houlié provided him with a set of “what works” devices to illustrate this open school. From the math case to the educational colonies where Audrey Fiolat, a mathematician and surfing mix, takes students 10 euros per weekend for their vacation, from math cases to interaction between teachers and extracurricular agents in the city of Nouille-Maupertouis. With teachers.

A device “which has a specific occupation that must be sustainable according to the financial equation because it is an expensive device on a country scale”, says Slip Pap Ndia. “Ukrainian children will benefit by learning French,” he said.

“I’ll focus on the way.”

And for priority education? The “project exists” but often comes up against a lack of resources or even a reduction of positions, said Frances Popinue, former general secretary of SNUipp-FSU, director of a REP school that has an innovative project on language for allophone students. , Monitored by researchers at the University of Poitiers. “I will concentrate on the way, the sin answers in India. Obviously priority education must be included in the generalization of exams [annoncées par Emmanuel Macron], We need to be careful to associate it with these margins of respiration and autonomy. A

“Changing Admission Conditions for Competitive Exams”

The Minister particularly emphasized the need to address educational inequality. He argued that “the conditions of admission of the most elite institutions are essential for significant transformation and whose competitions are the most difficult”. Highlights the importance of bonus points and counseling given to scholarship holders for competitive examinations in higher normal schools.

Faced with frustrated high school students at Parcoursup’s first results, he tried to reassure them by mentioning additional procedures. “Parcoursup is not a perfect device”, “We refine it every year”, “This year, the situation is much better than last year”, he guesses, recalling the draws from the time of APB. But when it comes to higher education or “social diversity”, he promised to talk about it with his opponents in higher education. After several weeks of a very rare word, Sylvie doesn’t want to speak in Pap Ndia instead of Retailu.

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