Exceptional Trip: 12 Incredible Survival Experiences To Survive At least Once In Your Life!

Want an exceptional and unique trip? Forbes Gives you 12 incredible experiences to survive at least once in your life.

Machu Picchu, the Great Wall of China, or the Taj Mahal… these destinations are on the list of places to visit at least once in your life. However, after being captured during the epidemic, the will of travelers has changed. Now, they see things as bigger and want to treat themselves to an adventure, a trip or a magical experience.

Also, for a variety of reasons, visiting a place that attracts millions of visitors each year is less interesting than before. Travelers want the experience of being in a breathtaking position, but away from the crowds. The epidemic is not over, mass tourism is back, and we both don’t want to deal with it. There are some big dreams here!

Geirangerfjord, Norway. | Source: Getty Images

Travel to the end of the world in a fishing village in Norway

In early 2022, the premium travel company Blue-parallel, South America’s leading luxury travel expert, has expanded its horizons The new polar routes offered by Blue Parallel will take you to explore the wide open spaces above or below 66e Locations in parallel Norway include a complete immersion in the history of the Vikings, a private trip to Bird Island in a semi-rigid boat. RundeAlong with hiking or biking Geirengerfjord And stay in a fishing hut on one of its magnificent islands LofotenAbove the pole circle.

Exceptional travel
Sumba Island, Indonesia | Source: Getty Images

Enjoy the grandeur of NIHI Sumba Hotel and the beauty of Sumba Island

Regularly, and deservedly, voted the best hotel in the world, NIHI Sumba occupies 500 hectares of land on a sparsely populated island where local animist traditions remain largely intact. “One hour east of Bali and Java, the most populous island on the planet, Sumba Island is completely different from its two neighbors,” explains James McBride, Partner and CEO of the hotel. Although it was originally a destination for surfers, the hotel has been able to create a total experience for its customers over time: a herd of 24 horses for a walk along the seashore, a “safari spa” with wellness sanctuary, waterfall, palm to relax as a couple all day. Trees, organic ingredients grown on site and cooked over a wood fire, and huge space. For James McBride, this trip is “the ultimate dream.” A

Exceptional travel
Silfra Fault, Iceland. | Source: Getty Images

Take a private helicopter tour of Iceland

Blue Parallel Company takes its customers on trips to Iceland’s increasingly remote areas, away from the busy Golden Circle, in glaciers (and around the world). Westman IslandsOne of the best kept secrets in the country) and in scuba diving Silfra RiftA flaw between the tectonic plates of North America and Eurasia, the fascinating cold water marine life.

Exceptional travel
Oludeniz Lagoon, Turquoise Coast, Turkey. | Source: Getty Images

Sail a Golet ship on the Turquoise coast

In Old French, “turquoise” means “Turkish stone”, which is why it also applies to waters off the southwestern coast of Turkey. One week in a traditional gulet (two-masted sailing ship), enjoying delicious food, sunbathing, swimming and admiring the beautiful bright colors of the water seems like a fantasy. And yet, ScicsSailing makes this dream possible. For decades, the company has been offering all-inclusive trips Bodrum berry Both a “comfortable” sailing boat in a separate cabin and a private “luxury” sailing boat on board.

Exceptional travel
Gobi Desert, Mongolia. | Source: Getty Images

Go on an adventure in the Gobi Desert

Ride between Saxaul, Persian Gazelle and Ibex. Ride mountain bikes along the ancient desert road, cross dramatic canyons and cliffs. Camp in the shadow of the mountainsGobi Altai And sleep in a glamorously employed yurt. These activities are just a sample of the experiences offered by the vast expanses of Mongolia. EarthtonesA startup that specializes in submerged desert travel has created a program that includes all of these activities and more, such as the Bactrian Camel (two-humped camel) ride.

Exceptional travel
African elephant in a reserve in Kenya. | Source: Getty Images

Meet Kenyan women saving African elephants

When Katie Rowe Established The rate In 2016, she brought in nine female rangers and guardians from the local community to take care of the growing baby elephants. Reteti is a unique organization where Samburu women who have survived it are as respected and valued as their male counterparts. These women are at the forefront of conservation, and this is one of the reasons for the travel agency Unpublished The sanctuary built by Reteti offers tours. A private retreat for exclusive use, visitors can watch elephants and chat with keepers while staying at the attractive new rate house.

Exceptional travel
Fernando de Noronha, Brazilian archipelago. | Source: Getty Images

Fernando de Noronha Swim in the Brazilian archipelago

Between South America and Africa, the heavily protected Brazilian archipelago of Fernando de Noronha has evolved from an underdeveloped military outpost into a natural paradise, with stringent restrictions on tourism and a huge commitment to conservation. It is an ecological sanctuary, a place used by marine researchers as a control group in contrast to the developed beaches of the mainland. It is a unique destination for divers (offering blue parallel locations), not only for its warm, clear waters and abundant marine life, but also for its calm environment.

Exceptional travel
New Zealand. | Source: Getty Images

Discover New Zealand in a new light

Experimental travel company Hiking New Zealand Recently gathered a 15-day experience that it called ‘New Zealand Uncut’ and which will take you on a journey to discover the vast and varied landscapes of the two islands far from the Mildford Track. You will discover New Zealand through a series of day hikes and short walks in remote areas of the country.

Exceptional travel
Bengal tiger in the jungles of central India. | Source: Getty Images

Embark on a safari in Central India

Royal Expedition Princess of the royal family of the state of Jodhpur, a luxurious travel company founded by a former Member of Parliament and Minister of Culture. The company has created a Pilatus jet safari called ‘Flying Tiger Safari’, which will take you to the deserts of Central India, which inspired Rudyard Kipling Forest books. On the ground, the guide will show you around the national park in an open top car.

Exceptional travel
Velika Planina, Slovenia. | Source: Getty Images

Enjoying the great outdoors in Slovenia

It is no longer a secret that Slovenia is one of the last great forest paradises in the world, a beautiful place to visit and a place full of incredible culinary specialties. By offering to stay WonderLux Journeys Will take you Velika PlaninaA nearby mountain pasture Kominska Vistriva In the Upper Carniola region of northern Slovenia. This place is only accessible on foot or simply by car (during the day), which you have to pay during your stay. Chef Bain Volsic (famous for his daring no-waste cooking) Monstera Bistro Lublianer) and the famous animal feed Katja Rebolz The program will include trips with hiking, saplings, culinary workshops and overnight in a chalet over city lights.

Exceptional travel
Ruha National Park, Tanzania. | Source: Getty Images

Think outside the box in Tanzania

The Serengeti Plain There are many attractions, but loneliness is not one of them. Fortunately, Tanzania is a large country with a number of remote and still untouched game reserves. It is located in the southern part of the country Ruha National Park, The best park you’ve ever heard of and “Tanzania’s best wildlife has been kept secret.” Ruha Park is now home to about 10% of the world’s lions. The Mahale Mountain National Park Also worth a look, just like Camp at Grestok Mahal Where visitors can see wild chimpanzees. Society Cartology Travel You will be able to offer the ideal stay according to your wishes.

Exceptional travel
Torres del Paine, Chile. | Source: Getty Images

Tracer del Paine, Cougar tracking in Chile

The largest hunter in southern Chile, the Patagonian Puma, calls Torres del Payne home. Exploring it with professional trackers (which ArtTones offers) is an incredible experience during a great landscape. Hikes are accessible, short-lived and not too difficult. They end with a starry night in a mountain ecology.

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: Ann Abel

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