Fuel prices: social divisions at the pump – France

Today, Thursday morning, on the big totem posed at the entrance of this service station of Morlix (29), fuel prices have reached new heights again. Lighted in red, the price of a liter of diesel and gasoline has surpassed the symbolic bar of two euros. Diesel pistol in hand, Celine desperate to see Euro figures scrolling fast on the pump’s display screen. The young woman, age 24, is disillusioned. “It’s very complicated and troublesome now,” said the driver, who came to spend only 25 euros on fuel. Bear will be able to go to his workplace at least this weekend. Céline, who works as a home helper, uses his personal car, a small engine, for his professional journey. “We are paid 0.35 euros per km, but that is not enough now,” explained the low-income young woman, forcing her belt tightened. “Over the last few months, I’ve been limited to unnecessary travel. I live in the Morlex sector. ” While leaving the family and settling in her own house with her partner, the young woman pays special attention to her expenses during this time of high inflation.

There are no holidays this summer

A few meters away, Aymerick, 30, comes to refuel his car. He must pay about one hundred euros. The young man also admitted to cutting his budget dedicated to retirement. “I work less than before. I’d rather stay home than burn gasoline. He even decided not to go on vacation this summer. “Normally, I visit Loren every year to see my family but, for the first time, I decided not to travel there because of the high cost of fuel. “Also, toll and petrol prices are more expensive at motorway stations.” Investing in electric cars? This self-employed worker doesn’t even think about it. “It simply came to our notice then. For me, this is not the right solution. A

Normally, I visit my family in Lorraine every year but, for the first time, I decide not to travel there because of the high cost of fuel.

Destiny driver

At the same time, on the other side of the pump, a mother inserts her bank card into her car to keep it unlocked. “Unfortunately we have no choice,” Emmanuel said, shouting with great determination. Fuel is now a big part of his monthly budget. He regularly checks an app to find the cheapest gas stations. “We are forced to deprive ourselves of other things, such as outings and leisure, to go to work. At the food level, we bought less unnecessary things. We are satisfied with the basic product. “For this summer, he has reviewed his plans for the holidays.” We are going less this year, only 1h30 away. But we still want to continue to have fun because the year was difficult.

Despite the fun and price hikes after the health crisis, this is a trend that has emerged from the call for testimonials launched on our website. Explained by Jimmy who plans to go on vacation this summer. But if the resident of this L’Oreant makes good use of his car – “the train is poorly adapted” – he already has plans to give up extra (restaurants, museums, etc.). Just like Delphine, Quéménéven (29), who would go to Alsace and limit his movement once there.

Travel cuts, retirement restrictions, holiday breaks … some are wondering what sacrifices they still have to accept. And to launch this Pleumeur-Gautier resident (22): “Soon, you will have to choose between going to the pump or buying food”.

Soon, you will have to choose between going to the pump or buying food

Everyone expects hints from the state

Two classes of people live side by side in the service station. Those who have very tight budgets are very cautious about their fuel expenditure and those who still cannot afford it do not limit themselves. For example, Muriel admits that there is no difficulty. He will be driving to Spain this summer to spend his vacation. Similarly, Olivier, at the wheel of his recent station wagon, believes that “do not deprive yourself” despite rising fuel prices. “We were limited for a while, we were lucky to be able to go out, so we took advantage of it by practicing leisure activities, for example,” explains the father, who will be leaving Ardach in August. Despite having different lifestyles, all motorists have questioned the evolution of prices with the same pessimism, and for a hint from the state, all hopes without believing it.

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