How Cantal Street Art has become an open space for artists to express themselves

When the big names of artists and street art come together in one area, a truly open-air playground, it gives birth to the 10th Art Festival in Cantal. Every time, during a tour of their territory, during the mediation period – where artists welcome the public to follow the progress of their bombings – or after their departure, however, in front of their work every day, it is a question. Encounter, exchange, transmission, trace left. If not indefinitely then at least permanently.

A chronic trace

“You can see it in the reception given to the public and to all the residents of a work. They connect with it. It became a marker, an element of tradition. Sometimes very powerful করে integrates into the landscape and the environment, It often becomes something that constitutes it Comment Vincent Pietri, artistic director of the festival.

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True! When, last summer, a backhoe loader brought down a large fresco, rue de Marmiesse, created by the artist duo Sesmicazote in 2016, residents of 20-22 buildings were not the only heavy heartaches. He was a “soul mate” of Marmier, and many made it a point if not a cardinal, in any case a strategic or emotional landmark in the vicinity.

Picture of the Marmiers district of Aurilac (Cantal), the fresco of Marmi’s grandmother fell this morning

Such welcome and Attachment to work Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. Like others this year too.

“We work upstream with the municipality of the Agglomeration community in Aurelik Basin for those who want to host a job.”

Vincent Petrie (Empty)

He added: “Every year two or three people welcome us. We offer one. We also hear things that, at times, can excite or challenge them. But our experience, the way we have had to work and offer quality work, in and around Arilac, starts to speak well for us, slip, smile, Vincent Petrie. But we ask them to give us confidence. And Let the artist speak. Because that’s how he comes. Of course, there is a small bet on the final work … “

A bet and a sign of faith

Like a kind of leap into the void that always seems to delight the artistic director. Explain something, reassure. And finally let others do it. Artists. What happened this year, in Tesseres-de-Cornet, was when the old courtyard wall was handed over to Scarrow.

International News has left its mark on the 10th Art Festival in Aurilac

Prior to his arrival, the artist at Le Havre was invited to compose on a specific theme: traditional bowling, which is part of the city’s history.

“After submitting the sketch, some concerns had to be addressed.

“And adjust the size of my pin. I didn’t know this game, which is common here. So, at the scene, I heard. And watched the famous game, “

Scarrow (Empty)

He continued: “This is often the case. When you go there, you meet the locals. The project was finalized through their communication. A

Or his name. As happened recently, after finishing a street painting and baptizing Rosa, Rosa Parks, an African-American civil rights activist, paid her respects.Throughout the week, Scarrow forced his brushes to speak in the middle of the old school yard in Tessiers-de-Cornet.
History does not yet tell what the work of Teissieres-de-Cornet will be called. But it is a safe bet that it resonates with local history and its symbolic play.

The work that appeared in recent days

Creating new places for expression has always been the ambition of the 10th Art Festival. This is the true confluence of the universe and urban art that has met at Cantal Collaborates with local and international graffiti artists, and spreads in and around Aurillac. Italian artist Vesod gave the first brushstroke, for this edition, on the walls of the Municipal Gymnasium, in Arpajon-sur-Cère.Arpazon-sur-Ser Vesod Fresco in the Gymnasium (La Vidalite).
Clermontois Motte, he hit a front of a youth residence in Tivoli and next to the Camisières crèche.

10th Art Festival in Tivoli, next to Camicires Cret: Before and After Mott’s Work.
Scarrow, he, this weekend, finished his frescoes at the Tecieres-de-Cornet around the traditional and iconic skittle game of the village.

The following week, the general public, including Neophytes, were invited Express yourself on the walls of the Arpajon-sur-Cère gymnasium To try your hand at street-art around Vesod Fresco.

The festival, version 2022, will have three waves, three times: June, July and September. Other big meetings will come, promises Vincent Pietri.

Festival 10th Art Edition 2022: Total fresco at home for young workers in Tivoli. Before (left) / after (right).

Marie-Edwards Haybard

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