Marrakech during the 2022 edition of the Slip Congress

In a statement to M24, MAP’s uninterrupted news television channel, Mr. Mohamed El Ibrahimi, President of FMMSV and President of AFMASOM, indicated that Obstructive Respiratory Sleep Disorder (TROS) in children can lead to hyperactivity disorder. Can If diagnosed in time, it is cured.

These disorders remain unknown and the health course is a real ordeal for the child’s parents who are suffering from them, he explained, adding that children with TROS stop breathing at night (apnea), which is responsible for drowsiness or hyperactivity, so an ENT specialist, a The importance of early detection of these sleep disorders is important for confirmed treatment with the intervention of a pulmonologist, orthodontist or pediatrician.

If sleep apnea is not treated at an early age, it becomes a chronic condition that needs to be treated chronicly in adults, he said.

In this context, Mr. L. Ibrahimi, a pulmonologist and vice-president of the Association for Childhood Respiratory Disorders, notes that patients with apnea-related nighttime sleep disorders are responsible for 3 to 7 times more accidents than the general population.

In a similar statement, Mr. Robert Clavel, President of the Franco-Moroccan Association for Obstructive Respiratory Disorders in Children’s Sleep (AFMATROS), noted that sleep apnea, which can be fatal to children when they start school, can be fatal. . This age involves installing a device that will enlarge the palate and allow it to change its tongue.

If the disease is detected early, the child can be completely cured, he added, adding that sleep apnea, once untreated, and associated with other factors such as overweight and age, becomes a chronic disease in adult patients who begin to suffer. . Constant drowsiness and fatigue, he explained. “In adults, sleep disorders are not considered a pathology although they can cause serious accidents, especially among professional drivers or carriers,” he noted.

In addition, it should be noted that many parents sometimes experience behavioral problems in their children and do not immediately link them to sleep pathologies. Thus, the organizers announced a pilot project conducted with the Children’s Hospital in Rabat for training in TROS for children. The purpose of the creation of this entity is to raise awareness about this pathology among the medical and paramedical professions and the general public, which is as common as misunderstanding.

During this conclave, debates will focus on the main themes related to “National Road Safety Strategies for Reducing Public Road Accidents and Sleep-Related YLLs”, “Consequences of Extreme Sleep Disorders: Experiences from Naval Admirals”. “Artificial Intelligence and Sleep: Treatment of Sleep Disorders is the Most Digitized Division of Health”, “Sleep and Respiratory and Cardiovascular as well as Metabolic Disorders (Obesity)” and “Obstructive Respiratory Sleep Disorders in Children”. In addition to these congresses, according to the organizers, the Franco-Moroccan Association of Obstructive Respiratory Disorders of Childhood Slip (AFMATROS) will be created.

Explained, this association focuses on this extremely rare detected disease dedicated to children’s sleep disorders, the symptoms of which may be hyperactivity or drowsiness. His future.

The goal of this association is to raise awareness among health professionals (pneumologists, ENTs, pediatricians, cardiologists, orthodontists, endocrinologists, neurologists, general practitioners and pediatricians, etc.) and scouts, especially teachers, educators and parents. To save lives.

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