OVH founder invests in digital twins of tested drugs using Quantum

Kubit Pharmaceuticals, A Franco-American Diptech startup born in 2020Which specializes in simulation and molecular modeling using quantum physics, announces the completion of a funding round for an amount of 16.1 million euros.

A total of 23 million euros has been raised since the launch

Investors include Fund XAnge, Omnes, Quantonation and Octave Klaba, the famous founder of the hosting company OVH. This seed round brings together investors who specialize in life sciences and deep tech. This brings the total amount raised since the startup was 23 million euros.

Qubit Pharmaceuticals wants to halve the time required to select a drug candidate and halve the associated costs. The company is the result of research by Franco-American University. It seeks to create a portfolio of 10 drug candidates for cancer and inflammatory diseases.

The fundraising aims to strengthen its proprietary Atlas software platform, which is designed to take advantage of the computing capabilities of supercomputers and quantum computers. This computing power will accelerate the development of more efficient and secure drug candidates. Qubit Pharmaceuticals has long-term partnerships with key technology players.

Key technology partnerships with Nvidia, AWS, Genci and Pasqal

Qubit uses hybrid computing in combination with HPC (High Performance Computing) and Quantum Computing. It involves the development of high-performance computing infrastructure, including Nvidia (the use of GPU graphics processors). GENCI (Large National Intensive Computing Equipment) And AWS (Amazon Web Service), and with Quantum Computing French Pascal (who works with Credit Agricole) And the University of Sherbrooke (Canada). As such, Qubit Pharmaceuticals seeks to continually improve the accuracy of its digital twins and expand its field of application to increasingly complex goals.

Qubit Pharmaceuticals is a bridge between mathematicians and physicists and pharmaceutical and biotech players. “ Described by Robert Marino, President of Qubit Pharmaceuticals. ” The former is developing hyper-fast computing tools based on quantum research and the latter is looking for new drugs. He further said. Qubit Pharmaceuticals works to model molecules and mimic their interactions through ultra-fast computing. The Atlas platform creates digital twins of physical molecules. Simulates interaction between startup model and molecule. It declares that it can calculate in a few hours which requires several years in the conventional way, i.e. an acceleration of 100,000 factors.

As a result, Kubits declares that there is no longer any need to use artificial intelligence algorithms to synthesize drugs developed in chemistry or to test their efficacy. Atlas modeling molecules, describing them and predicting their action. Qubit boasts a groundbreaking technology that solves 3 key problems in drug development: predictive quality, results interpretation and speed of simulation, creating improvements and acceleration of therapeutic product portfolios.

The goal is to quickly grow the company to 60 people

The company employs 20 specialists in quantum chemistry, computational chemistry, machine learning and medical chemistry, and the use of supercomputers and quantum computers. Qubit Pharmaceuticals will strengthen its team, which will quickly reach 60 people spread across Paris and Boston. Qubit Pharmaceuticals wants to be a world leader in fast drug design.

With the Atlas platform, the Qubit Pharmaceuticals team has announced that they have discovered new drug candidates against Covid in less than 6 months and have begun research activities in the field of cancer and inflammation. ” We have come up with a new generation of tools for rapid and predictable molecular modeling in the industry, with high efficiency computing, quantum computing and artificial intelligence based acceleration and visualization techniques to perform extremely high precise molecular simulations. Jean-Philippe Peckmal, Scientific Director and Co-Founder of Kubit Pharmaceuticals.

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