Pediatric cancer in the urethra: Lead and rare earth are found in the hair

The results of the hair test analysis were presented by the Toxic Emergency Association in the presence of the Lubrizal Disaster Victims Association and the new association Cancer, True for Our Kids © Béatrice Cherry-Pellat

New steps have been taken to investigate the cause Pediatric cancer in the Pont-de-l’Arche region.

Thursday, June 9, 2021In Egoville, last March, the results of a hair test performed on eleven sick and healthy children at Pont-de-l’Arche were released, first to the parents of the sick children and then to all the residents:

“Environmental pollution has been imagined. The results reveal a pattern of pollution with rare earths and lead.

Matthew Davoli, President of the Toxic Emergency Association (a private and independent scientific group based in Pontoise)

A chronic and anxious addiction

“Of the eleven samples, ten indicate the presence of rare earths and nine the presence of lead,” explains Matthew Davoli, “indicating a chronic and anxious poisoning because lead is usually present in 30% of the analysis and not 90% because this is the case here, and we are rare.” The world should not be found. “

According to various studies carried out, this may be due to the presence of rare earths Electromagnetic field. A source of contamination that was pointed out by parents of sick children after the discovery of two relay antennas near Pont-de-L’Arche College last April.

For lead, it is necessary for industries to look for potential contaminants.

What is a rare world?

Rare earth contains 17 metals (scandium, itrium, lanthanum, cerium, pseudium, neodymium, promethium, samarium, europium, gadolinium, terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, itarium and lutium). These minerals are used in the manufacture of high-tech products and in industry, but their extraction and processing requires a lot of solvents and acids and produces toxic wastes.

Parents satisfied

For parents of anxious sick children since the discovery of a cluster of pediatric cancers in 2019, this is the first way to dig: “Finally it is moving forward! We are very pleased with the results, we suspect they were not good and we suspect environmental factors for a long time, “said Coralie Jargel, a board member of the Brand New Association. Cancer, true for our childrenFounded with Charlene Bachelet and Manuela Ferreira, the mother of three sick children.

These first analyzes were made possible by the association’s financial support Victims of lubrication Whose president, Simon de Carvalho, was in Igoville on Thursday evening.

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“Thanks to our association, we will be able to make new analyzes and apply for grants from local authorities so that they can help us. Because now that we’re started, we’re not going to let go. “

Corali Jarguel

As a reminder, parents of sick children wanted to form an association following a study conducted by the state services, stating that there was “no common cause” for pediatric cancer in the region.

Support of elected officials

In the room, many mayors intervened to ensure their support for the families of sick children and their investment in the search for the cause of pediatric cancer. The mayor of Pont-de-l’Arche, Richard Jackett, “remembers doing the necessary work to remove the free antenna next to the college.” Igoville Mayor Nathalie Breimersch is leading the fight to avoid installing a relay antenna in her town. For Arnaud Levitra, the mayor of Alijaya – a city where many industrial pollutants can be sources – promised to “lead a civil war if industrial development leads to pollution”. Pont-de-l’Arche Canton’s departmental adviser, he will relay the results of the analysis during the next plenary session of the department.

New analysis expected

Association members Cancer, true for our childrenThe results of the hair test analysis will be communicated so that the investigation towards electromagnetic fields and polluting industries continues.

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