Prince Louis didn’t grow up badly, he was like everyone else when he was 4 years old

Parenting – “She’s a child, she has the right to express herself, to be silly, to be upset, to be tired or embarrassed!” Halfpost. For the psychologist and founder of the firm Siphamil, Prince Louis’s attitude towards Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday, held in early June, is very “normal”.

The third child of Prince William and Kate Middleton was spotted during a celebration in honor of her grandmother, holding her ear to her ear or pushing her mother away during the “Platinum Jubilee Pageant” on the porch of Buckingham Palace.

If his behavior has been the subject of ridiculous covers, it has also been widely criticized, with many media or Internet users judging Prince Louis, 4, to be “uncontrolled”, “unbearable”, and even “indigent.” Clinical psychologist Alain Native ID Hamou said, “Whether it was her dignity or the context in which she was, she had a normal reaction for a child her age.”

“It’s a situation that happens every day, there are no parents who haven’t felt it!”, Added Sandra, a journalist and mother of two children under the age of four. Is asked by HalfpostHe recalls, like Catherine Verdiar and Aline Native ID Hamou, that Prince Louis’s behavior is a classic for a 4-year-old child.

The “normal” reaction to his age

“It’s really common that he puts his hand over his mother’s face, which we find at this age of child development,” underlined Aline Native ID Hamou. “He may have received a lot of requests, requests from adults and a way for him to stop it, to show that it was too much,” he explains.

“He may have received a lot of requests from adults, and for him a way to stop it, to show that it was too much.”

– Aline Native ID Hammu, Clinical Psychologist

“He went through body language just to react,” the expert continued. If after the age of 2 years, children can express their emotions through words or gestures, “Adults are more likely to come when children are going to show physical discomfort, discomfort”, comments Aline Native ID Hamou. “It’s also at this age that you develop your personality and character,” he adds.

For Catherine Verdiar, it is important to note that Prince Louis is “not a mini-adult.” “There are times when he wants to play more than follow all these protocols. After 6 years, it is easy to explain what can be expected from them, “said the psychologist. “He’s wondering, ‘I’ve been here for five minutes or an hour?'” He explains.

Let the emotions speak

“The one thing that really worries me more is the baby that doesn’t move,” continued Catherine Verdier, capturing the scene of Prince Louis covering her ears. He explains: “In these pictures, he expresses something that bothers him, and it is very good to be able to express his emotions, especially something that does not suit him.”

“He was fascinated by the heights, the events of being on a porch, the crowds, the noise,” added Aline Native ID Hamou. “We had to try to predict her with some protocol, but there is a gap between preparation and the child’s ability. A child stays instantaneous, present and it is difficult to take a step back, “he explains.” At this age the expression of their emotions is spontaneous “, Katherine Verdier adds.

“If something ever happens that is inappropriate, someone attacks him, he must be able to express it verbally. However, if he is asked to remain silent today, he will not be able to say anything later.

– Katherine Verdier, psychologist

“This is important for the future. If there is ever something that is inappropriate, anyone who attacks him, he must be able to say it verbally. However, if he is told to keep quiet today, he will not be able to say anything later,” said the psychologist. Continue. Before adding: “Especially since he’s a little boy, we often hope they don’t show their emotions.”

A difficult situation for parents

For parents, it can be difficult to live with the way each other sees their child’s attitude. “It’s a situation that happens on the train, in the supermarket, on the beach, at weddings, everywhere,” Sandra underlines. Jules’s mother, three-and-a-half years old, and Andrea, 16, draw a parallel between the Queen’s birthday and the fact that she was transported with her children.

“It’s a confined space, where there are a lot of rules of respect, where people like to be quiet, and it’s happened to me a thousand times that my kids, we don’t know, get angry or start running,” he explained, for Kate Middleton. Mentioned feeling “a lot of sympathy”.

“It also brings stress, guilt and anger,” Sandra continued. Before giving an example: “I once flew a long-haul flight with my two children, and I really felt that people ‘should have stayed at his house'”.

“It’s a shame we put them on screen to make them happy, but above all because we don’t want to annoy others.”

– Sandra, mother of two

“It’s embarrassing because we put them in front of the screen to make them happy, but above all because we don’t want to annoy others, because traveling 3 hours by train with a small child is tiring and stressful,” he says.

It is good to have children in public spaces

For him, there is, in fact, an intolerance to the fact that “children grow up and therefore do not respond in the same way as adults.” “Until the child reaches a certain age, we should keep him at home, we force him to run in a park,” he explains.

“These situations are very innocent but represent the fact that there is not much space for children in public spaces in society,” he continued. “Kate Middleton was in a situation where her child had no choice but to stay. It’s the same thing with transportation or marriage. If I need to travel, my child often travels with me, and that shouldn’t be a problem.”

“But Kate Middleton was able to take it upon herself,” he underlined. “The main thing is that Prince Louis’s family responded well, that his grandmother did not have a vision,” Elaine echoes the native ID Hamou. The clinical psychologist concluded, “From what we have seen, the adults around him have been kind and this is essential.” On social networks, many Internet users have also shown their support for Kate Middleton, as mentioned. Halfpost US.

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