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There are many rumors The real housewife These days. Among the new franchises-The real housewife in DubaiRelease, break The real housewife in New YorkAnd there are several spinoffs at work – Bravo is busy with his favorite franchise.

On Reddit, The real housewife Fanbase is strong and proud. From live chats about episodes to old season memories, Reddit likes to isolate every aspect of the cities in the franchise. In addition to the hilarious quotes from housewives, there are some stills and scenes that fans will still hear when they meet on screen.

Bethany Frankel (RHONY)

“You bought me a drink, so I bought you a drink.”

Bethany Frankel may no longer be a housewife RHONY But his scenes are still consistently discussed on Reddit. Bethany’s stunt doubles made her one of the funniest cast members.

In a confession, Bethany disguised as Ramona when she flirted with a man at a party and offered him a drink. Speaking of images you may hear, Party_Salad quotes Bethany’s disguise, “You brought me a drink, so I brought you a drink.” Fans can still hear Bethany’s voice as she pretends to drink through the straw like Ramona.

Dorinda Medley (RHONY)

“I’ll tell you how I am, not well, dog.”

Redditor shared some pictures of _Lotje The real housewife Pictures they could hear. And when there were a handful of pictures, what stood out among the radiators was a picture of a black turtleneck Dorinda.

In the scene, a drunken Dorinda is asked how she was. Considering he was arguing with some other woman, he said, “I’ll tell you how I am, not well, bitch.” Fans can still hear the way Dorinda said that line when her friend looked at her in disbelief. Although Dorinda’s fans supported her, she had some dramatic moments where she went too far.

Karen Huger (RHOP)

“Hold on, hold on, damn it!”

From a ridiculous scene Potomac’s real housewife, The women were sitting outside talking when Karen realized she had no place to wig. One Redditter wrote: “Karen’s wig change made me cry.”

A picture of Karen sitting at the picnic table, her fans trying to put on her wig was enough to remember exactly what she said when her friends tried to help her: “Hold on, hold on well, damn it!” This was easily one of Karen’s funny quotes.

Atlanta Cast (RHOA)

“Who said that?”

All you have to do is look at the face of Kandi or Porsche at that season 9 dinner party to know exactly what the women are saying.

In the scene, Marlowe said at the table that there was a rumor that Candy was a lesbian. Considering Candy was married to Todd, she found the comment offensive and said “Who said that?” Following him, Porsche and Kenya – all in tune. The moment was so brief and tragic that Dark-Tria thought it was an image they could hear. (Awkward silence because of the mess of everything.) ‘Who said ?!’ Who said that ?! DAT said !? “Redditor repeats ridiculously.

Joe Gorga (RHONJ)

* Rides on water *

Joe was part of Gorga The real housewife of New Jersey From season 2. As the brother of Teresa Goodis and the husband of Melissa Gorgar, Joe plays a prominent role in the series as one of the best husbands.

Joe has plenty of hilarious moments on the show, a picture fans can hear him slipping on an incredibly drunk wet floor. LegalYogi says “Joe Gorga got drunk with the sliding glass door of his hotel room” was one of the funniest moments of the show and a scene they still hear when he fell to the ground

Wendy Osefo (RHOP)

T’Challa vs. Wendy

In one of the funniest scenes ORP, Dr. Wendy Osefo told other women that she wanted to know them deeper Wendy isn’t the most entertaining Potomac housewife, but fans still know her.

While at Monik’s house, Wendy was talking to other women when suddenly Monik’s parrot, T’Challa, attacked Wendy’s face. Zydrateandsoma writes, “T’Challa Attacking Wendy” was a scene they would love to see again and a scene they hear when they see a still image online.

Eileen Davidson (RHOBH)

“Fool !? How dare you!”

Which is now known as the most epic dinner scene The real housewife In the story, a scene of an explosive dinner between Kim Richards, Aileen Davidson and Lisa Rina is remembered by fans who may not even hear it.

Richards, Davidson and Rina all made iconic quotes at this table, but it was the word “beast” that fans didn’t get enough of. Snowmeow7 quotes Eileen as one of the most memorable, “BEAST !? Courage You! “Amsterdam’s restaurant is now a place where women used to live The real housewife Fans want to see because of this explosion.

Vicky Ganvalson (RHOC)

“When will you bring a family van to take the six ?!”

Vicky Ganvalson is no longer a housewife, but part of her lines, breakups, and arguments. RHOC The story. In one of the previous episodes, Vicky and her family were leaving OC on vacation, but when the airport shuttle shows up in a minivan for a family of six (plus all their luggage), Vicky gets upset.

The image of Vicky screaming on her date cell phone about a rent-free family van lives on in the minds of fans. “Vicky and the Family Van” was one of the favorite scenes of Bafismaihomosapian and an iconic moment of Vicky’s tenure.

Carol Radzuel (RHONY)

“I woke up in the middle of the night with two male voices. One was from Luan. “

In the 5th season RHONYThere was a famous quote in a confession by Carroll that fans can still see and hear the dress Carol wore.

In Season 5, the women travel to St. Barts where Luan spends a scandalous night with a pirate who looks a lot like Johnny Depp. Luan hired the man and his friends to continue the fun. Nittyscott Carroll’s line writes “I woke up in the middle of the night by two male voices. One was Luan, which was a moment they could hear even after repeating the scene many times.

Sheree Whitfield (RHOA)

“Who’s going to check me out, Boo?”

Nunabidness writes “Who will check me out, Boo?” Like a scene they see again and again. For many RHOA Pictures of Sherry in a green shirt and sunglasses can be heard from the fans without any explanation.

When Sherry met with a party planner to discuss her party update, there was a heated argument between the two that turned out to be physical. After warning party planner Sherry that she would be “checked,” she said, “Who will check me, Boo?” Which kept him speechless.

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