Safari Rally Kenya, D3: Newville leader, Ogier returns

This safari rally Kenya is still led by Thierry Newville, but the start of the event has already shown them that they have to overcome their difficulties. This afternoon, we are off again for the special second round of the morning.

The leading trio consists of Neuville, Katsuta and Tänak, but nothing has been set in stone yet, this very difficult assembly could change everything.

Safari Rally Kenya, Newville Delay

SS11 – Elmenteita 2, 14.67 km

This special takes you through the safari trails of the past, we go to the side of Lake Elmentita, the opportunity to take your picture with the pink flamingo. A rather fast special with open landscape. Sordo will be the first in the special, he will spend time at 9’06 “1, the Spanish driver applying himself and trying to collect confirmation for his teammates, Neville and Tanak.

Evans has improved by 1.8 in Sordo, looking like Welshman has lost some of his notes, while another Toyota will finish Rovanpera at 3.2. Adrien Fourmaux, who found a more breathable cabin, improved to 4.8, do we hold the Frenchman’s first scratch?

© M-Sport – Adrian Formax

His teammate, Greensmith, will not remove him and will finish at 1 “8. Ozier and Tanak have specials, meanwhile, they will stop the clock 12” ahead of the already fast, Ozier driver M-Sport. Tänak will finish 2 “1 behind Ogier. Takamoto will slow down Katsuta and 7” 9 from Gier, we hope Neville, the leader.

He finished 3.5 from scratch but doesn’t seem happy: “I had a pretty clean stage, but I had to brake on the longest straight stage to avoid the zebra in the middle of the road. Other than that it was a pretty clean race.” Ogier therefore signed the second scratch time of the day before Tänak and Neuville, with no change in the general classification.

SS12 – Soysambu 2, 20.33 km

Sordo took this special senator train, finishing his run 15.3 from the time of Spaniard Evans. Rovanperä came in between the two, but continued to impress and set a time at 3.3 faster than the Fourmaux Evans. “We had a bit of a hot moment on both wheels just before going through the water. It was a good stage and I enjoyed driving, but we still had to get to a stage.” His teammate, Greensmith, will manage to be 4.1 “fast.

Newville take no risks and will finish this stage in 4th place behind Greensmith and Ogier when Tanak signed Scratch. Overall, the Belgian dominated with a lead of 35 “above Katsuta and 49” above Tanak.

Hyundai Motorsport – Ott Tanak

SS13 – Sleeping Warrior 2, 31.04 km

This stage is quite difficult and the weather will interfere. The sound of the storm is heard, this special will spice up when the rain is announced. Sordo sets the benchmark time in 17’25, the Hyundai driver goes through a loss. Evans had a good dynamic but at the end of the special his speed collapsed, the Toyota driver returned to the fastest lap 5.1.

And there is rain, in particular, as Bartelli begins his race. RovanPera could not do better than 17 “: “I think in the first part of the stage I felt that the soil was a little more compact when it rained a bit and maybe it helped the grip.

Toyota Gaju Racing – Elfin Evans

Adrian Formax was also able to limit the breakdown, as he set the 3rd time 6 “from the best time. On the other hand, it was a disaster for Tanak, the Estonian driver saw nothing more with his windshield, became foggy, he had to stop at the special to clean it. He was already more than a minute behind halfway through. And the grip did not improve, Ogier had to finish 24.6 “Sordo backwards, losing Tänak 2’06” 8 and third overall against his Ogier.

This is not good for Katusta, the Japanese are ahead of Hyundai 57 “8 ahead, the Toyota driver holds his second overall position. Newville finished 35” from scratch time, but in the end the rain helped him to double his overall lead. Now goes to 57 “4. Ogier is therefore on the 1’15” 5 podium behind the leader, nothing is settled in Kenya, on the other hand, the Frenchman is rather calm about returning from Ott Tanak. Many have lost today. Adrian Formax is back at 12 “from his teammates, who will be alive on the last day tomorrow.

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