Shiloh Calvary, 13

At the age of 13, Diane and Modibo committed suicide in Dyaki with daughter breast cancer, but above all, due to neglect of doctors’ inheritance. The parents of the teenager told us about the path of their cross

Paris match. How do you feel
Diane Diakite. In the evening, I go to bed, I go down to hell. I had a rope, I couldn’t talk to you here. If I have the strength to rise, it is to protect my daughter’s grave.

Which little girl was Shiloh?
DD Calm down I dreamed of having a daughter. The name Shiloh comes from the Old Testament and means “gift from God”. But I have lost faith. After the funeral, we buried him, his father, and I, alone, in strict secrecy. I was in charge of the morgue toilet, I didn’t want anyone to touch her. We weren’t ready for his death, he wasn’t in the hospital. We were told “five years of life”. Six months later, we still don’t know what caused our daughter to die. Since he was disfigured, he was martyred, I feel incapable of digging him for an autopsy.

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How was his life before he got sick?
DD He was always tired, he repeated. Since March 2019, he has been home school. Divorced, I decided to become a mother at home to dedicate myself to my daughter. By the end of 2020, it started to swell. He had trouble moving, his stool was abnormal. The doctor has prescribed suppositories. In early March 2021, while she was taking her bath, I noticed redness and scars on her left breast. Then he broke down with acne. Our GP ordered an ultrasound. In the meantime I have spent day and night on the internet. For me, it was cancer, but the radiologist said: “Madam, breast cancer does not exist in children.” To which I replied, “Shiloh is taller than you, he is not a child. This is a young woman I brought to you. “

Shiloh, 2 months old, and his mother, Diane, who came to introduce him to his family in Vojas.

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Modibo Diyakite. Throughout her journey, my daughter has never met the right people. Months later Levallois-Perret’s Franco-British Hospital without. That’s when they saw what he had …

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“There is no breast cancer in children!” I’ve heard it many times. But Shiloh was no longer a child

DD After the ultrasound, our GP prescribes antibiotics and anti-inflammatory. There is no improvement. On April 6, we went to the pediatric emergency room in Ubon. They instruct us in gynecology. Shiloh sees an intern who is worried about whether there are any animals in the house. We have a Persian cat. “He would have been scratched, would he have pushed?” On ultrasound, they detect a deeply inflamed pocket. A second radiologist tends to be allergic. Understand what? They are doctors. “There is no breast cancer in children.” I’ve heard it so many times! And I want to emphasize: “But this is a woman!” Re-antibiotics, treatment of a horse, even without a sample. It was heavy, she was vomiting. There, my daughter has already lost her smile, she walks hard. If you or I were to present ourselves with breasts in this situation, we would not be let go. But he was refused a screening test.

Pretin, 10, with her father.  As a child, his parents separated.

Pretin, 10, with her father. As a child, his parents separated.

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Your lawyer, Mr. Sabine Dusinwood, has refused to provide adequate care …
MD We are in a country with a good healthcare system, why didn’t my daughter benefit from it? The only thing they were able to do: prescribe antibiotics, for five months and without results. It’s going through my head: if one doctor doesn’t know, he prescribes another! I would also like to testify from the caregivers that he was abused. One morning, I heard them shouting, “Oh, how can you stay there? The windows have to be opened! We’ll be back later.” It smelled bad that it was her infection and they addressed us, Dad, like that, and in front of our daughter!

Shiloh on chemotherapy in Curie, November 24, 2021, fifteen days before his death.

Shiloh on chemotherapy in Curie, November 24, 2021, fifteen days before his death.

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If you follow the appointment, the disease progresses …
DD We had to see a dermatologist. I got an appointment at a center in Saint-Lazarus. We had to stand in line for eight hours to see a tired doctor at 5pm, who in less than three minutes, without even taking off his clothes, advised us to have an endocrinologist! At the endocrinologist, the same refrain: “Breast cancer does not exist in children.” Faced with the deterioration of his condition, his general practitioner sent us back to the emergency room. After two failures at Eaubonne, we go to Argenteuil Hospital. As seen in the photo, the breast has started dripping.

MD Out of courtesy, he refused to show me his chest. Mom was taking pictures so I could see how serious it was.

DD So, in the emergency room, we show the photos, we are told that there is no dermatologist. For the first time, Shiloh gets up and asks for help: “You won’t leave me like this, lady!” We finally enter. The beginning of Calvary. A young pediatrician worried because we changed hospitals. She suspects someone hit her. We are interrogating the police. Shiloh is tired, so we want to leave, but the threat of reporting has diminished. At 10 o’clock at night when he finally goes to a room.

MD He stayed in the hospital for nine days, confused. We still haven’t told her what happened. I challenged the doctor: “Why don’t you listen to her mother when she says it’s cancer?” In the corridor, when they saw me coming, they ran away from me.

In September 2021, in Currie.  Shiloh shook his head in preparation for the chemo.

In September 2021, in Currie. Shiloh shook his head in preparation for the chemo.

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Do you characterize this attitude?
MD I can talk about discrimination, but I can’t prove it. I’m Malian, I have an accent. The doctors said I could not speak French well, they even corrected me. If I were French I wouldn’t be treated that way. Often we are silent, but here, I want to say it. In the file, everything proves that I fought, I was a good father. I could do anything for her, even I started a kitty for her treatment abroad. In curiosity, the doctor came to me embarrassed, holding the medical file in his hand: “How is it that they have renewed antibiotics so many times?” In Argentuville, a doctor admits to his colleague’s inappropriate behavior over the phone. But when we started the process with our lawyer, that was not the case.

DD He dared to tell us: “In any case, he would have died anyway.” He is like that.

Have you lost confidence in the medical profession?
MD I decided to complain even before I died. At Curie, they acknowledged a “very late takeover.” He loved everyone, Shiloh, so generous and mature for his age … In his hospital bed, he insisted that I come home: “Go take care of Musa, he’s still young.” He used to caress his honest brother.

Diane and Modibo, May 28, on the eve of Mother's Day, a day now unbearable

Diane and Modibo, May 28, on the eve of Mother’s Day, a day now unbearable

Claire Delphino / Paris match

At the end of July, you will be referred to a dermatologist center in Levalois-Perret …
DD From there, Shiloh is cared for in a gynecological emergency. She relaxes, smiles again. They are very caring. They finally listen to me. We are in early August. The word cancer is pronounced. We were referred to St.-Louis Hospital’s Senopole, which specializes in breast disease. Biopsy (the results of which we will get after his death), examination, treatment – when, one morning, I received an SMS summons to Curry. Curry equals cancer, where until then we were only told about mastitis or “benign tumors”! “I’m sorry you found out,” the doctor told me over the phone. And in Curie, it was a disaster. She died in agony, pediatric where she had nothing to do! While in St. Louis, he was in the right place!

MD Today, we are waiting for the truth, to confiscate the samples taken from my daughter in court.

DD With such a serious illness, he was followed by the intern. He had never met the wonderfully great teachers who practiced in Paris. Curie deprived us of it.

For sixteen hours he waited for the puncture

How are his last months going?
DD He is being treated with chemo on an outpatient basis, coming and going was making him tired. Not only did his doctor know how to perform certain gestures, but he had many patients and so, he was delivered, he was killed. Shiloh didn’t want to touch her anymore. Failure has multiplied, caregivers have become aggressive towards it. He was finally admitted to the hospital on 30 November.

MD On December 7, the day before his death, the doctor called me: “We did an X-ray, it’s better than before.” I was surprised because her mother told me at the same time that she was not well. I ran to the courier, his condition! I called her doctor again. He replies that his mother is doing too much, we should not worry. At 11 o’clock at night, I see black liquid coming out of his mouth, I am looking for help. Doctor On Call knelt in front of Shiloh, telling us he was alone on the fifth floor. That night, we fought to get him out. I ended up going home. About 6 o’clock, I felt like a sigh. I don’t know how I got on the train to Paris. I called the doctor to puncture him, to relieve him. He tried to seduce me into his office and in the face of my refusal told me: “In two hours, it will be over.” I can’t believe it! The day before, he had written me a reassuring e-mail. I was not considered anyone.

DD For sixteen hours he waited in pain for a puncture. We called for help. But almost no one at night, almost no one on the weekends. Children in danger!

MD Today, on the morning of December 8, after the puncture, Shiloh is fine. She even tells me to watch TV. And there, a team of doctors warns that they are changing the protocol. They remove the devices and plug in two boxes. They give us real hope… but the nurse who performed these gestures was not doing well, we never saw her again. We went to the doctor with the psychologist. I asked, “Is Shiloh gone?” He looked at his watch. “It didn’t even take two hours.” Shiloh should not have died in this situation.

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