Six new classes closed for the start of the school year in Vienna, creating five jobs

The school map for the start of the 2022 school year is a little more precise. After a first special departmental technical committee in Vienna in early February, the school map commission submitted, on Thursday, June 9, the new opening and closing of classes, decided according to the evolution of the population in recent months. Although the department plans 587 fewer students Between 2021 and the beginning of the 2022 school year, the Academic Director (Dassen) of the National Education Services announced to the attending teachers’ union that Six new classes are about to close For five extra openings. In February, it has already closed 33 classes in Vienna, with 20 opening.

New classes closed for the start of the 2022 school year

  • Antoine Kindergarten in the shuttlerlt
  • Simon-Weil Kindergarten, Boxrolls
  • Perochan Kindergarten, Poitiers
  • Leodil-Bera Kindergarten, Lucignanane
  • Paul-Elvard Elementary School, in Zoune-Marigny
  • Leo-Lagrange Primary School, Chatterlalt

New classes open for the start of the 2022 school year

  • Leodil-Bera Elementary School, Lusignanane
  • Limbre Primary School, Migne-Axens
  • Three alternative teaching positions in Vienna

Union Sling

A school map that does not consider the specificity of each region according to the union. “For us, it’s not satisfactory at all.”Gilles Tabourdeau, divisional secretary of Vienna’s SNUipp-FSU, explained Those who voted against School card “We are in an accounting argument. We are sorry that the inclusive school system does not benefit children in any other way. We cannot say that inclusive schooling has become part of everyday life to justify the return of 28 students per class.”

For its part, Dassen replies that the school map is now Balanced. “Trade unions may not be entirely satisfied, but they have succeeded in a number of demands.”Fabrice Barthelemy is the academic director of the National Education Service “We’ve got a way to deal with the situation in Chatlerlat or Poiters, the geographical sectors I’ve been warned about. We’ll be back in September with adjustments that still need to be made.”

Large section CP sent

Among the new deals decided yesterday, Ch বড়tellerault’s Antoigné school does not pass the large kindergarten department class. Some parents of the students have filed a petition to oppose it and visited the Poitiers’ Rector on Thursday to request a receipt. “We are very worried and stressed.”, Alice testifies, a mother. If this class is actually suppressed, the students will be largely Sent to double level with CPs, In the primary school next door.

The number of our children. – Parents of students at Antoine School in Chatlerlet

“In kindergarten, you have to go through games to understand every idea. In CP, where we tell them to work non-stop, sit in chairs without moving or talking, so that adults are not disturbed.”Cécilia, reassured the mother of another student. “For the most part, when they finish an activity, they can go to play behind the class. There’s still a game, a tea party … there, it won’t be possible anymore!”

Lack of students

The Poitiers’ Rector highlights the number of students at the school, especially Antoigné: About fifty registered For next year, the current number of classes is not enough to keep up. But parents are not convinced. “Number of children”They say. “The numbers that we revolve around. They prefer to look at the financial side rather than the children’s interest in education.” The rectum, for its part, ensures both parents and children Will be done withAnd the double-level large section-CP already works in other schools.

The class will end Officially recorded June 21During the National Education Divisional Council.

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