Swimming sessions at Varsa school, kids play?

In a memorandum dated February 28, 2022, the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports redefined the conditions for students to acquire sufficient comfort to thrive in aquatic environments and to teach in schools.

This note specifies that “group sessions can be an effective response, especially for support and upgrading actions”. Local authorities organize themselves to allow children to acquire, test and adapt swimming sessions to their safety. “Our goal is for 80% of sixth graders to know how to swim safely,” said Daniel Box, vice president of the Mulhouse Alsace Group, which specializes in sports equipment and sports excellence. For that, we need to go from 30 school swimming sessions in 2017 to 50 sessions in 2025 Group sessions are one of the solutions “.

Installation throughout baby time

At the Mulhouse, a massage session was organized during the April 2022 holiday in collaboration with National Education. “Teachers distribute the registration form to children who have difficulty learning to swim. It’s free and voluntary, “explains Luke Duringer, head of the aquatic equipment and ice rink department.

Whatever the system, the baby may come for two weeks or come to class once a day for two weeks or twice a day for a week. Objective: To catch the level because the children practiced very little during the epidemic, but also to create conditions to encourage the acquisition of swimming skills. “Operations aren’t interrupted, we’re in a mix: period sessions and group sessions,” Daniel Box added.

To reduce the risk of drowning, the city of Grenoble organized massage sessions for large section (GS) children in June 2021 and January 2022 as part of the Blue Class. For a week, two one-hour sessions were given each day. In Grenoble, this formula complements seven to nine school swimming sessions of one hour per week.

Proven results

The community of Les Loges (Loiret) has been organizing group swimming sessions since 2019. For Dominic Aguirre, manager of two swimming pools, “Before 2019, we organized two classes together in each school slot on a weekly basis and two periods a year. Now, we offer two sessions per week, mainly for cycle 3 children. Only one class is hosted per slot. From an educational point of view, it is more convenient for children. Progress faster and more efficient. The only downside is that we can’t compromise on all levels. “

Damien Cusker, head of sports activities and logistics at Grenoble, explained: “The principle is to practice a lot in a relatively short period of time. There is a real impact of learning in mass sessions. ” The co-chairman argued that “the formula highlights quick and proven academic results.”

An agency to request

At the end of the school year, the city of Bordeaux is testing group sessions with GS students. “It’s interesting to see if our operation, which has been going on for years, needs to be revisited. If any changes occur, the implementation will affect our organization with transportation and practice space issues, “announced Philip Nuilant, head of the city’s water and nautical sports department. He added:” We know that academically, there is an interest but today, we still Couldn’t find a solution to copy the model to all classes. “

For Damien Cousquer, “The form we created in the massage sessions requires more supervisors to promote learning. The city’s sports educators, who have been trained, are involved in all sessions of physical and sports education, not just swimming. When we massage, Then comes the question of all our intervention operations at EPS. “He added:” Depending on the school, transportation is available. An organization that transports classes in the morning and in the afternoon. ” At Mulhouse, “During the spring vacation course, we rescheduled our agents because we needed four additional lifeguards,” Luke Duringer noted.

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