The 7 most annoying things Claire did (and the 7 sweetest)

Longtime fan Modern family There was conflict over their love and support for Claire Danfi. She is a dedicated and hardworking woman who can do everything for her family. However, Claire can also be the boss and controller. He wants his relatives to do bad things so that he is ready to control the whole situation so that the result is in his favor.

Needless to say, Claire’s boss nature comes from a bad place. As annoying as Claire Danphy can be, she can also be incredibly sweet.

Updated June 10, 2022 by Lynn Gibbs: Claire is better known for her fictional nature than her mother. As a true go-getter and competitor, Claire will do anything to succeed, even if it means taking the reins from her family members and working for them. And when the intense need to win comes from a good place, its intensity is seen as annoying. Her three children were constantly upset with Claire and the same could be said about her brother Mitchell. In the end, Claire has learned to loosen the reins a bit and show a softer, softer side, but she will always be Claire Danfie.

Claire’s sweet moment about the modern family

He believed in Luke’s business ideas

It took a while for Luke to find his way into life, but in the 11th and final season it fell everywhere. After taking classes at a local community college, Luke wanted to give up when he thought of an incredible business idea.

Initially, Claire told him she was not leaving the pitch, but after seeing his appeal and hearing about his ideas, Claire gave him her full support. It was a big moment not only for Claire but also for her relationship with her only son. What could have ended as one of the worst things she could have done with Luke became one of the sweetest moments between Claire and Luke because she trusted him.

Despite his feelings for Dylan, he was key to them

Claire has been naughty with her family for 11 seasons because she thought she knew which one was the best. He did the same with Haley and her relationship.

Although Haley loved her boyfriend Irwin, she realized that she would always have a lasting feeling for Dylan. He had to choose, Irwin or Dylan. At first, Claire routed for Irwin and did what she could to keep Dylan away. But when he saw how lost Haley was without Dylan, he proudly threw his support behind the couple.

Claire calmed Haley when she had twins

Another favorite moment between Claire and Haley came when Haley brought her twin children home. Haley wanted to do everything through the book (literally) and raised her children on the advice of an author.

Claire, an experienced mother of three, knew the book would not work when the babies were crying. When Haley left home for a baby, Claire took matters into her own hands and worked her magic to stop the babies crying. Although Haley was upset that her mother had not listened to her, she was grateful for her advice and help.

She learned magic for Phil

Phil and Claire, as Clive Bixby and Juliana, have always planned exciting Valentine’s Day. Modern family. But in the episode “Do You Believe in Magic”, Claire had something else on her sleeve.

After lying to Phil all day and telling him that he doesn’t care much for the day, he made a reservation at a sad restaurant to seal the deal with Phil that their dates were going to be bad. When Phil came to the restaurant, he was upset. As a family romance, he wanted to try Claire. He didn’t know it was a rumor. He showed up with a magic trick in hand, proving that he had a completely new plan for the two of them. Phil was thrilled. It was one of his sweetest moments.

He left everything for Haley’s kids

Claire is excited, terrified and scared when she finds out that Haley is pregnant. It was as if Haley had got her life back on track and now the kids were going to complicate things. Not to mention that Claire still wanted to choose Andy over Haley Dylan. But when the news of the pregnancy spread, Mummy mode started for Claire and she did everything to stay there for Haley.

He allowed Haley and Dylan to go with them, he canceled his trip to Italy for Haley with Phil, and he kept it when Haley was finally born. This proves that no matter how much Claire disagrees, she will do something for her children.

When he finally realized Alex

Alex was the black sheep of the family. Haley and Luke were equal in the brain section but Alex was always exceptionally bright. Unfortunately, Alex was so brilliant that Claire didn’t always know how to talk to him or communicate with him.

But in the “Under Stress” episode, Claire peeks into Alex’s daily high school life and apologizes immediately after Alex’s therapy session. Claire doesn’t realize how much Alex has struggled so far. Later, at Alex’s graduation party, the two had a loving moment when he thanked Claire for pushing him to succeed. Alex’s incredible transformation would not have happened without Claire.

His birthday with Phil

Claire was not a great gift giver. This may be because Claire was not the best at listening to her husband and did not always take him seriously. But in “Daddy Issues” Claire extended her game and finished it all for their anniversary.

She rented the first apartment they lived in as a couple and cooked a nostalgic meal while listening to their favorite music before the kids arrived. It was so touching that it left Phil speechless and he (once) didn’t think his present was good enough. This scene demonstrates just how perfect Claire and Phil’s relationship can be.

Claire’s most annoying moment about the modern family

Prior to Claire’s resignation, Prites fought for the position of CEO of Closets and Blinds.

After leaving the workforce to stay home for more than a decade, Claire was ready to return to work. Luckily for him, his father hired him to start a business from Prechats Closets and Blinds, Ground Up.

Over time, Claire rose to the position of CEO – a title she really wanted and against which her father almost fought. Over the years, Claire has admitted that she was not happy and had no passion for her work. Instead of keeping the family business in the family, Claire quit her job and applied for a new job. While it was admirable that he pursued his dreams, it was disappointing that he put aside the business that his father had started.

His fighting relationship with Gloria

Claire has done terrible things to Gloria over the years Modern family. She was not thrilled that her father had married someone a few years younger than her, not to mention her jealousy of Gloria’s appearance.

When Claire loved and respected Gloria, she fought with him for no reason. Claire kept him off their boys’ school party planning committee because he didn’t want to share the limelight, he called Gloria immigration when he and Jay started dating, and he lied to Gloria when he didn’t want to spend time with her. In the end, all Gloria wanted to be Claire’s friend, but it seemed like an impossible feat.

He hid Phil’s note card

One of Phil’s best achievements was hosting SCARB. SCARB was an annual awards ceremony for Southern California real estate agents and Phil was fortunate enough to host the event for several years in a row. As always, Phil wanted to perform in public and had already written cards full of humor.

The only problem was that Claire didn’t find her husband’s jokes funny. She thought she would embarrass herself. To prevent it from collapsing, he hid his note cards and came to the stage in a panic and ill-prepared Phil. Phil crushed her performance but it was disappointing that Claire did not trust her husband.

Claire took control of Haley’s personal life

Claire saw herself a lot in her firstborn Haley. Here’s Haley’s failed Claire, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces, torn to pieces. Pieces This means that Claire made many decisions for Haley without her daughter’s consent. This was one of the most toxic properties of Claire.

In one episode, Claire chatted with Haley about her future without even asking what Haley planned. However, Haley surprised Claire when she revealed that she runs a successful style blog. He even started his own hosting company, which Claire never realized. One of the worst moments was when Claire intervened in Dylan’s proposal for Haley during the family vacation.

He forced Mitchell to repay their father (I know he owed his father money too).

In the episode “Grill Interrupted”, Claire discovers that Mitch and Cam inherited a handsome money from his dead uncle. Since Mitch and Cam planned to buy their apartment upstairs, Claire suggested that JK return the down payment he had made to Mitch and Cam.

Mitch didn’t want to do it because it technically meant cam but Claire forced Mitchell to do it anyway. One of the worst things about Cam was that Mitch returned her father without telling her husband. Worst of all, Claire also paid J and didn’t do what Mitch was forced to do.

Is he embarrassed by his family?

Claire was a woman who, though imperfect, wanted perfection. He had those moments when he had to be right, which made other people look horrible. And unfortunately, her need for perfection sometimes seemed to be embarrassed by her family.

In the “Snap” episode, she pretended to be ill so that her children would not be involved in a magazine interview she had prepared. In “The Long Honeymoon” he tries to get Alex back to Habitat for Humanity because he thinks Alex is wasting his summer. It was a time when every fan felt bad for Alex. And in “Moon Landing” he told his family that he was embarrassed by them after fooling him in front of an elderly friend. Claire loved her family but she was embarrassed by them.

Did he find Phil good enough?

It’s a long running gag that Claire only married Phil because she was pregnant and wanted to annoy her dad. With that argument, Claire was like her mother. Through all the jokes and revenge, Claire loved her husband and wouldn’t be with him if he didn’t. However, there was a time when he had a small eye.

On “Bad Hair Day” he deliberately went to his college reunion alone so he could meet an old flame. And in ‘Paris’, viewers discover that he made a deal with a stranger to meet again in Paris several years later. If Claire loved and respected Phil, he had a strange way of showing it.

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