Your child’s first book

Reading a book with a child is a habit that offers many benefits, even if the child is not yet old enough to read and understand the content. It will really be an opportunity for him to manage the book, see the colors, the images, the words and hear the words. Therefore, reading is an effective way to develop children’s language and memory. It allows them to explore the world while stimulating their creativity and imagination. All of these benefits support the success of the children’s book. This guide will help you know which books to buy first for your child

Kids Wake Up: Black and White Books

From birth to 3 months, babies have somewhat blurred vision. She gradually realized size, silhouette and contrast. An excellent solution for black and white books Help him develop his vision slowly. In this sense, they are presented as support for awakening contrasting images, allowing the stimulation of visual perception.

Black and white books, unlike traditional books, do not tell a story. They consist only of black and white pictures and depicting silhouettes, letters, animals, everyday objects, etc. There is a wide variety of Montessori books for the 1st age. In addition, it is possible to pre-order books on the Internet, without having to move models, comics or others for kids. We set aside books for children, the kind of books they especially like:

  • Hardback books : Hardcover albums come in a completely black and white format designed specifically for children. They are inspired by their daily lives and their environment. They are powerful and easy to handle,
  • Cloth books : Perfect if you are looking for a book that your child can safely handle from an early age. They come in a variety of designs and give her the ability to touch and see for herself when she starts to pick up objects.

Since the baby’s visual field is still limited in the first months, place the book in front of him, at a distance of about 20 to 30 centimeters. You can also hang it on the activity mat to turn it around and inspire you to observe the images better.

To discover books, textures and materials to touch

Touch books can be smooth or granular, soft or rough, and are one of the learning materials needed for learning with your child. They usually have Flaps for lifting and materials for caressing So that he can discover different textures. A great way to express the baby in the environment around them.

To communicate, children still do not have the ability to talk. These are typically based on one of the five senses: touch. It allows them to understand, interpret and interact with the world around them. We also notice that they want to catch anything that goes under their eyes. More strongly, touch books allow them to understand what objects are.

Moreover they preach Motor skills development, Muscle, hand-eye coordination মডেল models that include glossy and smooth images, fluffy objects and rough surfaces are most recommended. This way you can integrate your child from 6 months to 2 years.

To choose the right book to touch, please choose a size suitable for your baby’s hand: it should not be too small or too large. Similarly, choose models that include rounded corners and very colorful images.

Audio books: Music, nursery rhymes, animals.

With the evolution of new technology, we are witnessing the advent of audio books for children. They are also called audio books and are audible versions of paper books. In fact, we may hear a voice telling a story, music, lullabies, nursery rhymes, or animal sounds.

Children’s word books have many significant advantages. Parents usually listen to their children’s stories or sing lullabies during sleep or during the day. These words allow you Facilitates the development of their cognitive abilities.

The child will adapt quickly to reading and develop his attention and concentration. As a result, the occipital temporal parietal association cortex, an area of ​​the brain, is stimulated very quickly in children who listen to audiobooks. On the other hand, among those who do not listen to such books, this stimulus is delayed.

In addition, word perception develops in your baby Language skills. Similarly, there are many words and phrases to discover in audio books as opposed to conventional conversations.

Remember that the baby starts to be interested in words from 8 months. You will be able to take advantage of reading sessions to stimulate his vocabulary, his environment as well as his sentences. When choosing an audio book for children, it is important to consider certain criteria. To get started, choose A template with interesting images directly attached to the text. When you listen and read, you can point to the pictures and describe them to make reading more interesting.

Also, the child’s audiobook must include one Enough complex sentences and new words, Take the time to examine the content of the story in addition to the extras as the templates address specific themes.

Children's Awakening Book

Photo books for word discovery

Picture books are one of the first books you buy for your child. This type of book depicts characters as well as things with captions Below each image is a word written in its entirety. This is a solution that allows children to discover words.

Image is a form of emotional representation, as well as spoken word and written word. At about 15 months, the baby is able to recognize, for example, the image of a chair and the one in the room. Similarly, looking at a bottle, he can try to pronounce the word, but also look for himself. Between the ages of 1 and 3, the vocabulary goes from 10 to about 300 words, then increases to 2,500 to 3,000 words by the age of 6.

It is often said that the number of words used is always less than the number of words understood. Photographic structure Oral language supportBecause they include many new words for recognition, naming, naming, repetition, pronunciation, memorization …

The picture book therefore allows the child to enrich his vocabulary. So he will learn to recognize a thing, an object, an animal and to choose by name. Similarly, he will memorize new words that will be added to his vocabulary. When reading, we suggest you name the words that point to them or ask your child to show them the corresponding pictures.

As we have said before, filmmakers usually associate a written word with an image. Even if your child does not yet have the ability to read, he will be aware of the connection between an image and a written word. This will be so The first introduction to writing. These books contribute to the development of fine motor skills. The child touches the picture book, manages it, analyzes the images, flips the pages … that’s why you need to choose a model that is resistant and easy to handle.

Scent books, bath books …

Books of feelings or sensitive books are also among the books that are with childhood. Smaller than usual, these are usually made of cardboard, rubber, felt … In addition to integrated images and text, there are sound, light, texture and other manipulation games. The ultimate goal is Stimulate the child’s senses and learning.

There are different types of sensitive books: bath books, books with songs, books with buttons or velcro, books with different textures and touches … this type of book is inspired by Montessori pedagogy and encourages children to learn and develop basic skills to do it. For, it provides them a pleasant sensory experience that can arouse their attention and curiosity.

Baby Sensitive Books

One of the main benefits of the book for feeling is the stimulation of the development of the senses. They help control attention and tolerate stimuli. In addition, they promote hand-eye coordination by allowing the child Manual skills development. It also improves skeletal and muscle mobility.

Sensitive books also help to improve memory and comprehension, language and literacy, and recognition of shapes, colors, and sizes.

You now know the different classes of books for your child that you need to buy. Each has its own advantages and will allow to achieve specific goals. However, keep in mind that these books should be selected carefully. When choosing a book for your child, pay attention to the age suggested on the cover. You will find books for 6 to 12 months, 3 years old, 6 years old etc. Bring variety to your library by choosing games and activity books, Montessori books, children’s documentaries …

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