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Bravo is responsible for bringing fans one of the most entertaining reality TV series: The real housewife. The show follows groups of wealthy women in different parts of the country, navigating their highly privileged lives. All about women’s sport The real housewife Outstanding and rhetorical, including most friendships. Most of the reality stars are allied for the camera.

Although many relationships are duplicated for the occasion, some of them are real. Fans of the hit show may be interested to know that these relationships have proven themselves even when the cameras have stopped rolling. Although many are made for reality TV ratings, these friendships are made for real life.

Updated June 11, 2022 by Lynn Gibbs: The only winning aspect of The Real Housewives franchise in any city is friendship. Without depth in the group of friends, the series usually does not end well. That’s why cities like New Jersey, New York and Atlanta have the best seasons. The friendship between the cast is real and they continue to hang out even if the camera doesn’t turn. And while this famous pair has their ups and downs on and off the camera, their bond remains strong outside of Bravo.

Kyle Richards and Teddy Melankamp Arrow (RHOBH)

In a town like Beverly Hills, a lot of things are fake, but the relationship between reality star Kyle Richards and Teddy Melankamp Arroyo is just as real.

Their friendship came under intense scrutiny in Season 10, where the women became immature about who was closest to them. The women did not agree to talk nonsense, only commented on how quickly they became friends and many were left out. Where some friendships take years to develop, they happen almost instantly and Teddy is still getting stronger even though he is no longer on the show. Teddy wasn’t the most entertaining ex-housewife, but his friendship with Kyle must have been.

Giselle Bryant and Robin Dixon (RHOP)

Potomac’s real housewife Giselle Bryant and Robin Dixon are nothing more than “green eye bandits”, they are best friends. Although Giselle comes to the play with other women, Robin still supports her and does not go after her.

The other Potomac housewives don’t always support their bond and talk nonsense about Robin not being her own person without the influence of Giselle, but these two haters are ignored and have their own alliance on and off the series. As Robin’s storylines calm down, so do most of his iconic scenes ORP Is shared with Giselle.

Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards (RHOBH)

Kyle Richards may be one of the most patient housewives RHOBH, But that doesn’t stop him from making new friends. When Dorit Kemsley joined the show on Season 7, the two were not immediately best friends, but their friendship grew over time.

What helped the couple bond was actually the close bond between their husbands. Nowadays, the two fight on TV but are still seen hanging out outside of filming. And while some fans think it’s time for Kyle to leave the show, there’s still no end to watching. In the final season, Kyle was a pillar of Dorit’s forces after strangers broke into his home and stole his belongings.

Sonja Morgan, singer Ramona and Luan de Lesseps (RHONY)

Which creates The real housewife in New York Friendships between women are very special – primarily Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, and Luan de Lesseps. The two were lifelong friends even before the show aired.

After so many seasons of travel, the trio has only grown closer. The magic of this friendship is that no matter how many times they fight, quarrel or quarrel with each other, they always find ways to prioritize their friendship and overcome it. Thanks for the social network, its fans RHONY Notice that these three often hang out outside the set.

Teresa Guides and Dina Manjo (RHONJ)

Teresa Guides is not properly known for being a great friend. His appearance during the year The real housewife of New JerseyThe mother of four has met almost every friend.

As he struggles to keep his friendship intact, an ex-housewife is always by Teresa’s side, Dina Canteen (formerly Manjo). Dina and Teresa had one of the best friendships ever RHONJ And women have been close to Teresa since she was in her twenties. They were close when they filmed the two and are still close today, even though they live on different shores. Teresa’s marriage to Louis Ruelas is getting closer and closer, even to the day!

Kenya Moore and Candy Bures (RHOA)

Kenya affectionately calls Kandi “Kandi Yams” and Kandi was one of the only women who took Kenya for the woman she was married to, which was not easy to do. In many seasons, Kenya was seen as a villain, but Kandi always stood by him.

The two have formed an alliance in recent seasons The real housewife of Atlanta And really like the other. According to Reality Tea, Kandi says: “Over the years, Kenya and I have really built a true friendship. For example, we really call each other, we test each other.” Kenya has gone through her troubles with her ex Mark Daly, Kandi is a woman who cries in support and on the shoulder.

Dennis Richards and Garcel Beauvais (RHOBH)

The actresses have known each other for a long time before pairing RHOBH. They met more than two decades ago when an unaired pilot formed a friendship during and after filming and worked together on reality TV.

Dennis was at the center of a scandal involving his coaster Brandy Glanville in Season 10, which led to his exit from the show. While the fans were supporting Dennis, everyone pushed him aside. Beauvais, however, supported and defended it. Women support and love each other because, according to Garsell, friendship is everything.

Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore (RHOA)

Kenya and Cynthia have had a rollercoaster friendship for several years RHOA – Sometimes be a friend and sometimes be an enemy. Recent seasons have seen two women bond and support each other through children, marriage and divorce. So, is the support genuine? Absolutely.

When asked about his friendship with Kenya, Bailey told Bravo that Kenya was his friend in the end. Cynthia even asked Moore to work as a bridemaid in her recent marriage to Mike Hill. And both have spin-off ups and downs Ultimate Girls TripThey are always around.

Heather Dubro and Megan King Edmunds (RHOC)

Megan King is no longer seen The real housewife of Orange County But Heather Dubrow returns to season 16. Even without Megan on the show, the two are still friends and doing well beyond filming. Heather and her husband were close to Jim Edmunds, Meghan’s ex-husband. So when he marries Meghan, he is taken away.

Meghan and Jim later divorced, but the two remained friends nonetheless. At this point, it is unclear whether Meghan will return RHOC But with Heather on the list, anything is possible.

Gina Kirsheniter and Emily Simpson (RHOC)

Gina and Emily were both new kids in the OC franchise neighborhood in Season 13 and they quickly became friends with the tight community in Orange County. Their friendship was some growing pain, but it seems to be stronger than ever in the new season.

According to Jenner’s social media page, women are friends off camera. Most of them in the iconic scene RHOC Surrounding their friendship. Gina even posted the hashtag #realfriends on a photo of her couple.

Judges Tamra and Vicky Ganvalson (RHOC)

Anyone who has heard of OC’s installments will say that Tamra and Vicky were the most double-minded rebels in housewife history, but it is impossible for their friendship not to be original. These two went through wringer as friends but still end up dating.

Women have gone from best friend to worst enemy and regained the status of best friend in the years of their presence on reality TV. Many of Vicky’s biggest fights involved her best friend, so it’s shocking that the two are still so close. The two women recently stopped performing at Bravo, but they are close.

Whitney Rose and Heather Gay (RHOSLC)

The real housewife of Salt Lake City Its second season is over in the winter of 2022, so a lot can happen in terms of friendship if the series continues. One relationship that is shown on the show that is valid in the real world is that of Heather Gay and Whitney Rose. Beautiful blondes are tight on TV and support each other off-screen. Not supporting these two is an unpopular opinion RHOSLC Best friend

Fans have been seen posing together at their party and supporting each other on social media. In addition to being real friends, Whitney and Heather are also close. They are the third cousins, Whitney’s great-grandparents and Heather’s great-grandparents.

Brandy Redmond and Stephanie Hallman (RHOD)

Brandy Redmond and Stephanie Hallman were loving, stupid and loyal and their TV friendship is more than what we see on TV cameras. The real housewife of Dallas. Women became friends long before they appeared ROD And fans love to see them show their affection for each other (especially the looks of Brandy and Stephanie).

Family and friends are friends, which makes life easier after filming. Brandi supported Stephanie when she struggled with mental health and Stephanie was by Brandy’s side when she adopted her son Bruin after dealing with the tragedy. And when ROD Not in the air anymore, the two are still friends.

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