A good smartphone and subscription plan for your child

Your child has been bothering you for months: “I want an iPhone, all my friends have an iPhone!” You never gave up. But next year he will return by bus or train from school. She can now stay home alone.

However, if there is a problem you no longer have a specific line to reach. So it may be time to equip him with at least a phone and, in the best case (for him), a smartphone (and if possible – still, according to him – an iPhone).

Prepaid card

If you want to have some control over their communication and especially mobile internet usage, you may be tempted by a prepaid card with very little available surfing volume. But This is not necessarily a good planBecause Calling minutes with this type of system are rarely abundant or unlimited.

And there is Charging restrictions. In short, You are not sure that your child will still have enough credit to call you. With a subscriptionMy graduate, In case of overrun there will be an additional cost.


If this is your fear and you need a protection to prevent him from blowing up his package, Proximus offers full control options – Those who do not approve Do not exceed Package, but who Allows recharge if required – in its basic subscription (15.99 euros / month).


Monthly price

Youfone offers a mobile subscription that lasts up to 200 call minutes. After a quarter, its price goes up to 4 / month.

But it only includes 120 minute calls 8 euros / month at Scarlett Your child will benefit 300 minutes.

Moreover, if it is the price that counts most (from the point of view of maximum call minutes instead of the amount of surfing), Youfone offers 2 euros / 200 minutes per month Time Quarter. Next, The price will increase by 4 euros / month.

In the pack

If you have already benefited from a specific home package (including television, internet or your mobile), Adding your child’s mobile to this pack is probably worth it.

For example, in Proximas, The second mobile phone added to the Flex pack costs 10 euros / month For 5GB mobile data along with unlimited calls and texts. If this volume is exceeded, Surfing speed is reduced At 128 Kbps (which is very slow, editor note), Without the possibility of additional costs.


Monthly price

Thanks to your pack, in both VOO and Proximus, a cheap mobile subscription is available that includes unlimited calls and text in addition to the 5GB surfing volume.

Same with VOOAdding a pack cost is a mobile subscription 10 euros / month For 5 GB (Here too The speed decreases In case of overrun but at 512Kbps – see box below), As well as unlimited calls and texts.

In its house OrangeThem Love customers benefit by a reduction of 5 euros / month For Adding a Go Plus subscription (21 euros / month) which includes 11 GB In addition Unlimited calls and texts. In its house TelenetThe Pack One lets you attach up to 5 mobile numbers with the pack at low cost.


Finally, if you agree to accept his ultimate will, let him know Several operators (Proximus, Orange, Base, Vu) Combined sales offer Benefits include a mobile subscription with iPhone and a smartphone.

In proximus and orange, it is even possible Combine a subscription with a reformed iPhoneOnly to limit the notes when satisfying your child (who is not yet aware of the differences between all the models of the Apple brand).

For example, in Proximas, The first price of an iPhone SE is 9 Euros with a Flex Mobile subscription of 10 Euros / month. But to benefit from such a price, You must subscribe to a “DataPhone” 20 euros / month (which allows you to benefit from 2 GB extra surfing volume at full speed) For 24 months. So regardless of the operator, before subscribing to such offers, Always read the terms carefully.

Speed ​​decreased to 512 Kbps

The reduced speed of 512 Kbps corresponds to the speed of 0.512 Mbps (megabits per second). By comparison, under optimal conditions, 4G allows surfing at 100 Mbps and can reach speeds up to 4G + 300 Mbps.

Although it is still possible to surf at this speed, Your experience will not be the best depending on the use. But not impossible: your e-mail suggestions are available, you can continue sending messages through messaging apps etc. However, transferring photos from one smartphone to another will take much longer, for example.

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