An advertising campaign that does not pass

Quebec recruitment shocks aggressive resigning teachers … who will reach “never seen” numbers

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Mary-Eve Morase

Mary-Eve Morase
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An advertisement aimed at recruiting teachers for the next school year has been described by some as “outrageous”. “Answer now! In the world of education,” says Quebec.

When Alexandre Marcier announced in late May that he was leaving teaching, bright comments came down on his Facebook page. “Students are losing someone valuable,” commented a friend. “The school world is losing a very good teacher,” added another.

At age 30, the teacher realizes that the profession does not offer him the work-family balance that he expects. Since he is a foster family of three children, Alexandre Marcia had expressed a desire to work only three days a week, but he was turned down.

Photo courtesy of Alexandre Marcier

Alexandre Marcia quit teaching to take a job that offered him more flexibility.

In late May, Quebec began broadcasting an ad broadcast on radio, in newspapers and on social networks. It encourages undergraduate students to “take part in a discipline that teaches preschool, elementary, and secondary. […] Consider a career in education as the next school year begins.

The message raised the eyebrows of Alexander Mercier. “They point out that there is a deficit, we need to invest in young people, but when we get to the floor, there is a lack of resources, we are not told for the project. [aménager] Schedule “, calculated by Mr. Marcia.

He says he felt “stopgap” when he saw the ad. “I have a bachelor’s degree in education, so I have a place, but we should not deviate too much from the structure,” said the teacher, who has already found a job in another field. He will be in school for seven years.

Exit “as never before”

After 18 years in school, Helen Legalt is in her last days with elementary school students. This kind of propaganda, “What is reduced, is taught”, the teacher believes.

This is something that anyone with a baccalaureate can come to a class and it will work. [Les enseignants non qualifiés]They are colleagues who cry at the end of the day.

Helen Legalt

When their mentorship is offered, it often comes from colleagues … overwhelmed themselves, Ms.Me Legalt.

The president of the Federation of Education Unions agrees. “Suffice it to say: you have a bachelor, come and help us. We’ve all seen those who come, those who have no training in education, and those who say a few weeks later: “I can’t take it anymore, I’m leaving,” says Jose Scalabrini.

The departure of the teachers, there “as we have never seen”. “Can we keep those who are already in the system? M asks.Me Scalebrini.

It is difficult to accurately measure the number of teachers leaving the profession each year. School service centers know how many teachers are leaving, but they can’t tell if they’ve just changed school zones or if they’ve moved to a private network.

Will an advertisement aired in the last month of the school year for next year be effective in recruiting new candidates? “I doubt it,” said Josie Scalabrini, who insisted that people must “come to the aid of teachers” who are struggling with their position.

“I mourned”

On sick leave due to burnout, healing teacher Melissa Mundo will not be in next school year either. He says he has seen student services decline year after year, with many teachers retiring early.

“In 2008, I saw one or two students in each class in remedial education; Now one-third of the class, he says. Everyone pays for class. A

Photo courtesy of Melissa Mundo

“I love this job,” said Melissa Mundo, a remedial teacher. He sees that many teachers become “broken.”

Helen Legalt also laments the lack of support in schools: overwhelmed special education technicians (“three or four for 700 students”), intervention plans that are multiplying.

His decision to quit teaching was carefully considered. “I am just sad. I was relieved to be able to make up my mind, I told my employer, ”he says.

Alexandre Marcier also quit teaching with “less weight on his shoulders”, but it still provoked the four years he spent on the university bench.

“It’s my biggest heartbreak: having my diploma on the wall, then giving up, even though I invest time in it,” he says.

Two new postgraduate degrees to become a teacher

Graduates will have access to two new postgraduate degrees next fall that allow access to teaching credentials, a training course for people already employed at the school due to the shortage. TÉLUQ University and the University of Quebec in ABTB-Temiskaming announced on Friday that they would allow distance learning from next autumn to pursue a postgraduate degree in pre-school education and primary education or a postgraduate degree in secondary education.

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  • 3757
    Number of teachers who are not legally qualified in 2020-2021

    Source: Ministry of Education

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