“Every child has the right to health care”

Chaîne de l’Espoir Luxembourg is an NGO that has been active since October 2016. Its main purpose is to provide adequate care to children in developing countries that may not always benefit them, conflicts in their countries due to lack of infrastructure, personnel or even armed forces.

“CDEL follows this concept Every child, regardless of their country of birth and socio-cultural status, has the right to access specialized healthcare. To give the most vulnerable children a better future, CDEL supports a number of projects abroad and in Luxembourg, “said Danny de Muiser, director and founder of the NGO.

Previously, Danny de Muiser was part of CDEL Belgium as an organizing family. It was after this experience that the idea of ​​creating a similar entity in Luxembourg came to him. “Being aware of the solidarity and willingness to help many of my friends and acquaintances at Grand Duchess, I have contacted some doctors to explain my ideas to them. In particular, Dr. Jerry Kifer, Chief Physician of Pediatric Surgery at CHL. Very quickly, on October 25, 2016, a team of about twenty founding members was formed to create the Chaine de l’Espoir Luxembourg, “he explained.

Intervention around the world

And since that day, missions and projects have followed each other, with support from the Department for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action. Like Jordan, where CDEL visits several times a year to treat many children from families fleeing the war in Syria, thanks to pediatric orthopedic surgery and early detection missions, with the support of the UN refugee agency UNHCR.

The NGO has been working in Senegal for several years. “CDEL has contributed 50% this year to the financing of a new operating theater at Albert Rear Pediatric Hospital in Dakar. The new operating theater should have been built urgently because of the risk of the old structure collapsing,” Danny de Muiser explained.

An ambitious project to identify and treat children with hearing loss has also been launched this year. “In October 2022, teams trained by CDEL will begin screening students at Dakar School. (…) The screening and care program will begin in Dakar but will gradually, and with the support of the Ministry of Health, be extended to the entire Senegalese national territory in the years to come. “

CDEL’s volunteer medical staff organizes various screening and care missions around the world.

(Photo: DR / CDEL)

Different missions

CDEL also uses Luxembourg foster families for children in need of better care “These children are suffering from pathology which cannot be operated on in their country of birth due to lack of adequate medical infrastructure. They are hosted by the volunteer host family and stay in Luxembourg until their treating doctor gives them the green light to join their family in the country of their birth. This is how children in Madagascar, Benin, DRC, Rwanda, Senegal and even Burkina Faso were treated in this way by volunteer caregivers of NGOs.

In addition to field missions, CDEL aims to train foreign doctors and provide appropriate equipment to the hospitals with which it collaborates. A major part of the NGO’s work is raising awareness among the general public about access to health care in troubled countries.

Ambitious and realistic

Since this year, the NGO has been able to expand the number of surgical missions for refugee children Jordan. “The orthopedic mission, led by CDEL President Dr. Jerry Kifer, will now include the Urological Surgery Mission by the end of June 2022 and Dental Surgery in the fall of 2022. Since the need for medical help will probably not exist. In the future, other types of missions may be added. “

And even if such projects can be difficult to manage when the world is plagued by health, financial and geopolitical crises, Danny de Muiser does not despair of achieving the NGO’s goals of helping more disadvantaged children.

“Thousands of children around the world are suffering from pathologies that can be cured through surgery. The entire CDEL team is ready to meet other challenges in other countries, provided that medical staff and other volunteers are needed and resources are secured for the smooth running of treatment abroad and in Luxembourg, “he concluded.

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