In La Manche, an El Dorado to change your life

La Manche, a symbol of many horses by Mont Saint-Michel, is an interesting land for those who want to change their lives.

This Wednesday, June 8, 2022A. Aglo 21 Amphitheater A. St. LoFour invited Attractive organization on the attitude stage I said Their experience On the occasionA conference titled “La Manche, a New Eldorado for a Change of Life” : Stephanie Maube (Mayor of the modern La Coutaine farm and Les); Catherine Testa (magazine) Optimism); Charles Evan (company Les Parapluies de Cherbourg); And Laurent Mason (magazine) Diversion)

“In 3 years, she’ll give up! Stephanie Maubey, Paris communication agent re-converted to breeding 120 sheep on center-stageOur department was not greeted with open arms, but he proved himself there, frequently The farmer Respectful of these neo-rural people who comfort their children for the emptiness left behind who have moved elsewhere, and even better, she wears the tri-colored sash of Les’s first city councilor.

“I wanted to give up everything, I found my happiness.”

“Your sustainable development, nobody cares! “While this option was not yet fashionable, it did not have the support of Katherine Testa, a lecturer and management consultant on quality of life at work, especially the people around her. Meet up Cherberg Especially where he now installs after “trading” around the world, collaborative work …, thus the theme of his magazine. OptimismWhich he established as a response to this mania Negative attitude towards things in France.

When Charles Evan spoke of Cherbourg to all his nationalists, he was systematically answered: “Ah yes! Cherbourg’s umbrella. Fascinated by the study of those materials resistance. Cain University, He made a rock-solid umbrella and took charge of the world-famous family business Les Paraplus de Cherberg. “What’s the key to success?” The answer to the session’s radio-TV presenter, Anne Boetti, was immediate: “An idea and a passion.”

“Great philosophies have been shattered and money, values ​​have been emptied. Making a living and not eating was the meaning of work. In our society today, we are no longer starving and we demand money from the company through work or out of work to manage. Tough.

Laurent Mason

Assured viewers

It is unfortunate that Laurent Moison, historian, author and digital business consultant, did not meet with Luke Ferry, who was invited to the Divisional Council 15 days ago. They would be united on many points. But keep in mind this comment of a reader of the newspaper DeviationCreated by her, a collection of testimonials from those who changed their lives:

“I wanted to throw everything away, I found my happiness with a red nose by cloning for sick children in the hospital. A

Happiness’s four teachers couldn’t get their thirty students to the desk, but Agnelis persuaded Danielle to be Stephanie Maube, while Severin, a Cherborzoa, liked the words of Catherine Tester, which she knew. Finally, from Melania, Tessie BockageManchooise called himself a believer before the session.

Paul-Vincent Merchand, director of Attitude Manch, concludes the presentation with a Carpe Diem lesson at La Manch, in which he tries to highlight all the attractions.

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From our correspondent Gerard Hamel

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