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Insa Leon, a young immigrant who was hit in Parcoursup, chose

Arriving in Brest alone as an unaccompanied minor, Jonathan Kikanga will soon be joining Lyon’s prestigious Insa School. Photo progress / Alice Imorin

Jonathan Kikanga came from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2019. An unaccompanied minor, he was educated for the first time in France at a high school in Brest, where he progressed very fast. Three years later, he made a sensation: all 25 of his wishes were accepted on the Parkoursup platform.

At the top of his list is Leoner Insa (National Institute of Applied Sciences). “I’m glad this is a recognized school, with only 24 places for young people like me from the technical sector,” testified the young man, whose future administration hangs in the balance: “Any time, I can be asked to leave France.”

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Photo by Le Progress / Richard Moold

Olympic Leonis: The return of the naughty son

“It simply came to our notice then. Five years after moving to London, Alexandre Lacazette is going the other way and is back in the front row of the OL attack where he has been shining for a very long season.

The first scorer at Groupma Stadium, now 31, made a significant financial effort (half the salary) “for the love of the club”. A club that is coming out of a frustrating season and needs to find Europe quickly.

The prospect of the calendar, former OL stats being talked about this week, is the arrival of Florent Balmont as assistant coach at Pui Foote and Jeremy Barthod led by Law Interest.

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RhONE: This is a start-up that gives people hope for less movement

Julien Vedani, cyclist at Startup Courage. Photo by Le Progress / An-lor Weiner

It is the ambition of start-up Kurage to restore the mobility of those who lost it, which was created between Saône and Rhône two years ago. The startup has created an artificial intelligence system that reproduces the functionality of the brain: integrated into the machine, making it possible to adapt to each user and improve their performance.

After bicycles and rovers equipped with electric stimuli, startups are now betting on smart fabrics with integrated electrodes. Patients should only wear leggings, as well as a small backpack with a device that allows electrostimulation. “The soul of Kurez is the connection between the brain and the muscles,” summed up Kurez’s presidency.

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Picture Dr.

Mont-Saint-Michel record: Tighttrop walker Nathan Pauline walks on a lower strap

On Tuesday, May 24, extreme tightrope walker Nathan Pauline traveled between a crane and Mont Saint-Michel at an altitude of 2,200 meters to 100 meters, setting a new world record for the longest crossing on a “thread”. Underneath the feet of Tittrop Walker actually hid the skills and technology of a St.-Chamond company that would soon be 100 years old: Techni Straps.

It was actually designed in his workshop at Rue du Pilate that the 19mm wide webbing on which this slackline expert developed for his record. “They were experts in the field, reference, and I had a specific need that didn’t exist in the market, they needed great knowledge,” he explained.

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Law: A reptile gives birth to a rare monitor lizard in an enthusiastic captive state

Photo by Le Progress / Amauri Lelu

This is the first of its kind in France. Julian Barrilon, a healer at the Swiss Marine Vivarium, was able to breed in captivity, in the house of Jasron (Ain), a rare species of monitor lizard, wearing a “salvator comini” black robe.

To achieve this, Julien Barillon bought two “Komini” monitor lizards during a trade show in Germany in 2015. This great friend of reptiles explains, “It takes a lot of patience for two animals to control each other and then mate, who welcomes about fifteen specimens into his home, including snakes and iguana ৷ cold blood.

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Photo by Le Progress / Marie-Noel Tynon

A Papuan chef is visiting a high school in Villafranche

“You have welcomed me like a president! Mundia Kepanga thanked the group of students who came to sing the independence song of her country Papua New Guinea. In the middle of a three-month tour, this Papuan chef stopped in Villafranche-sur-Saওne for two days, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Claude-Bernard High School students and chefs, who are trying to warn Western societies about the threat of primary forestry, have symbolically planted a Judas tree in the park of the school complex. “Planting a tree is shaping the future,” Mundia Kepanga insisted.

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Lyon: Ron’s first complete underwater crossing

Rhone during a clean operation. Photo by Le Progress / Joel Philippon

Divers from the Odyssey 3.1 Association tackled an even larger part this Saturday: the complete crossing of the Rh ,ne, more than seven kilometers, the Churchill Bridge and the Musée des Confluences.

Nowhere else has the capital or the big city across the river been explored in this way. The experience of extreme diving conditions allows Lionel Rard, president of Odysseus 3.1, Jerome Petiot, Mikel Guio and Eun Reke to achieve their objectives in a hostile environment where visibility is lacking and currents are strong.

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Photo progress / Ives Salvat

Loire: Immersed in the world’s first private hospital

Private Lower Hospital is the first company in the world to use General Electric’s image guidance technology. HPL’s vascular surgeon was Dr. Sebastian Veron, who invested in the device to reduce the invasive aspect of venous and arterial surgery.

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The first “citizen” power plant in the Lower

Picture Val’s roof

After several years of work and difficulty in overcoming, the first citizen of the Lower saw the light of day at the power station Saint-Germain-Lavalle. From 11 a.m., this Saturday, June 11, a 200 m² photovoltaic cell that covers the roof of the Grezolon-Duluth Hall “officially” converts the sun’s rays into electricity.

To utilize these panels, the association Les Toits du Val has established a reputable SAS (simplified joint-stock company), which has raised 35,000 euros in funds from 65 small shareholders and received subsidies from two town halls and the region. He is now looking for a new roof to install the panel.

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Photo French Canoe-Kayak Federation / C.GAY

Canoeing: Aindinoise Phénicia Dupras Double World Champion

Dissatisfied with the individual event, the kayaker of the Phenicia Dupras in Ambrone has twice won Team Gold at the Canoe-Kayak World Championships held in Korej last weekend.

First in Aindinoise career. “It was really nice, especially at this event [la classique par équipe, ndlr] Which we have not been able to win for a long time. A

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