The boy helps the poor old lady carry groceries, the mother later receives a house of $ 265,000 as a reward

While everyone was ignoring a poor old woman, a young man decided to help her by carrying her groceries. A few days later, his mother was surprised to receive a reward for this generous work.

In a small town in Oklahoma, people often leave their business without paying attention to each other. It was ideal for almost everyone, until an 11-year-old boy named Tom decided to change it.

While all his friends were playing baseball in the afternoon after school, Tom was spending time in the library. He enjoyed reading in peace, as he enjoyed learning about the various ethics to be found in books. That week he was reading Linea Gillen’s “Good People Everywhere.”

This book teaches children to be considerate, kind and grateful to everyone around them. It shows how good people are because they like to do things that make everyone’s life easier, such as taking care of others, building other people’s homes and giving birth to their children.

On his way home from the library, he passed a local grocery store where he saw an elderly woman fighting to carry her shopping bag. The woman swayed from side to side as she walked.

Several people walked by his side, and although they noticed he was struggling, they did not stop to help him. Tom decides to run to her and take the bags from her. “Let me take you home,” he said to the old woman.

The woman named Linda was so grateful to the boy that she was on the verge of crying. “Oh, my dear. You have been sent to heaven. Thank you, my little boy,” he said.

Tom smiled at her and offered his arm to guide her. He attached his hand to hers and they walked side by side as Tom carried the bags.

That evening, Linda was cooking her dinner when she saw a poor homeless man outside her window. He was standing on the side of the road, lean and hungry.

Linda was cooking dinner when she saw a homeless man outside. | Source: pixels

Suddenly he remembered the young man who had helped him that day. Suddenly a thought came to his mind and he walked towards his front door. “Would you like dinner?” He asked as he approached the man.

The man wondered if anyone had spoken to him. He smiled at her and shook his head at her request. “Thank you, ma’am. I haven’t eaten in a few days. Thank you very much.”

Linda sets another seat at the table for her guest. The man who introduced himself as James ate half of what was on his plate for dinner and wanted to save the other half for breakfast.

“Don’t worry. There’s still plenty of food for you for breakfast. Go ahead and finish your dinner,” Linda told the man. He smiled again, grateful for the old woman’s generosity.

The next day, James was sitting outside having breakfast when a man in a business suit walked past him. Moments later, he noticed that the wallet had fallen out of the man’s pocket as he walked down the sidewalk.

A man in a business suit was walking down the street when a wallet fell out of his pocket. | Source: pixels

He picked it up and was surprised to find that the wallet was filled with a hundred dollar bill. With this money he could rent a room for a few nights and buy food for a few weeks, James thought.

However, he remembered the old woman who had helped him the day before. He saw the figure of the man moving away, so he decided to chase after her. He grabbed the man and returned the wallet.

“You dropped your wallet, sir,” he said, returning it to her. Surprised, the man in the suit was grateful because he was going to the hospital for treatment of his ailing mother.

He gave some money to James and introduced himself as Richard. Although James was hesitant at first, he graciously accepted the money. “Thank you for being honest. Bless you,” Richard said to James, before leaving.

Richard was able to bear the cost of his mother’s treatment and he took her home the same day to make a full recovery under his care.

A few days later, Richard, who owned a construction company, set out to find land to build a new luxury home. On the outskirts of town he saw a mother and her 11-year-old son, Tom and his mother. They lived in a small trailer.

Tom and his mother lived in a trailer. | Source: pixels

“Tom, where are you going?” Richard heard the mother asking her son.

“I’m going to the library, Mom. It’s so small here that I can’t take any books home. I’ll just read there, if it’s okay,” she said.

His mother felt uncomfortable that she could not support her son’s love of reading by leaving a small reading corner at home. The caravan was their ability.

Listening to this conversation, Richard suddenly remembered his own childhood. His mother was poor, and although he loved to read, he could not own a book because he did not have enough money to buy one.

Richard went to Tom and his mother, as a businessman working on a development project nearby. Talking to them, he discovered that they lived in the trailer because it was their only property.

Richard revealed to Tom and his mother that he was a preacher. | Source: pixels

Richard starts chatting around. A few blocks from where the trailer was parked, he was building a new luxury home that he planned to sell. He started meeting Tom and his mom, talking to them about things and things.

“What do you want to be when you grow up, Tom?” He asked the boy on one of his visits.

“I want to be a veterinarian. I love reading animal books, so I go to the library to read something,” Tom reveals.

Hearing that Tom wants a bigger place with Reading Nook, Richard decides to give them a new home, as he is able to.

The next day he came in the trailer and told Tom and his mom to get out. Tom’s mother is angry. “So did you come near us? To chase us from the trailer? How can you? Tom really loved you,” he said.

Tom expressed that he wanted to be a veterinarian when he grew up. | Source: pixels

Richard shook his head. “You have to move here to get a new home,” he told them. “Would you please come with me? I’ll show you,” he said.

The rich man took Tom and his mother on a ride. He took them to another part of town and stopped at a large house. “It’s your turn,” said Richard, giving Tom’s mother a key.

“Are you serious?” He asked her. Richard shook his head.

“You see, I make a living, but I never parted with this house because it was my mother’s. People offered me $ 265,000 for it, but I couldn’t sell it. I didn’t. I wanted to live in it, but I wanted to keep it for something special, “he explained.

Tom and his mother cried. They were grateful and happy for the opportunity and did not understand why God had given them such a gift. Tom’s mother whispered, “We didn’t do anything to make it worthwhile.”

Little did they know that it all started with a simple good deed from Tom. Every good deed makes a difference, and people are encouraged to pass it on to others.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Don’t let the chain of mercy end with you. When you feel an act of kindness from someone, go through it so that the chain of kindness is never broken.
  • When you do well, life finds a way to give you back. Such actions are fruitful. One way or another of life will find a way to repay your kindness.

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