Viva Tech 2022 has increased HR by digital and artificial intelligence

Human resource management will adopt data and artificial intelligence in 2022. The Vivatech show, to be held June 15-18, is an opportunity to capture the evolution of digital, thanks to data usage, recruitment, human resources and education. And artificial intelligence.

Moderate fundraising in HR

Thanks to a transformation for HR technology, however, the funds raised for the development are far less than the multi-million euro funds, especially in financial services and insurance.

Neobrain analyzes 5 million job offers per day and cross-references them with data from 600 job monitoring centers.

The show offers the opportunity to meet Paul Courted, Stand J24-017, specializing in artificial intelligence and big data for recruitment. He has established Newbrain, A French scale-up using artificial intelligence and big data. Its technology analyzes 5 million job offers per day and cross-references data from 600 job observatories. The aim is to identify the key skills of tomorrow to guide companies’ HR strategies in training, internal mobility and recruitment. Last March, Neobrain raised € 20 million in Series A funds.

Another problem: measuring employee commitment becomes important in the absence of adequately trained people. Arnaud Testu and Thomas Le Gac specialize in feedback and employee experience. They have established bloomin To measure employee engagement by solving innovative responses in conversation mode. Their purpose is to understand what motivates the employee to hold on. The collected data is analyzed by artificial intelligence to assist HRK in implementing measures to improve employee experience.

Bloomin present at the LVMH and manpower stand

Since 2016, their solution has been used by more than 750,000 people in France, with more than 300 original account clients. They have been selected by luxury leader LVMH and temporary employment company Manpower to participate in VivaTech and present their feedback 360 solutions, with the goal of enhancing staff efficiency and taking the Bloomin Pulse team to the next level.

Bloomin regularly listens to staff through humorous and customizable surveys.

The Bloomin platform regularly listens to employees through humorous and customizable surveys sent to them. Anonymous feedback is collected and analyzed in real time, transparently shared with respondents. The answers are then converted into an employee experience index, which managers can follow to improve their team management and initiate changes.

Launched in June 2016, Bloomin raised 2 million euros in July 2021. The solution is available in 14 languages. The company employs 40 people and has 300 core accounts and ETI clients, including Orange, InterMarch, Decatholon, BNP Paribas, Total Energy and Groupma. Booth J45-024 (LVMH) and Booth J24-018 (Manpower)

PeopleSpheres is an HR tools marketplace

More classically, Philip Bloset, its founder People’ssphere, HR process, HRIS and PaaS work on new forms of HR. Her solutions for orchestrating and assembling HR solutions will be on VivaTech and she will talk about the evolution of HR solutions in France, from the end of SaaS to the present, as well as the concentration of HR digital versions.

Peoplespier Marketplace has 25 HR solution publishers

Having been in the HR sector for over 25 years, he analyzes the evolution of technological solutions offered to companies, mainly in terms of human resources and digital transformation. PeopleSpheres now employs around 100 people and 25 partners of HR Solutions are present in the publisher’s marketplace. The company has raised 8.5 million euros in funding to hire in 2021, invest in new developments and launch its activities in the United States. Stand J20-005 with HR Lab.

Finally, Laure Duprat-Morlaes and Gershon Pinon will present Digitalized Hypnosis Learning. Founded in 2018, Hypnosis A digital solution for learning foreign languages ​​driven by hypnosis. The solution is available on the Internet and soon on mobile, offering 500 audio lessons organized by native teachers, 4 levels of learning practice, from beginner to advanced. The program also includes 50 hypnosis sessions on personal development. A 100% digital startup since its launch, Hypnoledge has added Mandarin in the 5 languages ​​already available (English, German, Spanish, French and Italian). The startup is one of the Frenchtech startups at the last CES in Las Vegas in January 2022. Booth C16-016.

Manpower seeks to combine artificial intelligence and sustainability

In its position at Viva Tech, the temporary work company Manpower seeks to encourage next-generation HRs by relying on artificial intelligence, talent and a sustainable approach to meet new expectations for its part. Artificial intelligence will help HRK find talent by facilitating screening and evaluation of applications.

Artificial intelligence must reduce turnover with predictive recruitment tools

Artificial intelligence will certainly help to avoid excessive turnover, with the help of predictive recruitment tools that make it possible to estimate the match between the candidate and the position. Manpower recalls that 8 out of 10 companies, already with more than 100 employees, already use assessment tools such as aptitude and personality tests when hiring.

In general, Manpower believes that technological innovation can streamline communication throughout the recruitment process. These tools can also be used to organize the path of employees within the company while employed by HR.

Manpower presents 7 startups in HR

In its position, Manpower will present 7 HR startups offering innovative solutions. HRflow An HR data automation platform powered by artificial intelligence and available through API. Predictive Hire Offers a platform that allows HR to refine recruitment with more ethical and impartial criteria and, thanks to the video interview process, find the right talent, faster.

Ninefast An online job interview platform with behavioral analysis

For this HR MonitorIt offers a survey tool for employees of a company that can increase team engagement, improve manager skills, and reduce turnover. Ninefast Created a platform for online job interviews including analysis of candidate behavior and skills using artificial intelligence.

FIRST® A global robotics community that inspires young people to be leaders and innovators in science and technology. Tiny An unlimited online video editing solution with professional quality without the need for technical skills. Finally, we find out neobrain A “talent market” aimed at transforming employees’ personal skills into integrated performance.

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