A woman took care of her grandfather, which her family did not know until her grandfather died

A woman very close to her grandfather, with whom she shared a comforting bond, decided to take care of him when he fell ill. However, he was shocked when his family’s attitude towards him suddenly changed.

Verbs speak louder than words, and that’s probably why we should try our best to be helpful and kind to each other. As we go through trials and tribulations we can learn some of the most disturbing and painful truths.

It is often said that hard times help us realize our strengths and ultimately bring out the best in us. But at the same time, tests can also test our endurance and put too much weight on our nerves, leaving us completely disoriented and twisted in life.

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Early childhood

One user went to Reddit to solve a personal dilemma, hoping to find answers that would help him find peace of mind and heart. She is identified as a 29-year-old woman who grew up in a Christian family.

Describing her upbringing, she explained that her parents had instilled in her the idea of ​​a “predetermined sexual role” from an early age. As a young girl, she adopted the way she grew up. However, as he grew older, he began to question things.

He also had an older brother, whom he called “the second king of the house” because his parents loved to call him. This meant he was second to his parents and his orders should have been taken seriously.

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Stay close to his grandfather

Like many children her age, this woman loved her grandfather very much and fortunately, she shared her feelings.

But after her grandfather’s funeral, the woman said she saw everything change.

According to her, the main reason for her and her grandfather’s bond was that she refused to obey the gender rules, believing in the way her parents raised her.

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A sweet couple

Redditor aIt_throwthrow explained that his grandparents lived in a beautiful house with no neighbors and a beautiful garden with trees. He further mentioned that the house was incredibly special to them and it took them many years to get it back.

The woman’s grandparents hoped to spend the winter of their lives happily ever after. However, over time his grandfather’s health deteriorated and he developed back problems and a serious health problem that made it difficult for him to keep up.

The situation took a tragic turn when Redditter’s grandmother died and his grandfather was devastated by irreparable damage. In addition, her critical condition requires care and support at home.

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Leaving with his grandfather

This woman (we’ll call her Sandrin) said her grandfather didn’t want strangers in her home, especially the love of his life, after losing his beloved wife. On the other hand, his parents’ attitude towards him deeply upset and upset him. He writes:

“My parents preached that it was a punishment for all her sins, so they did not want to deal with it and planned to keep her in a foster home.”

Despite her parents’ seemingly strange treatment of her grandfather, Sandrin said she decided to stay with him so that he could be cared for by a family member instead of a stranger. He says he has made the necessary arrangements and has even started doing his work from home.

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Losing your grandfather

When she took care of her grandfather, their sweet bond filled the house with love and laughter. But her grandfather’s condition continued to worsen, and throughout the ordeal, Sandrine admits she never heard a word from her parents or her older brother.

He recalls a conversation with his grandfather, where he jokingly asked to sign a contract at his home in his name. Although she thought he was joking at the time, he admitted that he did not accept what his future held for him.

Unfortunately, Sandrin lost her grandfather, and despite her disagreement with her parents, she did not want them to hear the sad news from a stranger. They attended the funeral, and he admitted that he had contacted them for the first time in years.

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His grandfather’s wish

As Sandrin and her family mourn the loss of her grandfather, they reunite for a moment and comfort each other. But once her grandfather’s funeral was over, the woman said she saw everything change.

After a while, it was time to read the will of the old man. According to Sandrin, an intense family drama began when her grandfather finally expressed his desire.

It turned out that the old man had left everything to go to his father, including the house. The woman mentioned that her family accused her of manipulating her grandfather to give her everything.

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Other family problems

Shortly afterwards, Sandrin reveals that her older brother came to her house crying with a special request. He says:

“She was asking me to give her the house because she was too young for her wife and baby. She told me that since it was just me and my husband and we didn’t want children, I didn’t need it.”

Although he told her to leave, the woman admitted that she later blamed herself horribly. He said he couldn’t stop playing the script in his head, and a part of him knew he didn’t need a house because his job paid him well and he could stay anywhere.

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To share his story

But at the same time, Sandrin knew that her grandfather wanted her to inherit the house because she did not want to leave it to her father. Completely confused and not sure if he made the right choice, he shared his story in Reddit’s “AITA section”.

Sandrin asked fellow radiators if she would leave the house she inherited from her grandfather. Redditor czndra67 Commented:

“You took care of your grandfather for love, expected nothing in return. Your father and brother gave nothing, and hoped everything in return. Keep the house. Your grandfather made the right decision.”

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Respondents’ response

Another radiator, Crochetbeth, Opined that violence was a sin and that good Christians always help in need without justice. The user added that Sandrin’s parents follow only the “male head of the family” part of Christianity.

In addition, Redditter noted that Sandrin’s family did not understand the Ten Commandments, especially when asked to “honor father and mother,” so they did not honor her grandfather.

The third radiator, Trekker OneHe listed seven serious sins and suggested that Sandrine write them down on a fancy card and send it to her parents because many of them have it.

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Redditor Slow-Bumblebee-8609 He replied that since Sandrin’s parents had once said that her grandfather was being punished for her sins, they should not ask for the sinner’s house. The user asked Sandrin to remind her parents, “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house.” Further, Redditter writes:

“Really, your grandfather gave it to you. He wanted you to live in a house where he loved and lived. He wanted to give it to you. It’s almost disgraceful to give it to someone who has insulted him and behaved like someone. His memory.”

The majority of Redditters advised that Sandrin should not feel guilty about her grandfather’s house inheritance. Instead, they recommended that she enjoy the pleasure of living in this beautiful home and cherish her memory.

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Questions to think about:

Do you think Sandrin’s grandfather was right to let her go?

From the story, it is clear that Sandrin shared a beautiful relationship with her grandfather and took care of him when he was sick. The grandparents were always close, and probably the older man left home to thank her for her love and time.

Do you think Sandrin’s family was right to be angry with him over the inheritance?

There is not a single moment when Sandrin’s parents honor or sympathize with her grandfather throughout the story. They always ignored him and showed no care or affection, even when he was sick.

Upon hearing the news of his grandfather’s death, his family’s behavior changed. You would think that they did it only to claim their share of the inheritance, as shown by the behavior of Sandrin’s father and older brother. What are your thoughts?

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