Educational “gamer” at a school in the Paris suburbs, Edward Mendy

Armstrong, 8, applauds Edward Mendy, who has just passed “perfect” the PowerZ geography test, an educational video game involving Senegal and Chelsea goalkeeper, who came to play at an elementary school in Denmark.

The big moment for the students of Didrott School in this city in the northern suburbs of Paris is the game with the African champion, which is broadcast on the big screen for the enjoyment of about 120 people present in the refinery.

Of the fifty students, plus parents, siblings, no one knew that the surprise guest was a football star. PowerZ teams are also involved in an educational project set up in February: PowerZ supports students from CE1 to CM2 in the discovery of metavers.

“Doudou” Mendy makes a star entrance. White T-shirts, beige jogging, big smiles, children jumping on him, some even daring to give a brief hug to the goalkeeper who returned Mohamed Salah’s shot for the Senegal-Egypt World Cup qualifier in Qatar. (November 21 – December 18).

“I have invested heavily in this project, for me children are the future, the foundation of education,” he told AFP.

PowerZ “fixes it,” Mendy adds, “We found an app to combine both fun and learning, it’s great.”

– “Very connected, but often badly connected” –

“We have a generation where kids are very attached, but often badly attached,” said the goalkeeper, father of two boys, ages 4 and 6, who fell in love with the game, especially if it’s free, or more. Precisely “free to pay”. Those who install it are free to pay whatever they want.

“In order for this to be effective, it must be free, to recreate a mix that we no longer find in school,” justifies Emanuel Freund, CEO of PowerZ, who regrets that “digital tools are effective in learning.” Accelerator, less used “.

With a team of about fifty people, “publishers of video games and education” such as publishers Baird and Hatchett, he designed “an educational fantasy game, but not another + serious game + (Game Serious)”. And the students actually like it.

While waiting for Mandy to arrive, they have many possibilities in this universe, such as the “mule game”, where you have to remember a poetic line to move the mule forward. In the door game, you need to quickly cross the hall with mental calculations, open one of the three doors with the correct result of the operation.

– “It teaches us something” –

Like Armstrong, the black tracksuit and the tear in the eye (very inspired to play with Edward Mendy), several champions have been selected to share a part with the 2021 Champions League winner.

Kelina, a 9-year-old CM1 student, admired the room when she established the invention of photography between the reign of Louis XIV and the invention of the telephone.

He also succeeds perfectly in this game where you have to put the events in chronological order and as a result clap your hands with Mandy, possessing a footballer style.

“It teaches us something, I like the game of palms,” she said, without slips, glasses and a braid tied to a ponytail, decorated with a red pearl on top of her blue T-shirt.

With his hand on the head of his son Ismail (8 years old) Khalid Sadiki (46 years old) explains that “you have to make him interested, otherwise he will not concentrate. This game is a great initiative, real”.

Emanuel Freund, who plans to launch the “American version this summer” and raises 10 10 million for the game’s development internationally, welcomed the investment by financier Mendy, without disclosing the amount, but above all privately. Her own avatar, with her green goalkeeper costume, joined the game.

“Drancy is a first step,” the Senegalese goalkeeper concluded.

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