Eighth Spirit Walk: Raising funds to help indigenous women

The $ 60,000 target was reached before the walk started at 1 p.m. Organizers are considering raising a few thousand more dollars.

The Mioskamin House, which will open its doors next February, will have 23 apartments, each accommodating an indigenous woman and her children. A simple social pediatric center will be set up there to provide services to women and children who visit their homes.

I love the Montreal community that stays there when you need itNakuset, director of the Native Women Shelter in Montreal, said. The goal of the Eighth Spirit Walk Raise funds for the Social Pediatric Center For all Indigenous people in Montreal.

They need a lawyer, a social worker and a different one [professionnels] To support women and childrenNakuset mentioned. Children [dans le système] A lawyer is needed to protect the childHe explained that families do not have to pay for these services. We pay, not mothersHe added.

Nakuset is the director of the Native Women Shelter in Montreal.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Charles-Emil L’Italian-Marcot

According to her, there are still many obstacles, especially in implementing the recommendations of the Vienna Commission, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls, Nakuset recalls. We need services for women, and we are doing that today.

Funding for the Sarlikitak Center, which will be integrated into the Mioskamin House, will require significant investment, Nakuset acknowledged. million$, et nous en avons presque 660000$”,”text”:”Nous avons besoin de 1million$, et nous en avons presque 660000$”}}”>We need 1 million, and we have about 60 660,000.He has moved.

To have a lawyer for the family, to help women in the fight to bring back their children, to have a social worker […] This is very importantApproximate Nakuset. The DPJ lists steps to recover children […] And we will be able to bring together a team that will be surrounded by women and childrenHe continued.

I like the idea that we’re making it, but it’s not over yetNakuset has launched.

Volunteer in the workplace

Before the walk, Dr. Alex Orr presented the social pediatrics component at Mioskamin House. At the Simplification Center, all services will be provided under one roof: medicine, justice, social services. Will be there [sur place] Integrated service that will be personalized in each case, He listed. Generational trauma healing and management programs will also be provided.

The Eighth Spirit Walk was organized by a small group of volunteers. About 300 people visited the site, We were the most everAvi Floment commented, one of the organizers of the march.

Amy Flument (left) with Ray Grafton, one of the organizers of the Eighth Spirit Walk, volunteer.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Charles-Emil L’Italian-Marcot

: la première année, nous n’étions qu’une trentaine de personnes”,”text”:”C’est très excitant: la première année, nous n’étions qu’une trentaine de personnes”}}”>It’s very exciting: the first year, we were about thirty , Mrs. Floment admits. He is pleased that a large number of participants have gathered to support the Mioskamin House project. This is a new project [que les femmes pourront fréquenter après] Spent time on fireMrs. Floment said.

He said he was sorry that DYP Imposed Lots of family requests for babysitting, doctors, kids who need to see a therapist … and a waiting list. Saturday’s walk was aimed at raising funds for the Sarlikitak Social Pediatrics Center.

We’ve been planning this for months.Rebecca Lessard is one of the organizers of the Spirit Walk. We are a small team, but we have a lot of helpHe added.

Inuktitut simply means “butterfly”Mrs. Lazard mentioned. The center will provide more culturally sensitive services, and fasterHe continued. – notamment légaux”,”text”:”Les enfants de la DPJ mettent beaucoup de temps à attendre pour des services […] et le centre va accompagner les familles pour tous les services– notamment légaux”}}”>DYP children take a long time to wait for service […] And the center will support families for all services – including legal servicesAccording to him.

About 300 participants of the Eighth Spirit Walk gathered at the foot of Mount Royal near the Mordecai-Richler pavilion, to complete a loop on the mountain and return to their starting point.

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