Is unfriendly AI the biggest risk to humanity? Yes, according to the creator of Etherium who hopes for a future catastrophe caused by ordinary artificial intelligence.

A self-propelled car was recently seen trying to flee after being stopped by police on a road in San Francisco, USA. After analysis, it was a strategy to respect the highway code. That is, the current advances in robotics and artificial intelligence. Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin has revived the debate over whether robots will eventually surpass humans in intelligence. Without hesitation, he expressed his concern at seeing so-called common artificial intelligence seem unfriendly to humanity to the point of extinction.

Etherium Creator Output is based on an article by AI theorist and author Eliezer Yudkowski. The latter explains why the research community is not doing enough to prevent potential future catastrophes caused by artificial intelligence. World War III could kill 1-2 billion people (mostly because of disruptions to the food supply chain) if it were really bad it wouldn’t kill humanity. “Bad AI can really kill humanity for good,” he said.

These words are a kind of repetition of Elon Musk’s words. From 2017 (where Elon Musk claimed that artificial intelligence is a fundamental threat to humanity) to 2020 to 2019 (where he announced that AI is far more dangerous than nuclear weapons), the position of technology billionaire. So stay fixed on the issue. Elon Musk’s fears relate specifically to the fact that advances in the sector could lead to so-called general artificial intelligence (AGI). It will then open the door to the perfection of defeat. Research teams like OpenAI have been launched in this corridor. If we mention the reactions of scientists working in the field, AGI could fall on us in 5 to 10 years.

The machines will then be enriched with common sense. At the level of common artificial intelligence, they will be able to reflect causality, that is, the ability to reason why things are happening. This is the level at which research teams in the field are noticing.

That’s why his company is working on a neuralink brain-machine interface to be inserted into the skull to prepare mankind for a catastrophic future where robots will dominate it. These were in principle ready for testing on humans from mid-2019. The company continues to play security cards by conducting animal tests. The latest is about a monkey that got a brain implant. Thanks to the latter, he can play video games using his mind. The California-based company Syncron has already tested paperclip-sized brain implants on human patients. They were able to click and type on the computer without lifting a finger.

While waiting there, the current artificial intelligence shows significant limits. Although it has already been relied upon to diagnose illness, perform translation or even transcribe speech, the fact is that it can be confusing in situations for which it has not been trained before. For example, to be able to recognize a dog with an artificial intelligence system trained to identify cats, one has to go through another learning process, with the risk of losing part of the skills acquired in the initial task.

The question is that derivatives could not be worse with a simple artificial intelligence then surface. Worst of all if the machine turned against its creator. Each year, the Holy Father asks Catholics around the world to dedicate a specific prayer purpose for each month. For the month of November 2020, Pope Francis said to pray that the advancement of robotics and artificial intelligence will always be at the service of humanity. His call gives new life to questions about the possibility of reversals *: machine-dominated humanity was predicted by many cinematographic productions such as the Terminator, Matrix or even i-Robot.

And you?

Fear that robots will surpass more sensible humans than anything else?
Does the fact that there is no AGI at the moment disprove these predictions?
Is it impossible for research to be directed at common artificial intelligence?

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