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July 14, 2010

Inside the house

1 hour 42 minutes

Olivia Barox

Jean-Paul Bathani,
Jean-Paul Bathani

Kad Merad,
Valerie Benguigui,

Roland Girard

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2.2 3355 ratings with 599 reviews

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Dino Fabrizi is the number one salesman at Nice’s Masrati dealership. At 42 years old, he came to a turning point in his life, the position of director was openly offered to him and his partner Helen for one year, with the firm intention of marrying him. For Dino, life is beautiful, without this perfect life built on lies. Dino is actually called Murad Ben Saud. Neither her boss, nor Helen, nor even her parents are aware of this false identity … Within ten days, Ramadan begins, and Murad, who ignores it every year, must now take the vow he made to his ailing father. Putting Ramadan in its place … will not be easy for Italian Dino.

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Italian Trailer VF


Interviews, making-offs and excerpts

La Minute N ° 477 - Wednesday 20 May 2009

La Minute N ° 477 – Wednesday 20 May 2009


Kad Merad Interview 5: Italian

Kad Merad Interview 5: Italian


La Minute N ° 728 - Friday 09 July 2010

La Minute N ° 728 – Friday 09 July 2010


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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Did you know  Its origin

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Olivia Baroux’s “L’Italian” with Cad Merad was released this Wednesday, and uses comedy to solve questions.

Actors and actresses

Kad Merad

Valerie Benguigui

Roland Girard

Introduction: Charles Lemnier

Guillaume Gallian

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Published August 28, 2010

The Italian seemed a bad idea to me and the idea of ​​going to see him seemed even worse! It is clear that Kad Merad in this role is rather touching and believable in that it has the ability to ask basic questions about the problem of integration … especially at the beginning of the film. Comedy but …

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Published February 21, 2011

A little too soft and then did not pass the clichés of 50 years ago.



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Published January 25, 2011

Very nice movie! While keeping a comic tone and funny scenes, the film deals with human and social issues openly and unhindered. It portrays racism and the ignorance of racists very well, but it does not necessarily stop at the initial racism of idiots, but rather deals with it more deeply, sometimes synonymous with the rejection of various cultural or religious resources. …

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Published October 18, 2011

Disappointed I expected better from this film it is not the best of Kad Merad
A comedy full of clichés dealing with integration problems

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Filming secret

A serious matter

With L’Italien, Olivia Baroque wanted to shape a fun film, but based on a serious problem, such as identity questions. As a result, the theme is consistent with the career of Kad Merad, who was born to an Algerian father and a French mother.

And 3!

After Safari (2009) and Ce soir, je dors chez toi (2007), Olivier Barrocks is directing his third feature film with L’Italien.


Originally, the script by Nicholas Bokhrif and Eric Besnard (who collaborated on Le Conveyor in 2003) was darker and more realistic than what we see in Olivier Baruch’s film. After Cad and Olivier begin rewriting, L’Italian finally focuses more on the comic genre, addressing a relevant topic: “Nicholas Bukhref doesn’t come from comedy and they have Eric Besnard.
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  • Shepherd from Hell

    When there was mud on a poster, I thought I was expecting inexperienced humor but I was pleasantly surprised to see this somewhat serious but unprecedented film, even though it was sometimes a little soft and lacking in ‘stock’. And Valerie Benguigui is still just as great. Not bad, 3/5.

  • Pablo W.

    Too bad, full of clichs about Italians and Muslims, it’s nonsense. Merad is not credible in Italian. Girard unnecessary, Benguigui 2/20 … In short, a beautiful turnip.

  • Irrational

    Quite hilarious funny comedy that incites racism Good cast Good explanation 3/5

  • Me!

    Well surprised, we are laughing a lot and it is very well explained …

  • The king is at peace

    Good movie, with very nice message. This film was not a success.

  • Kelimanu

    I’ve talked a lot about the theme, especially the first name! Think with your mouth! A person’s first name is very familiar! With a first name and a name we can vaguely indicate where a person comes from! Dino’s mother finally says it very well: she says she didn’t give him a French first name because you don’t have to forget where you come from or !!!! The problem is how suddenly you want us French people in the majority stock in France to forget where they (French people known as foreigners) come from? It makes sense … you shouldn’t cry if we always call them local French immigrants … since they are connected to their source

  • carpdiem72

    Not bad, but good … 3.5, / 5

  • Tess Rock

    Listen this movie is really true I love Kad Merad is an actor Wow movie has been very good because it is a true story. Congratulations to the actor and director ………..

  • Kimberly Degrot

    Movie not bad, quite funny I put 4/5

  • Potter 31

    Not a bad movie. See you at Canal + on Friday, September 30 at 8:50 p.m.

  • massiliadefvPdu13

    The movie is good! Very good even! But we can say that it is frustrating for these Muslims! Speaking of which, “a tall man is circumcised”! Of course, this is a scenario, but according to Muslims, we do not play with it! And then another message “We have the right to laugh in Ramadan”. But you will not lie in Islam. Well, let the Muslims judge!

  • Sparrow Jack

    Racism is bad

  • Nemonemo

    One of the worst films of humanity, badly acted, terribly badly written, the answers are more flattering than the others.

  • Sebastian Gache

    A lame movie without any interest, at least for me, I thought it would be a lot of fun, but it’s really annoying. For the safari, we think we have a good film in front of our eyes with the trailer and from the beginning to the end it is mediocre!

  • John_Do

    Even if the scenario is very predictable (but hey, I expected it), the film stays pretty pleasant, highlighting serious themes (unification, racism, identity, religion) in a light tone. Even if we are in the movie domain, I think this story of identity change is not impossible in the end, and the cycle of lies is treated very well in the movie.

  • hawke36

    A good idea for a movie with a good theme, but from an actor’s point of view, what can I say: Kad Merad ruined it completely, as in many of these films, he does too much. Too bad, otherwise the picture itself is delightful.

  • melvin02430

    My opinion is still the same very bad! 1.5 / 5

  • quetedugral

    A good short dramatic comedy that, without trying to teach a lesson, reminds us of an important problem in our society: a path that unfolds for people whose integration is “in need”.

  • roms692

    Did anyone find that the opening credits are strangely similar to the Dexter series? : ??:

  • Auditor

    The little comedy isn’t really pretty but sometimes funny … The story is very fictional, the script is pretty messy. In addition to these elements, Kad Mérad is an actor at the top in this film, which is quite amazing. We have avoided the trap of ideological and moralist discourse for being in the subtle (also the whole thing is not Manichaean). Admittedly, this film is not very “in demand”, it is very superficial; But for such a comedy it is more than enough. Basically, it’s a nice French comedy …

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