Meta Metavers Academy has launched

A school where you can learn the technology of the future in a few months. This is a project of School of Meta and Digital Expert, a parent company of Facebook through Metavers Academy.

Free training will open from the beginning of the 2022 school year, in four major cities: Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Nice. The ambition is to accommodate about twenty people in each training course, i.e. about one hundred at the beginning.

While MetaWorse has many ambitions, this set of new virtual and immersed universes is filled with 3D incarnations, the purpose of which is to train young people who are training in new professions in a new “tension” on this new playground. “80% of the 2030 professions have not yet been invented, but we already feel there is a need,” explained Laurent Soli, vice-president of Meta in Southern Europe.

Specifically, the academy focuses on two professions: developer-designers who specialize in immersive technology (virtual, augmented and mixed reality) and metavers, but technicians for equipment maintenance (IT support). Frederick Bardeu, co-founder and president of Simplon, added, “In these businesses, there are already unfinished job offers.” However, to my knowledge, there is no free training for everyone. “

30% female

For three to six months, students are trained on the project individually in school (coding, programming, etc. for the first training and knowledge of the material for the second, etc.), then they will continue in phases from twelve to ten-eight. Partner company. “We’re in the process of soliciting large companies, media agencies, but also technology companies and start-ups,” said Laurent Soli.

Students will benefit at the end of a professional certificate, recognized by the state, and the equivalent of bac +2 and bac +3.

There is no need to have a specific diploma in the base. For developers, some concept of coding will be required but students can be self-taught. These will be selected on the basis of challenge and interview without looking at their CV, while the training is intended to be “included”. The target is 30% women. “We want to feminize these professions,” said Laurent Soli.

This is the meta that finances at the beginning of the training (drafting the program, searching for partner companies, etc.) and provides the tools, then Simplon will call for the help of the traditional public. The total cost has not been disclosed but it will be in the millions of euros for the meter. In addition, to give an idea, the average cost for training – based on existing ones – is simply 10,000 euros per student.

Develop an ecosystem

In France, too, Meta has launched the world’s first academy on the subject. “France has always been a pioneer country. In France, for example, we have chosen to set up our own artificial intelligence laboratory, “said the manager.

The ambition is not to work directly to meet the future graduates of this Metavers Academy, but through the development of an ecosystem, American Group is working to establish these technologies and therefore work for its future. For social networks, the interest is to diversify beyond online advertising and create new businesses.

At the same time, last October, the meta-named Facebook announced that it plans to hire 10,000 people in Europe in five years. A true boost when the company employs 60,000 people worldwide, bringing all businesses together. Through this recruitment and this training in France, Meta is going to take root in the old continent where Brussels is implementing new regulations.

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