Tarn-et-Garonne: An injured woman is at risk of losing her eyesight

A 34-year-old pastry chef was arrested in the immediate aftermath of the June 13 heavy domestic violence in Caussade after his trial at the Beaussolil remand center in Montauban on Friday, June 10. Defendant threatened the victim during the trial, and the court passed a request condemning him to 14 months in prison, 4 months probation and a bar (anti-intercourse bracelet) for his release.

“I defended myself … this woman is a real pit bull! (Assault dog, editor’s note)” She clapped her hands in front of him, Wilson, 34, wants to look like a good man facing criminal court judges who killed her on June 13 in Caussade. Judge him for the violent domestic violence from his partner and for a heinous theft of € 10.

A pastry chef at a restaurant in Cordes-sur-Ciel (Turn), the Franco-Haitian now enters after many years of crime (15 references in his criminal record for drug cases and violence), quickly angering President Emmanuel Abentin and civil party lawyers.

He grabbed her by the knees and kicked her in the face

The victim, who dared to attend the hearing, had his face swollen with a huge black eye, and in the absence of an apology, he was threatened with retaliation in the middle of the trial.

“Why did you hit him so badly?” The president asked. 10 o’clock.

– You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? She got scared, she started hitting me. I answered …, in a cowardly calm voice, and most annoyingly Wilson repeatedly looking at the prey.

– She almost lost her sight, the judge interrupted, remembering the 4 days of ITT (total disability for work) given to the young woman.

– I, I defended myself, did not get annoyed by the coward stealing 10 কারণে because of the mistake, which he was reprimanded. Me, I’m not a thief. I am giving him money.

– You told the police custody that you flattened his face, the judge insisted, still thinking flash of remorse from the accused.

– Yes, but it slapped Walson, not with a closed fist, but with the palm of his hand, defending Welson, imitating gestures, and finally letting go of his partner: “Let him be square!” And repeat: “You will see …”

In tears, the victim can no longer hold. She screamed in pain and left the courtroom. President Wilson was instructed to stop threatening him. The three jail officials who brought the accused are ready to intervene. At her height of excitement, we can then imagine that this woman was the victim of the ordeal in the face of her attacker.

“I am shocked by what I have heard at this hearing, Luz M.e Diane Perou, Counsel for Beaten Women. Fortunately, the windows of his apartment were open that day, otherwise the violence would have stopped. “

“She lives in fear, she lives in fear, she’s terrified of what she can do with him,” pleaded M.e Payrou is seeking a BAR device (anti-conciliation bracelet) to protect its client.

One year imprisonment

An analysis shared by Alternative Jean Reganon in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, who is concerned about the situation when “the defendant threatens the victim during the trial under the supervision of his escort”. It requires a continuous detention with a probationary stay of 4 months with a sentence of 12 months. In defense, Mr. Monier tries to avoid the wreckage of his client’s ship. Tough.

Welson was sentenced to 14 months in prison, including a 4-month probation, meaning the one-year firm is said to have immediately issued a warrant for Comital and a one-time release.

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