The Hubble epic, the star of the space telescope

After a chaotic start, his images have spread around the world, revealing the beauty of our universe and some secrets to as many people as possible. “Hubble’s Odyssey, an Eye in the Stars” is the new “Science Large Format”, airing this Thursday at 9:00 pm in France 5.

“Big Format Science: Hubble’s Odyssey, Eyes in the Stars”. Cutout

A device like Hubble certainly brings more questions than answers. And as scientists, we like it. This is full employment for us.

Charlie Pelerin, Former Hubble Project Manager (NASA)

In 1946, when physicist Lyman Spitzer wrote a secret project about what would bring large telescopes over the Earth’s atmosphere, did he know how to overcome the problems (financial, logistical, computer) to get such a device into orbit? ” From the beginning of Hubble, I have done my work with joy, Former NASA Scientific Director David Lecron explains, Because I believed in Lyman Spitzer’s scientific dream. This was possible with our technology. And the benefits can be immense for science. A

You’re thinking of something that speaks to our roots, our origins. How we got here.

Astronomer Jeff Hester on the pillar of creation

The advent of Hubble

Thirty-two years after it was launched into space, no one today would question its effectiveness. Among the discoveries that researchers have benefited from, and in the wake of its catastrophe, an eternity seems to have passed.
The Hubble Space Telescope was a snapshot compiled from 32 images in 1995 to forever change the concept of the Hubble Space Telescope among the general public and the media. ” We immediately realized that it was spectacular, Comments Astrophysicist Jeff Hester, But at that time we had no idea that this picture [Les Piliers de la création] Hubble will become a symbol of healing. It must be said that Hubble suffered from severe myopia in his early days. A problem related to assembly with the forceps of a highly tactical part caused this visual disturbance, which was detected after the telescope was sent into space. If repairs were possible on their own, further preparations were needed to carry out an intervention in orbit hundreds of kilometers from Earth. And of course the extra cost of a project that is already considered huge. Without the rise of the space shuttle, Hubble would never have seen the light of day. Without human spaceflight, it could never have been repaired. The starting point was that Hubble would fit into a shuttle (for space travel) and could later benefit from repair missions (led by astronauts). His failed vision was not the only problem solved by the astronauts. Until the last manned flight, it benefited from the care and technological advances that still allow it to transmit valuable information to our cosmologists, physicists, and astrophysicists. Without it, for example, they would never be able to measure the expansion of the universe. ” The rapid and rapid expansion of the universe over the last six billion years is a revolution for scientists. Astronomer David Elbaz says, Because it suggests that there is a completely unknown form of energy in the universe. A
If more Hubble breakdowns show signs of electronic coma, don’t believe it will disappear as soon as it arrives. Web Space Telescope. ” When he has a very serious problem, Explained by Engineer Mike Wenge, Hubble tells us : “Wait a minute, friends, I’m going to stop. And it goes into what we call safe mode. It will die, it will wrinkle. This means: “I’ll be here until you find out what’s wrong and fix me.” Because he has to be smart to do many things without our intervention. Hubble does a lot by itself. He is far more alive than many people have imagined. A

It is not just a satellite, it represents the quest for knowledge of humanity. And we wish him a long journey.

An astronaut watches Hubble move (last repaired on May 11, 2009)

Hubble’s Odyssey, an eye in the stars

The film chronicles the adventures and adventures of the Space Telescope star with some of the actors who wrote his story. Their stories, countless NASA archives and photographs taken by Hubble combine this great humanitarian, scientific, artistic and philosophical adventure.

Magazine – Presentation Matthew Vidard
Documentary (90 minutes – 2022) – Author Lawrence Liechtenstein And Aline Howdy – Scientific adviser David Elbaz, CEO – Acquisition Lawrence Liechtenstein – Comments Franোয়াois Tavares – Composer Franোয়াois Kreppu – Production CutoutIn its participation France Television,From National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image – In support of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regionOf Procirep, Producers Association,Of ‘Angola

At 24e The film won the Pyrenees Excellence Award for its documentary, a version of Luchan 2022’s television creation festival.

The documentary airs on Thursday, June 2 at 21.00 France 5
Large Format Science: Hubbles Odyssey, An Eye Among the Stars can be viewed and reviewed at


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