These apartments with an outdoor space of more than 100 m² are looking for buyers

There is a selection of 10 apartments that offer all the comforts of home for their large garden or their spacious terrace.

Thirst for the outdoors has been higher than ever since the health crisis. The porch, the porch, the garden is now an essential measure in the eyes of the French. With the arrival of the sunny day, this desire becomes more present. And apartments can offer attractive exterior surfaces of more than 100 m², even if they are often less furnished than houses in this area.

A 120 m² garden in Nozant-sur-Marne for 1,470,000 euros

Located in the Val-de-Marne section, this future residence will have a 120 m² garden and a 13 m² terrace overlooking the tree-lined garden. The property is located downstairs and therefore opens directly into this outdoor space. It is ideally located a few minutes from the shores of the Marn. The garden’s final score weighs € 1,470,000 (€ 11,855 / m²).

A 130 m² outdoor space for € 1,300,000 in the heart of Paris

This fully furnished 130 m² terrace, on one level with the living room, gives the impression of living in a house, not in an 111 m² apartment. Lack of vision and reigning there reinforces this feeling of calm. Will be confiscated for 3 1,300,000.

A private garden of 150 m² in weight 995,000

This apartment has a large bright living room with direct access to a 50 m² terrace with an arbor and a stone table and a private garden of 150 m². It is 5 minutes from La Croix-Valmar beach and is part of a small condominium equipped with a swimming pool.

A 160 m² landscape garden on the south side of Paris

The 580 m² apartment is housed in a Freestone building on the 16th Arrondissement in Paris. The first level features a reception room over 150 m² with a 4 m high ceiling overlooking the 160 m² garden to the south. Complete the property with a swimming pool and a wine cellar in the basement. Prices are requested from Doutrebente Immobilier Agency.

Nice a 160 m² terrace at 1,470,000 euros

In the city center of Nice, 300 meters from the tramway, this 300 m² apartment is spread over a 160 m² terrace. The 77 m² living-dining room is located under a covered terrace with bar and heated swimming pool. Will be acquired at a cost of 1, 1,470,000.

A 180 m² landscape garden in Bordeaux at 25 825,000

The spacious living room of about 60m² with modern kitchen is equipped with large bay windows which offer a view of the 180m² landscape garden and terrace. Impressions of continuity between internal and external.

A private garden of 260 m² with a swimming pool at 49 492,000

This 83 m² apartment is ideal for seasonal rental or family stays. An independent studio of 20 m² completes the property. Both places overlook a private garden with a swimming pool.

Large terrace and garden of 380 m² for 3,200 ears. 000

Ideally located in Cannes Boulevard de la Croeset, the main assets of this bright 248 m² apartment are its huge terrace and 380 m² gardens with a view of the sea and the port of Canto. Enough to enjoy the outdoor space while staying close to the shops and the city center.

Neuilly-sur-Seine has two gardens of 394 m² and 120 m²

At the entrance to a private street, this apartment is reminiscent of a house with a level garden. With a 201 m² duplex and large bay windows, its double living room overlooks a 394 m² garden and has an independent door that allows direct access from the Boulevard de la Sassaye where the property is located. The kitchen / dining room opens into another garden of 120 m² at the back. Outdoor space adds value to the property, which is displayed at a value of € 3,750,000.

A 550 m² walled garden at € 1,080,000 by law

Located on the ground floor of Divonne-les-Bains (01), this apartment offers all the comforts of a home. Its covered terrace and 550 m² enclosed garden in the center of a pristine residence provide a quiet and peaceful living environment.

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