A French biotech raises an extraordinary fund

Daniel Olive, a doctor of medicine and head of the Immunity and Cancer Team at the Cancer Research Center in Marseille, can be proud of his biotech. ImCheck TherapeuticsWhat he launched in 2015 is a fast-growing startup, soon driven by a product for testing on people and by very keen enterprising capitalists.

ImCheck Therapeutics takes off

This Monday, ImCheck Therapeutics made an announcement Fundraising of 96 million euros, His third in five years. The French biotech ecosystem is not accustomed to getting so much capital, and few start-ups outside the United States can communicate such statistics. Even more so in 2022, when the market is dark.

“It shows that Europe is making progress in financing biotech. The sector has been suffering from lack of capital for a long time. However, you cannot conduct clinical trials and develop products in a robust way with bits of string. “, One comment from investors (Andera Partners). Per Marseille, one of the largest cancer centers in Europe Was born and Imchek Therapeutics is one of these young shoots that has become locomotive.

The startup is on the list of new shareholders, so we find Bpifrance, Earlybird and Pfizer Ventures with Parisian investment company Andera Partners. Everyone is inspired by the same thing: ImCheck Therapeutics will be launched soon A clinical trial on humans (Intermediate stage).

What are monoclonal antibodies?

In the study, “monoclonal” antibodies (Antibodies Produced in the laboratory) Works on the mechanisms of immunity of the human body for the treatment of specific pathologies, including Cancer and autoimmune diseases. In particular, ImCheck Therapeutics works in the area of ​​gamma-delta T cells. Some competing players have researched this, which explains the interest in venture capital.

“Gamma-delta T lymphocytes are part of the innate and acquired immunity, they will both detect and kill cancer cells as well as recruit other cells in the immune system.”, Pierre D’Apenix, president of Biotech, tried to explain to AFP. But the funds raised will help start clinical trials of other antibodies, for other pathologies such as immuno-oncology and infectious diseases.

French Biotex

In early March 2022, another biotech, this time Leon Cradle, was doing well. It was Netri, a startup that is already famous “The world’s most advanced brain.” On the creation of “a chip organ”. The young shoot raised 8 million euros, with the listed company Neovacs contributing 2 million euros.

“Nervous disorders are on the rise, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and so on. Which already affects more than 7 million people in Europe, we need a groundbreaking approach like the one developed by our leader. “ The CEO of Neovacs announced in a press release this morning.

But in a recent report from French Biotech, we also note the Diabloop funding round, which is 70 million euros for its diabetes medical system. Born in Grenoble, Nugget is developing artificial intelligence diabetes management technology. Its software is compatible with a number of glucometers and insulin pumps, allowing people with diabetes to automatically manage their insulin range according to their diet, their physical activity and their sleep.

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