Another “Coco” plan! And another former foster child who feels homeless at age 20

“You are 20 years old, you are homeless, you live more in the Lones-le-Soulnier sector because you have been kept there (for 11 years, editor’s note). You lost your father at the age of 6, you were a victim of violence from your honest father, your mother was imprisoned for drug related work. You are a young man in a precarious situation “, summarized by President Verger for one of the two defendants.

Theft with violence

The two will appear freely this Monday, June 13, to respond to a burglary caused by two situations (including the use of a weapon, a teaser) that occurred on the evening of March 15 in Luhansk. One is 18 years old. She is wearing a stocky, dark gray T-shirt over black sweatpants. She lives with her mother. The other is 20 years old, short hair, light gray T-shirt over beige pants, he stays out or dials 115 to eat. So he often needs money. “I was evicted from my old house when I was 18 years old. Their criminal record is clear.

Fact – “I’m going to make a cocoa”

On March 15, these young men spent the evening with others, and spent alcohol and marijuana. At one point, the eldest of the defendants (though not that old) said, “I’m going to have a coke,” and he left. “The expression cocoa-making refers to all the trivialities of the process,” Deputy Prosecutor Angelique Depatris notes. The process involves “cocoa”, dating someone through a dating site, then attacking the person who presents himself, to snatch him. On the evening of March 15, the assailant uses a teaser, yelling at the victim, the second defendant then goes downstairs to tell his friend to stop, which he maintains. “Extremely serious information” prompts the prosecutor, and he concludes “for stealing a laptop.” He sees that the alibi-justification-excuse called (“they say they are gay but they are pedophiles”) has an “intolerable” form of unreasonable accusation.

“Mister needs a helping hand”

One may recognize, the other does not, but the prosecution believed that there were sufficient charges against the two until the victim heard a second time, noting that the second appeared after hearing the screams. So the suspicion exists, the deputy prosecutor applied for an acquittal for his benefit. As the oldest, “can only be touched by Mr.’s lifestyle. He had no roof then, no job, no money. What he did is not the right way, but the gentleman needs a helping hand. He is asking for a full 10 months imprisonment.” A strong probationary sentence of two years, including a TIG, and an obligation to integrate the AIR device “to help Mr. enter life”.

Held for 11 years then “released”

Maître Diry, who assisted the boy, felt that the reinforced individual support system (AIR) had actually adapted to the many difficulties of this child’s experience, had been cared for for 11 years, then left without any other kind of support. “The lawyer said.
Master Rawat-Sandre, the youngest, pleaded for release on behalf of the witness and the material. “She is OK. You have no material or intentional material about sir. A
“Do you think organizations can help you? – Before, no, but now yes. President Verger took some precautions, ensuring that the main culprit is not lost as happens to foster youth who have become homeless and who have invested in society as a place of perhaps better wealth for them.

A condemnation and perspective is an opportunity to keep her future

The court acquitted the youngest, saying he was the oldest offender, and sentenced him to 10 months in prison with a full probationary stay of 2 years. The obligation to work or train, to serve the community for 70 hours, to integrate the AIR system.
It’s a court decision, a conviction (he has a 10 month suspended sentence that can be revoked if he commits another crime), but it’s like a second chance school because he will be with you at different levels of perspective to be able to establish your future. In between he was able to spend the period of his judicial review with his mother, he is no longer alone. “I know today that if this gentleman had a heart attack I could have killed him. A


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