ET has arrived on Earth in space connection

What would you do if you encountered aliens? In this question, El Diablo and Roman Body, In Space login, You do not offer one but four answers! Find out in the Chronicle why they couldn’t agree …

A ridiculous space tour

Recommended by Glénat Edition, Space login You may be surprised. In fact, it is far from common science fiction, spread over dozens of fragments, This first volume contains four comic novels. However, each story deals with a common theme: Encounters with outsiders, a favorite theme of conspiracy sites. Given the structure, the reader cannot help creating connections between the stories. Soldiers and researchers are often present. Opposition between the two is a central issue because each has a parallel approach. Innocent, researchers see these animals as a source of discovery and experimentation. Negative, the military wants to destroy this foreign civilization. However, a few minutes later both groups still with violent reactions. They understand nothing and always imagine that this new civilization comes to dominate them.

Space login Integrated by the same artistic team around screenwriter El Diablo, designer Roman Body And colorists from Studio Arancia. These artists portrayed humor as the ridiculous consequence of the second short story. There are, of course, isolated jokes, but laughter is a form of political preoccupation. The first story criticizes the environmental consequences of oil exploration in northern Canada and the indifference of the local population. El Diablo and Roman Bowdy cast similarly ridiculous glances at humanity: Extraterrestrials see people as barbaric because they are incapable of living together. This parody of the third type of reunion is typically French: captive by aliens, scientists wondering where the shit is and humans and even just luxury food.

Multiple visitors

News from Space login There are different sizes. After a long first story of twenty pages, there are two short stories and an intermediate format. Each short story offers a different perspective on life in the universe:

Abduction Deals with the abduction of human elites. The abducted characters are from different parts of the world and have different occupations. Scientists, diplomats and doctors are kidnapped but no one knows why. Inspired by Professor Delmas, they decide to revolt and the news then asks a question: Can humanity work together for a common cause? This question has a brutal relevance to the war in Ukraine. In the beginning, these researchers have a simple mind because they are not embarrassed to be naked but, quickly, different feelings arise … Approach shots One of the two alien races begins with a chase: a ship of vegetarians is hit and comes to earth to be repaired. We think about the beginning Star wars But the reader then discovers that the members of this great man are the size of an insect. They are attacked by huge red ants. Off Space login, Extreme Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

A drawing between laughter and scienceA space link page

Space login Also travels in terrestrial landscapes. Approach shots When there is a temperate climate The Guardians Performs in a polar climate. For designer Roman Body, this is an opportunity to show off his mixed style with talent. On the one hand, he plays with the exaggeration of expression and body deformity to make us laugh. On the other hand, it fits science fiction with the biotech structure of the first ship. Science fiction allows him to get out of realism so that they can create extraterrestrial corpses as they succeed. We see this in bonuses with several sketches of chapter covers and several passages of alien animal experiments. The artist knows how to render both the hilarious scene and the action part. Romain Bowdy has a modern approach to presentation with a very diverse human form.

El Diablo and Boudri show an inhuman talent Space login. Completely forgetting their seriousness, they offer multiple appearances of extraterrestrials but above all a worldly view of the present. It is recommended that extraterrestrials avoid our world if we follow Space login Because Visits often end badly.

If you are interested in science fiction, do not hesitate to consult Chronicles. happytech And XO Monwar.

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