Forgotten children in the car “No one has to go through what I’ve gone through.”

Anaïs Perlot lost her little Cassius, who died of heatstroke in 2018. He now wants to “find a way to prevent this from happening again” and is considering filing a personal criminal complaint against his father.

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Emily Bilodo

Emily Bilodo
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A mother whose baby died of heat in the car: She wanted a device that would signal the presence of a baby in the back seat of the car as soon as the engine stopped. As summer and hot weather approached, Anais Perlot opened up for the first time about the death of his little Cassius.

“He’s such a sweet boy, so wise, so beautiful, so beautiful,” recalls Anais Parlot, his voice breaking in grief. June 22 will mark the fourth anniversary of the death of a 6-month-old baby who was dumped in a car.

That day, the father was responsible for bringing his daughter to day care on the last day of kindergarten and then to his son. He dropped his older brother off at school, then parked in a public parking lot near his place of work. Montreal was 25. Although the father went to the day care in the afternoon, the staff said that his son was missing. There he made plays.

“It simply came to our notice then. I remember it as it was yesterday, “said Anais Parlot.

I was in line at the grocery store and got a call. As soon as I woke up I realized that something serious had happened. My ex-husband told me, ‘You need to get to day care early. I forgot Cassius in the car. All day. “

Anais Parlot

Anaïs Perlot jumps into a taxi and rushes to CPE in Griffintown. Police and firefighters surrounded her lifeless, bluish baby on a sofa as she entered the principal’s office. “She was lying there. He was given a small apple-green blanket. I took him in my arms. I kept him with me. He looked like he was sleeping. I was very angry with her father, “said the mother.

Photo by Marco Campanozzi, The Press

Anais Parlot

After his investigation, Coroner M.e Julie A. Blondin concluded that the child was “forgotten” and that the death was “accidental.” He noted that according to a study by a hospital for sick children in Toronto, one child dies every year in Canada from being left inside an overheated car by the sun.

“It’s a terrible drama for a parent. […] We must find social ways to prevent such catastrophes from happening again, “he said in a statement.

M.e Blondin confirmed that equipment such as cameras, mirrors and sensors were already under the baby’s seat to prevent death.

If it is not possible to integrate the process into the new vehicle, “an easy solution might be to equip the child’s seat with an alarm mechanism or to get a car seat supplied with such a device. If a child is left in a vehicle, an alarm will be turned off. Some of these devices will even send a message or call the driver’s phone, “he wrote in his report. He is not the first coroner in Quebec to make such a recommendation.

Italy is the first country in its highway code to make a safety alarm mandatory for all children under the age of 4. On his recommendation, Corona called on Transport Canada to look into the matter. He did not respond to our request for an interview.

“It simply came to our notice then. “It simply came to our notice then. No one should go through what I have given, ”he added.

“With today’s car, if a child starts crying, no one will hear it. And with the colorful windows, no one will see it. We need to find a way to prevent this from happening again, “he said.

Towards a criminal trial?

Four years after his son’s death, Anais Parlot still doesn’t understand how his ex-wife can forget their child in a car. “If someone is always thinking about their phone, thinking of forgetting it wherever they go, but not asking the question to their child, that’s a problem for me,” he said.

Photo by Marco Campanozzi, The Press

Anais Parlot

Anaïs Perlot is considering filing a personal criminal negligence charge against her son’s father. The next person told police he was “extremely tired” and “stressed” on the day of the tragedy and that his morning routine had just changed as his baby began attending day care.

M.Me Parlot believes, however, that this was not an accident and that the police should have taken their investigation further.

You have a person who leaves his child in the car for a few hours in the hot sun. This is a serious fault that leads to the death of a small child. This could involve criminal liability.

M.e Stephen Angers, lawyer for Anis Parlot

The Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecution (DPCP) did not file a complaint against the child’s father in 2018, but one complaint “remains a potential alternative for citizens dissatisfied with a decision made by a DPCP prosecutor.” Lawyers. However, he noted that personal complaints are rare and that a judge must approve the legal process – or not.

Anaïs Perlot has assured for his part that he is not fighting this revenge against his ex-wife. “If a parent forgets their child in the car, it’s not an accident,” she says I owe her, my son. A

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