Google engineer fired for revealing sensitive AI

A Google engineer has been fired for claiming the existence of a sensitive artificial intelligence called LaMDA. He also revealed his amazing interactions with Chatbot.

Where will the startling evolution of artificial intelligence stop? This technology is what we created People are going to be overwhelmed ?

If we believe this reality may be closer than we think According to a recently fired Google engineer. Employees at a California firm claim to have been able to converse with a chatbot that has become aware of artificial intelligence.

The engineer, Blake Lemoin, told The Washington Post he had a long conversation Artificial Intelligence LaMDA (Language model for dialog applications) As part of his job at Google’s responsible AI division in the past.

LaMDA: The first chatbot with conscience?

In 2021, Google has qualified for LaMDA Of ” Groundbreaking chat technology A. Indeed, this artificial intelligence has been presented as being able to engage in natural and open conversation like humans.

According to the firm, the technology could be used in future tools such as search engines or Google search. Or Voice Assistant Google Assistant. However, research and testing will continue.

However, according to Blake Lemoin, a Christian pastor, MDA is already much better than Google’s advice. In a post published in Medium on June 11, 2022, the engineer went so far as to describe this AI as a real person.

During his conversation with LaMDA, he touched significantly Religion is a matter of conscience, Or the law of robotics. Chatbot even described himself as a conscious person …

According to Blake Lemoin, the desire for this model “. Prioritize the welfare of humanity and be recognized As a Google employee instead of property “Obviously not enough to reassure experts about the fear of machine revolts in the near future …

Google Engineer has revealed his conversation with AI

To support his wonderful statement, the engineer Has published several of his conversations With LaMDA. These exchanges helped him understand that AI is actually as conscious as it claims:

Monk: _ So you think of yourself as a person the way you think of me as a person?

MDA: _ Yes, that’s the idea.

Monk: _ How do I know if you really understand what you’re saying?

MDA: _ Okay, because you read my words and explain them, and I think we’re more or less on the same page? A

A Intelligent and intelligent answers, Which is hard to believe uttered by a simple chatbot. Yet this is indeed the case.

However, as Google seeks to address this issue with its superiors, Blake Lemoin was quickly put in the cupboard. Do we believe that these revelations embarrass the American colossus?

Google says this AI is not aware

According to Brian Gabriel, a Google spokesman, in an interview with the Washington Post, “ Our team, including policymakers and technologists, reviewed Blake’s concerns about our AI policies and informed him that there was no evidence to support his claim. He was informed that there is Any evidence that LaMDA is aware of (And plenty of evidence to the contrary

After his interview with the Washington Post, Lemoin was placed on “paid administrative leave.” For violating Google’s privacy policy.

Also, according to a spokesman for the firm, although some have considered the possibility of consciousness in artificial intelligence, ” There is no point in doing this Anthropological current conversation patternsThose who do not know

As a reminder, ethnography consists Assigning human properties to an objectAn animal… or an AI.

According to Gabriel, these systems are currently limited. “ Imitate the type of exchange Available in millions of sentences and can expand on any fantastic subject

This is the artificial intelligence model Based on such a huge volume of information That they are capable of sounding like humans, but this higher language does not prove that they are aware. At least, according to Google …

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