Is it normal that Damien Reu was able to cross the Franco-Italian border at night without being checked? – Release

Excluded this Sunday, Alpes-Maritime’s legislative re-election candidate, Damien Reu, staged himself across the Franco-Italian border. “Secretly”, In a video posted on social media on June 8. Sequentially, he borrows “Immigrant Path” Departure from Mortola, Italy “Immigrants leave when they want to cross the border into France.”. Purpose: To verify border security. In a few seconds of video, he crosses a dirt road, crosses a dilapidated barrier, and goes to the port of Menton. “No control”He insisted. Former member of the far-right group Generation Identitier, in conclusion, proposes to keep “Great pressure on Home Minister Gerald Dermanin and the government”, If he is elected, so the boundaries, which he describes “Colander”, Stay “Safe and secure”.

Several political opponents have reacted to the video, which has gone viral on social media, with Italy and France being part of the Schengen area, where free movement of people between member regions applies. The majority of presidential MEPs responded to the Reconquest candidate with sarcasm on their Twitter accounts, EU renaissance (Formerly LREM): “Among the countries that have decided on a single area of ​​free movement. We can also call it the Shenzhen area.”.

Temporary restoration of border control

If France is actually part of the Shenzhen area, it will temporarily restore border control from May 1 to October 31, 2022. “In the context of Covid-19”, We read on the website of the European Commission. In fact, the Shenzhen Border Code gives member states the possibility of re-establishment “Temporarily” Their control, “In case of a serious threat to public order or internal security”. The Shenzhen Border Code provides for this in paragraph 25 “The total duration of the resumption of border control at the internal border […] Cannot be more than six months.

Since 2015, border control has been reintroduced Renewals continue almost every six months. Between December 14, 2015 and April 30, 2019, there have been ten such incidents due to terrorist threats since the attacks in the region., But also the organization of events like the Euro 2016 Championship in July 2016. Then, between May 1, 2019 and May 1, 2019, the global Covid-19 epidemic and for some reason the notification was registered six times. “Ongoing terrorist threat”. This information is included in the list of member state notifications issued by the EU. The European Commission was informed of the latest renewal on the basis of the continuing threat of terrorism, the evolution of the international situation, the influx of minor migrants and the risks associated with the Covid-19 epidemic. Ministry of Home Affairs confirms Check News.

“Freedom of movement is the rule”

Faced with this almost systematic renewal, the SGP police union told France 3 Provence-Alpes-C -te-d’Azur in May that “Since 2015, the number of workers responsible for checking has doubled or even tripled with the introduction of free movement. A political choice not to comment on. “. That also indicates“Unlike the rule of a free movement, it is [leur] It is possible [se] Post in a place to check at a specific time. “

Contact by Check NewsThe Ministry of Home Affairs recalled that “Internal border control re-establishment does not provide for systematic checks on people entering or leaving French territory. This text is intended to strengthen border control, freedom of movement in the Shenzhen area, rules remain..

At the Alps-Maritimes border, Beauvau explains, this strengthening of control takes the following forms: Motorway, road or rail checkpoints are checked 24/7 at eight approved crossing points (PPA, listed by decree and valid by the European Union).The EU regularly updates the list of crossing points where border checks are allowed. The end of April 26th marked five places in Menton: St. Ludovic Bridge, La Turbie, Central Station, Garavan Station and St. Louis Bridge.. In the video, Damien Ryu talks about staying well “Down by Garvan”, Menton district near the Italian border. However, sequentially, there is nothing to confirm that the former generation identification worker passes through the station where the aforementioned specific checkpoint is located.

Theoretically, Damien Reu could have been controlled

Failure to go through these permitted crossing points does not imply a lack of control. In fact, the ministry explains, “Pedestrians and secondary bypass paths are subject to surveillance by mobile patrols. In the sector between Mortola and Menton-Garavan, this surveillance is carried out In the front row at the Sentinel Company’s h24 The Army (i.e. 60) company aims to identify groups of immigrants advancing along the trail. When detected, PAF’s service [la police aux frontières, ndlr] Are notified and come to Menton’s SPAFT to challenge illegal immigrants to bring them back. [le service de la police aux frontières terrestres] And hand them over to the Italian authorities. In some cases, it may be decided by small groups sent as scouts at night or during the day and to challenge those who follow them and those who come in large numbers – in the second line, night to arrest people on foot by mobile patrols charged during the day. On the third line, at bus stops and at secondary stations from 5:00 a.m. ”

Theoretically, Damien Reu could therefore be controlled. But the fact that it was not does not mean that there is no control over the area. That is the demand of the ministry “Sixteen immigrants (three Egyptians, two Guineans, one Ethiopian, four Moroccans, two Afghans, one Chadian, two Tunisians and one Bangladeshi) were arrested on the night of June 7-8, during the video shooting. All but one of the minors were handed over to Italian authorities – three of the sixteen were arrested at the Menton-Garavan station, six at the Saint-Ludovic PPA, one at Menton-Center-Ville, and five were arrested. Highways A8 and a In the Roya Valley : The sector where Damien Reeu therefore saw ten arrests that night (E.g. PPA Menton-Garavan, PPA Saint-Ludovic, Menton-center-ville). We can add these two heavy goods vehicles. On the morning of June 8, at the Turbi Toll Booth, nine migrants were detained, hidden in a trailer.

A renewal of illegal control?

At a time when recovery candidates are campaigning for tighter controls, claiming to have shown their flaws, a number of organizations have condemned the renewal of abusive border controls. On May 10, the four associations, Anafe (National Association for Assistance at Border for Foreigners), Gisti (Information Support Group for Immigrants), Simed (Inter-Movement Committee for Evacues) and League of Human Rights, took over the Council of State. Condemn the renewal of insults to the free movement of individuals since 2015. They specifically based on a ruling by the European Court of Justice on 26 April – in response to a question about the interpretation of European texts raised by an Austrian court. “Such a measure, including any extension, the maximum total duration may not exceed six months.” The text further mentions that the reintroduction of border control can only be enforced by one member state “When faced with a new serious threat that affects its public order or internal security, which is different from the initial identification.”

Contact by Check NewsLaure Palun, director of Anafé, emphasizes this fact “The main reason has always been the same since 2015, the terrorist threat and since 2019, Covid.”Establishment of the French stateIllegal status “. The state council must rule in the coming weeks.

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