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The company has chosen to set up the Cিয়াte d’Azur in Sophia Antipolis, to create an innovative platform based on artificial intelligence to connect travelers and hotels.

Interview with Rebecca Chausat, Communications and Marketing Manager, MyHotelMatch.

Can you introduce us to MyHotelMatch?

This project, started in SPAC, is the result of ten years of reflecting on our CEO, Jean-Franোয়াois OTT. MyHotelMatch is directly inspired by the experience gained through the group’s investment in the hotel sector. Since the birth of this concept, the first models of artificial intelligence have been created. The goal of MyHotelMatch is to offer the ideal match between a traveler and his host in the model of a dating application. MyHotelMatch aims to revolutionize the experience of hotel customers and hotel owners. To do this, we offer with MyHotelMatch, a matching platform based on artificial intelligence. This will be complemented by building a closer relationship between clients and hotel owners through our online messaging tools. Based on the principle of mutual choice, hotel owners will thus have the opportunity to attract new customers who will be more satisfied if they choose the right hotel for them. In fact, each hotel has its own characteristics (physical and human, team men and women, other customers) and the digital reflection of this richness and the experience that will be lived cannot always be realized through opinions, photos or hotel comparators.

What is unique about your solution for customers and hotels?

Through MyHotelMatch, travelers will benefit from a digital intermediary who takes the time to find out what they want to know and the perfect match between the different products that make up its hotel offer. Our desire is to offer a digital and personalized travel agent to as many people as possible, based on an enhanced, consensual (self-profiling) and fine knowledge of travel aspirations, and by offering a selection of hotels that only meet selected criteria. The hotel owner then takes responsibility and communicates with the customer to answer their questions and provide a personalized user experience. The challenge for the hotel owner is to fight to entice the customer so that the customer chooses him. Our solution can be compared to the online dating sector in the sense that it involves connecting two physical people through an online application that relies on artificial intelligence to save time. Classic search criteria will still exist but we will propose to enrich them considering the traveler’s passion, his desire for the moment, who is with him (child, friend, etc.), his special needs and what he does. Don’t want to. Each user will be able to fill out multiple profiles in MyHotelMatch alone, with couples, with family, with their pets, and more. Present the offer that is most suitable for them and meets their expectations at a particular time. For example, it would be possible to choose a hotel within a radius of X kilometers to avoid too much driving on long weekends, or to choose a maximum two hour flight …

MyHotelMatch will offer a selection of 4 hotels that will respond to inquiries and which may be complemented by a helpful offer that meets the same criteria but which was not initially selected.

C কারণte d’Azur and Sophia Antipolis What are your favorite reasons?

MyHotelMatch is based on an artificial intelligence solution. So we were looking for centers of talent and rich activity of players in artificial intelligence research. This point was essential to ensure our future development and thus contribute to the success of our strategy. In addition, the region has historically been ready for tourism activity and it seemed wise to us to benefit from both a leading technological ecosystem associated with a world-renowned tourism ecosystem. The choice of Sophia Antipolis and C ডিte d’Azur was confirmed by our various interviews with Tim Cটte d’Azur.

What support did you get from Tim Cote d’Azur?

For a company that wants to develop artificial intelligence, Team Cote d’Azur has allowed us to better understand our region and its various benefits. We have benefited from the connectivity of artificial intelligence ecosystems, especially with the 3IA Côte d’Azur Institute to assist us in research and contribute to our growth. In addition, we are members of SCS Cluster, Telecom Valley, and soon IA Cluster. The Team Cote d’Azur team is very dynamic and very humane. Valerie David-Guris was with us from A to Z throughout the implementation process until the selection of our new premises at Sophia Antipolis. Our experience was excellent, a simple and efficient process that saved us a lot of time.

What are your development prospects?

We are currently building our AI with a team of 7 people based in Sophia Antipolis, 22 complements in Paris since the recent acquisition of my agency. It will gradually evolve to reach about 30 by the end of 2022. We are looking for technical profiles in the field of development and artificial intelligence.

Recruitment notice is available MyHotelMatch will be open to the public in early 2023.

In the meantime, we will continue to train our algorithms using data from a personal travel expert with more than 7 years of experience creating turnkey trips. Towards the end of 2022, we will begin hiring partner hotels to test our first edition. This test episode will be completed with 25 or 30 hotels who are willing to test the MyHotelMatch preview of Cannes or Nice. After all, the present time is very inspiring, the teams have come together to create a tool that will revolutionize the way we travel. MyHotelMatch is the future of tomorrow’s online travel agency where digital connects between a hotel and a potential traveler.

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