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Parenting – I hope I went to a famous bookstore to find what I needed in the “Personal Development” section. The shelf starts at almost an entire floor and cover subject How to manage your hypersensitivity well A. Healthy breastfeeding (400 pages), I was sure what I was looking for.

However, I have not found any book on the only child, though early in a world where fertility problems are common, in a world where some families choose only one child to maintain their professional and personal balance. Where the environmental impact of a child is now indicated.

Why am I looking for a book on an only child?

On the other hand, I have found dozens of books that help parents to announce the arrival of another child. But what would you say to your child who sees other siblings but finds himself alone at home in the evening?

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Why am I looking for a book on an only child? To reassure me, because we have so many “possibilities”, my husband and I are not able to give birth a second time, and having an only child is a mistake for the person in question. My son had to have a guide to help me verbally with it. And this image of a lonely child, who is necessarily annoyed, who is angry or introverted, who is the center of the king and family, who has the burden of his parents on his shoulders, makes me totally worried. When I look at my two-and-a-half-year-old son, who is gay as a lark, super-social, I immediately feel on the edge of the abyss: having only one child will destroy him, he will be unhappy. All his life, I’ve done a PMA without considering the monster of selfishness that it would only work once.

Stop stigmatizing family with only children!

For most people, the only child does not form a family. This is an unusual imbalance, a problem that should be repaired in any way before it gets out of hand … because it will get out of hand.

In fact, two days ago I googled the “only child” and I ate a slap. Although we preach from right to left that every child is different, only all children are kept in the “unhappy and egocentric” box. To avoid the worst, parents must follow a number of rules: do not give her extra parents, do not set her free, do not give in to her wishes …

So many tips that are valid for all children. But in the human mind and shrinking, an only child will carry mental pathology. And for the vast majority of people, having an only child is sad.

Finally, it is especially sad to see the attitude of others, as well as their comments: “Is he alone?”, I was asked. No, he has relatives and friends …

“We should give him a younger brother or a younger sister otherwise he will be upset.” Not for lack of effort.

“Oh then baby king!”. As much as an old man. As far as the last one.

“This image of a lonely child, one who is necessarily upset, one who is angry or introverted, one who is the center of the king and family, with the burden of his parents on his shoulders, makes me totally worried.”

Can’t we please stop neglecting the role of the only child in the life of a child who has no taste in life, and cannot support parents in their oral education on this subject?

For all the writers looking for an undiscovered market, here’s your chance to break through!

Because precisely, how does a child grow up who is enlisted by the whole society, unhappy and egoistic because of his simple place in a family?

Leave your podcasts, your guides, your blogs, your testimonials, your programs… give them a chance to be happy!

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