Parc Safari has acquired a fleet of 100% electric bush trucks

News. It was attended by Minister of Economy and Innovation Pierre-Fitzgerald and Minister of Environment and Minister for Combating Climate Change Benoit-Charet, President of Park-Safari, Jean-Pierre-Ranger, June 6, brand new fleet of his seven 100% electric bus truck. Has unveiled.

These vehicles were custom designed for -Parc -Safari, located at the company -Lion Electric, -Saint-Jérôme. For several years now, -Parc -Safari has been taking steps to reduce its environmental footprint, such as the use of geothermal energy, energy and rainwater recovery, solar walls and filters that reduce the use of chemicals by 35%. Maintain good water quality in swimming pools.

I dreamed of doing something different. Like sports, faster, higher, stronger, together.

-Jin-Pierre -Ranger, -Park -Safari President

“I have dreamed since 2010, of enlivening the fully electric bush truck-safari-adventure tour and I am glad that Lion Electric has taken on this challenge that allows us to do better and better environmentally, than anything else there. The ranger said.


From this season, families can go on safari-adventure in this new vehicle. The safari-adventure is a five-kilometer journey, usually by car, traveling through the wildlife.

Every day, in the morning, the -Safari -Aventure inspection will be on this-zero-emission truck only, $ 4.35 per child and $ 8.70 for adults. Visitors who wish to run the route can do so from 1:30 p.m.

“-I’m proud to see -Parc -Safari working as a leader in electrification of his vehicles, -Huntington, -Clair -Isabel confirmed to the MP ৷ many visitors will now have the privilege of taking advantage of this new full Quebec transport One of the biggest tourist attractions in Monterey.


Mounted on the -Lion8 chassis, these seven bush trucks were acquired at a cost of $ 400,000 each. The Quebec government has contributed up to 75% to their purchases, said one of Park-Safari’s supporters.

Each of these trucks can accommodate up to 50 passengers at a time, and they are all wheelchair accessible.

The zoological organization, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, wants to acquire 11 more of these electric bush trucks for the 2023 season. With a fleet of 18 of these vehicles, -Parc -Safari can accommodate all visitors and completely eliminate the presence. – Safari – Adventure car.

“With these seven trucks, we can transport 350 people per hour and 2,100 people per day,” said Mr Ranger. We welcome 7000 visitors per day for 20 to 25 days during the season. A

-Patrick -Gervais – Vice-President of Marketing and Communications at -Lion Electric, the design of this vehicle clearly demonstrates the versatility of -Lion trucks and all engineering in Quebec.

“These trucks have many advantages,” he said They produce no noise pollution, no vibration and no odor. A


In his speech, the Minister of Economy and Innovation, Pierre-Fitzgerald, underlined the fact that with his fleet of electric vehicles, -Parc -Safari acts as a true leader in his case.

The Minister of Environment, Benoit-Charity, has also underlined -Avant-Guardism of Park-Safari to fight climate change.

“- The fight against climate change is a challenge and all contributions are important,” he said. “Through this initiative, we have come to inspire others to follow your example.”

The latter recalls that transportation alone is responsible for 43% of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Our goal is to reduce our emissions by 37.5% by 2030,” said Minister Charett. We’ve only reduced them by 3% since 1990, so in the next eight years, we need to do 12 times more. Steps are high, but necessary. A

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