Portrait. Val-de-Marne: With the families of sick children at Lawrence Jackot Hospital

Lawrence Jackot, has a lot of games in his office. (© Delphine Dauvergne)

Pediatrician at the hospital Lawrence Jacot of St. Morris (Val-de-Marne) Supports family Whose children have an acquired brain injury. It especially helps to give them joy in their daily life. “Before getting sick, the child has a child who needs to have fun,” he explained. Conference.

“For fun”

Upon entering Lawrence Jackot’s office, our eyes are immediately drawn to the crowd of ready-to-use toys: DIY games, books, puzzles, board games … there’s something for everyone. Is this a way to break the ice with children? “Not always, because they are already accustomed to offering games with other professionals as part of their rehabilitation. Here, the idea is to work around their skills, to have fun, I try to offer games tailored to their needs and interests that do not put them in trouble and restore their confidence, “explains Lawrence Jacot, a young children’s educator at St. Morris Hospital. Monitoring and Integration Center (CSI).

“My role is to support the parents in meeting the needs of the child, and to adapt the responses to the special needs of the disabled child.”

Personalized parental support

In her department, she cares for children and adolescents (up to 14 years) in the -le-de-France region who have an acquired brain injury (which did not exist at birth): head injury, young people with a tumor who have had a stroke. We take families to present the service to them during an initial separate interview Then they tell us about their needs. This could be support for appropriate schooling (AVS, ULIS classes, etc.) or specialized (in a medico-social organization) … requests are varied, it raises concerns about everything the baby needs when returning home after hospitalization “, The 53-year-old educator explained.

When she arrived at CSI in 2002, Lawrence Jacot passed an interdisciplinary diploma entitled “Children and Adolescents Head Syndrome and Shaking Child Syndrome” to “Adapt”. [s]A professional practice for the specialty of public access “. Originally from Metz, where he grew up and studied, Lawrence Jacot moved to work in the Paris area at the age of 21.

“I wanted to understand the development of the child and go with it, but I quickly realized that being an educator of young children in a cr কche did not satisfy me, my work also required social action, so I worked in various social fields. Homes before helping children and their families with a specific medical background.

In her work at St. Morris CSI, Lawrence Jacot has been able to develop the social part of her work that is close to her heart, while diversifying. “I work with a lot of partners, I travel to families, I travel to school, I provide care services … I have a lot of autonomy to follow every child, every family,” he said.

Confidence tends to get back

This Charenton-Le-Pont resident works with these families to “bring leisure to the child’s life, because families are often in favor of schooling and forget the rest. It is important to stay together before a child or young person becomes ill and to restore joy to a complex lifestyle.”

A partnership with the National Association L’Envol allows it to offer families free recreational travel or even short adaptation from the age of 6. “Some organizations today offer to take children with a brain injury, and we persuade them to do so. Accommodation is arranged with the family so that they can get acquainted with the association and its professionals, reassure themselves and create good memories. This makes it possible for young people to be offered alone, “he said. This year around ten young people have benefited from this project run by academics

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“Space is limited so we favor families who have to take a place to retire, who rarely go on vacation, or whose separation from their parents is complicated,” reports Lawrence Jacot. The Envol Association, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2022, organizes its stay in the -le-de-France, often in Mandres-les-Roses.

“The Paris area remains central to the area and allows hospitals in Paris to be close by, as the association welcomes children with a variety of pathologies.”

Role playing games, theater, music, videos, farm visits … Activities are a classic summer camp, but adapted to these young people. Medical and personal care (one adult for one child) reassures the family. “These with L’Envol allow young people to be themselves, unlike in schools where they have to be like everyone else, where every young person is welcomed with their story and their background”, underlining the educator. If the occasional stay allows the children to get out of the isolation, it also happens in the case of parents on family weekends. Arrangements are also made to stay with the siblings.

A long-term job

While these opportunities to stay may seem exciting, walking with family is still a lot of work. “I sometimes take a year to get them, I bring up the subject regularly so that it is associated with some of the problems that young people face,” he admits.

The overall important work it does by supporting families can last for years. “We often work with small motives, parents or young people suggest themselves. Innocent everyday things can sometimes escalate and cause conflict. I need to find a solution that suits everyone, respecting their speed and their values, “he explained.

“The multifaceted support provided in the service helps children and their families to develop and find peace,” he added. Sometimes he comes up against obstacles.

“When one of us gives up, there is always someone to inspire him. We thought about solutions as a team.

Many young people have to wait a year or two before getting a place in a particular institution. “It’s difficult to see them without a solution. With the team we’re trying to do everything possible to support them already. It is important for families to fight, to have hope, to support them. A

Delphine Davargen

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