Québec Ombudsman’s report Children do not always have services based on their needs

(Québec) Même si la Loi sur l’instruction publique prévoit que les élèves en difficulté d’adaptation ou d’apprentissage ont droit à des services éducatifs complémentaires, le Protecteur du citoyen, Marc-André Dowd, dénonce que des enfants « attendent leur tour » et que des services offerts ne sont « pas toujours basés sur [leurs] Real demand. ”Many parents are now leaning towards the private sector.

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Hugo Pilon Larose

Hugo Pilon Larose
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Mr Dowd presented his report in Quebec City on Monday, headlined Students first, So that it makes 11 recommendations to the government after examining proposals, agencies and funding for complementary educational services for elementary students. “In Quebec, public primary schools need one in five students [ces services] Québec recalls Ombudsman, who suggested that the Ministère de l’Education “review and base service funding based on the actual needs of students”.

“While they wait for ‘their turn’ for the services that the law entitles them to, these distressed students are unable to make the expected progress and their delays continue, which hampers their academic careers and their personal and social development,” Mr. Said David.

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Mark-Andre Dowd

In his report, he denounced that “services are often funded and not based on the actual needs of students. [que] The special staff present in the school is not enough to meet the needs of all the students [et que] Some students wait a long time before serving, [alors que d’]Others accept it, but not from staff who do not always have the most relevant training. ”

In addition, some schools stop providing services when the student fails in any other subject. “However, reaching the passing mark is not a scale to reach the conclusion that a child has or does not have difficulty adjusting or learning. In some cases, the services are closed only when the child has received a pass mark, while the requirement is still in place, “said Mr Dowd.

Students’ “failure to respect rights”

The Quebec Ombudsman points out that complementary educational services, such as remedial education, psychotherapy, speech therapy, special education or psychology, make it possible to integrate children with regular class adjustment or learning difficulties. However, “there is a lack of alignment between the actual needs of students and the resources to meet them, as well as a significant risk of disrespecting students’ rights to the necessary complementary educational services.”

Mr Dowd denounced that “among other things, the provision of services is limited by the funds available: often, services are provided ‘as much as possible’ rather than ‘as required'”.

“For some students, the delays in accessing the required services are long, while for others, the services are not offered by the members of the employment agency who are able to offer them,” he lamented.

In these circumstances, many parents are now turning to the private sector for services for their children, sometimes at the very suggestion of the school, Mr. Dowd notes. But “if we want to respect the principle of free education, they should not pay for these services,” he said.

Necessary changes

Québec Ombudsman recommends that Quebec “promote positions in complementary educational services and follow the offer of continuing education for teacher staffing, development, and student needs.” [ayant des besoins particuliers] And review funding models for complementary educational services [pour] Establish and fund a minimum threshold for a province-wide service ”.

The Minister of Education, Jean-Franোয়াois Robert, acknowledged for his part that the model of funding services for disadvantaged students is “deficient”.

“In 2023, a new funding model will come into effect. A funding model that will be more effective and adequately meet student needs. It is estimated that the new model will free up 375,000 hours of bureaucracy for direct student services,” he said in a written statement.

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