SME Universe | Atikamekw in partnership with Canada’s oldest family hardware store

It’s almost a dive into history. First Nations members have entered into a partnership with “Canada’s oldest family-owned hardware store” to acquire a 51% stake in a BMR branch in La Tuk.

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Mark Tyson

Mark Tyson
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Following an agreement with Pierre Naud, Atikamekw Council of Wemotaci (CAW) has invested 1.8 million in a new entity called SEC Pierre Naud / Mokotakan.

Adam Jordan, the council’s interim CEO, notes, “Wemotassi is really the first to invest outside of his community.” We are a community that wants to be innovative and we want to get out of poverty. .

Located 115 kilometers northwest of La Tuque, Wemotasi has about 2,050 registered members, of whom 1,400 live in its territory.

The partnership is part of an economic recovery plan launched by CAW two years ago.

“Part of the plan was to get businesses out of the community,” explained Adam Jordan.

The recent shortage of construction materials, which has “often cut off our legs for certain projects”, has prompted the council to take an interest in the sector.

“We started looking for our own hardware store in Vemotasi, but the market was not big enough. A

The council considered an opening in La Tuque, but a market survey found that the city could not support the second-largest hardware store. He therefore first opted for a partnership.

The council began negotiations a year ago with company Pierre Now, which was already supplying materials to the community.

With over 130 years of existence, Pierre Naud prides itself on being Canada’s oldest family hardware store. Led by Mark-Andre and Philip Label, Mr. Nowd’s grandchildren, the company has six BMR branches and a door and window factory located in Desbiens.

“We’ve been rubbing shoulders for years,” said Adam Jordan. The label brothers understood the situation of Vemotasi, they understood our point of view. They are very acceptable, and the discussion has been very good. A

The La Tuk Hardware Store has 25 employees. Council Wemotaci plans to add a service point.

“We are a small community, and having the skills of a hardware store is quite complex,” the general manager added. Having label brothers with us is a perfect match for both them and us. Pierre Noud will manage the branch in La Tuque, but we are not the only investors. We want to develop Pierre Naude’s business in La Tuque. We have the resources, projects and contacts of the indigenous community to increase the revenue of this entity. A

New Safari Park Lions Roll

Photo courtesy of Park Safari

Park Safari’s new Lion Electric Bush truck shows a restraint that the Dromedaris here will envy.

The lion consumes visitors … and returns them at the end of a trip to Hemingford Safari Park. Built by Lion Electric in St. Jerome and delivered in 2021, seven electric trucks went into service during the official opening of Park Safari on May 20 and were presented to the media on June 6. Equipped as shrub vehicles, they take the safari adventure route, a 5 km long route over an area of ​​50 hectares. With a capacity of 50 passengers, they can all fit in wheelchairs. The zero-emission vehicle, which shows a restraint that would envy the dromedary attached to it in the photo, was clearly designed for the needs of a park safari based on a Lion8 chassis. “Our goal is to, within a few years, inspect all safari adventures in 100% electric Lion Bush vehicles,” said Jean-Pierre Ranger, president of Park Safari. Park Safari is expected to return to its usual presence of 300,000 visitors this year.

Château Frontenac for 30 years and Wrebbit

Photo courtesy of Wrebbit

The 3D puzzle version of Wrebbit at the 610-room Hotel Château Frontenac contains 865 pieces.

Wrebbit, the maker of 3D puzzles, is celebrating its 30th anniversarye Anniversary added to Chateau Frontenac’s extensive real estate portfolio. The Château Frontenac, from whose walls the governor of the same name did not respond with his cannon, represents an excellent design challenge due to its complex configuration. The renovation of the 610-room hotel – in contrast – consists of 865 rooms. “This is the first Canadian monument since its reopening in 2011. We have been waiting for these 30 opportunities.e Anniversary of Paul’s invention and 10e Reboot to launch this new version of Château Frontenac, ”explained Jean Théberge, president of Wrebbit, via email. In September 1991, Paul E. Galant applied for a patent for the concept of a 3D puzzle engraved from a sheet of foam. Following the tragedy that followed the acquisition by Hasbro, the company was relaunched in 2011 under the name Les Casey-Tates Rabbit, by Jean Theberg, former vice-president of Rabbit from the beginning. Its new logo, introduced last January, has rediscovered the frog whose croaking inspired the original company’s name.

Four women found a grenade in Pome

A new project has matured in Quebec’s artistic garden. Four women have just founded Pom Grenade, an artist management and comedy show production company. Guylaine Boisjoli, Patricia Blais, Monique Lamoureux and its president, Nadia Dufour, have joined forces to establish the agency “established to meet the needs of comedians” over the past year. The company, which represents eight comedians, is currently producing three shows on tour: SecretlyBy Jean-Franসois Marcier, SixBy Dominic and Martin, and GraceBy Christine Morensi.

190,000 feet2

The Franklin Empire, a distributor of electrical goods, has just begun construction of its new headquarters. 190,000 sqft building2Located on Highway 40 in Saint-Laurent, it will open its doors in the summer of 2023. Two other figures: 4’s family businesse Generation is celebrating its 80se Birthday this year.

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