Strasbourg. Disney fans from Alsace are fascinated by reality

Despite the crowds, it’s hard to miss the Disney fans at the Alsace stand who came to attend the Japan Addict Z weekend on June 4th and 5th – a conference that brings together pop culture enthusiasts. A two-meter-tall olaf, a snowman from Frozen, bows to children and adults who want to take pictures of him. As happy as the enthusiasts are to welcome them, Cyril, wearing a blue T-shirt with the name of the association, informs them that a show will be held on the main stage in the afternoon. “I am just happy to be a part of such a convention. We can share our emotions in a special beneficial environment, ”he said.

Members really have very different profiles! They can be 20 or 40 years old, here accountants, teachers, executives … I, I am the director of a communications company.

Cyril, president of the association since 2017

Disney fans of Alsace, that was his idea. The 38-year-old Cinephile did not forget to watch his first movie session in 1989 Little mermaid Outside of Mickey’s studio. In 2013, he returned to settle in the area and had the idea of ​​proposing the first meeting of all the local enthusiasts he met at the forum dedicated to Disney. “We like to spend time together immediately. Then, we had the opportunity to organize a preview Moana. From there, we decided to form an association to offer more events. It will be 5 years in July! “, He congratulated himself.

Today, the association has more than sixty members who come together for screenings on theme evenings, karaoke, but also come to see or show sick children. Jonathan – who was hiding behind Olaf’s mascot, especially enjoying these moments.

We have a lot of fun, but we take it very seriously. For each show, you have to write the script and then rehearse for a few months. The idea is to offer a complete show including costumes, performances, songs and interactions with the public.

John, 37 years old

Playing with a black wig and a gypsy skirt that she sewed herself – count the same 70 hours to make the whole thing – Sarah, aka Esmeralda for the day, a midwife. The moments spent with other fans are a real “breath of fresh air” for him. “This association brings together everything I like: my passion for Disney, of course, but also for singing, sewing… and my desire to share them! A

“You have to grow up now”, an emotion often misunderstood

This association is even more important to its members because it allows them to freely express an emotion that is often considered childish. “I have to grow up now!” Or “But isn’t it for kids?”, These are things I often hear. People don’t necessarily understand and judge quickly. Florence, 28, dressed as a rebel, says she became a member four years ago, precisely after discovering the La Japan Addicts Association.

Entitled Once upon a time , The show tells the story of a marlin the magician who must write a story for King Arthur. But he lost everything after being the victim of a bad trick. With the help of the public, he has to quickly rediscover a story worthy of a name. Thanks for staging a karaoke – what would Disney be without their song? – They quickly mesmerize the hundreds of spectators who attend.

In the front row, Lina, 9, took part in the show with her classmate. “It was great! I love Disney, I see them at home with their mom.” The latter shook his head and smiled.

The association is open to all. To join them, contact them at

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