Sun: FEBEA remembers the importance of protecting children

This is a topic on which studies follow each other and place the same observations: Despite growing data, sun protection advice is still rarely followed. And the results are unfortunately relentless: the incidence of skin cancer is on the rise in France and around the world. In France, 100,000 new cases of skin cancer are recorded each year, with more than 11,000 new cases of melanoma.

However, 90% of these cancers, mainly due to excessive exposure to UV, are due to adequate protection, due to reasonable exposure to the sun … and this is from childhood.

Time Targeted Skin Cancer Screening Prevention and Awareness Week, June 12-17The Federation of Beauty Companies (FEBEA) is teaming up with the National Union of Dermatologists-Venereologists (SNDV) to remind people of the importance of protecting themselves from the sun and using sun protection from an early age.

The children are still very open

Remember that children under the age of three should never be exposed to the sun, and others should avoid the strongest hours of sunlight, wear appropriate protective clothing, and use sunscreen if exposure is unavoidable. A message that is not always clearly articulated by manufacturers of sunscreen products whose products – increasingly effective – sometimes lead to the opposite of the desired effect.

According to [une enquête [1] Done with parents and grandparents in the summer of 2021->,20340]66% of children from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Was exposed in. , The warmest hour of the day, and more than 1/3 was hotter than two hours Although sunscreen use is almost automatic for children (94%), 1 in 5 children have benefited from an application every two hours on a full sun day! And 3 out of 10 babies have been sunburned in the summer. Otherwise, 30% of parents say they use sunscreen products for prolonged exposure In the sun of their child.

The situation is worrying: although aware, the French still do not practice proper reflection to protect their skin from exposure to the sun. Whether Due to the limitations of sun exposure, protection by clothing is a priorityWe remind you that applying sun protection products to exposed parts is essential for all times when exposure cannot be avoided. Dr. Luke recalls Sulimovich, president of the Syndicate des Dermatologs de France.

Specific risks

If adults are interested in limiting their exposure to the sun to varying degrees, depending on their skin phototype, Children present specific risks in support of increased protection.

By adolescence, skin and eyes are more susceptible to brittle and ultraviolet rays. Sunburn and repeated exposure to adolescence are a major cause of the development of skin cancer (melanoma) in adults. “, Remember Francois AdebertScientific adviser to FEBEA.

The skin of the youngest is actually delicate and its pigmentary system is still immature. In addition, children with a longer latency period have more time to develop the disease.

Thus, Françoise Audebert noted that it is important to preserve the famous sun capital, which represents all the ways to protect the skin against the harmful effects of the sun. ” This capital is earned at birth, is not renewable and depends on each person’s phototype

The FEBEA specifies that for children to be effective, sunscreen must: have a high index (WHO recommends SPF 50 or SPF 50+ protection for infants and children, knowing that exposure to children before 3 years of age is strongly discouraged), water Prevention, because of their outdoor activities, swimming and sweating are more frequent in children than in adults and are applied more frequently (every two hours and after each swim, in large quantities and in all open spaces, do not forget the neck, ears and temples). ., Which requires easily applicable formulas).

Finally, underlining FEBEA, Sun protection – no matter how effective it may be – should in no way encourage prolonged exposure to the sun. Or expose children under the age of three.

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