22,111 Israeli military aircraft have violated Lebanese airspace since 2007

In the absence of rule up to this title, so it must be an ordinary citizen who does it. Moreover, deciding to talk about it has to be an artist. Cold, without effect, with supporting figures and so almost irresistibly. Talking about this noise that the Lebanese people know by heart, to such an extent that it has become a common term in their daily lives, in collective psychology. This sound, sometimes roaring, sometimes roaring, sometimes exploding, which often shakes our interior, is reflected and sent to the shelter in panic, it is of Israeli military planes and surveillance drones that are violating Lebanese airspace. Decades of this noise, “which we ignore, forget that it is deadly”, artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan (who likes the pseudonym “personal ear”) saw it in 2020. As a result of almost two years of research, therefore, the most complete of its kind, the next launched the platform

AirPressure.info whose content reveals, among other things, that the Israeli Air Force has occupied Lebanese skies for the past 15 years and a half. That is 3098 days. Since 2007, 22,111 military devices have flown over our heads (i.e. since the last war with Israel) terrifying the Lebanese population in their passage from south to north, without exception this observation is even cooler.

Israeli aircraft fly over Lebanon. Picture Dr.

The day after August 4 …

The origins of the project, its click, fall during 2020, shortly after the August 4 explosion. “At that time, I heard a lot of people around me say that they heard the plane just before the double explosion. As if air violations were limited to this isolated incident, when in the month before August 4 alone, there were 400 Israeli overflight. It was there that I realized that this debate was counterproductive and that in order to show the level of this crime, something had to be done to condemn the atmosphere of violence that it had created, “said the independent investigator. Who is accustomed to using his artists. Tools for questioning words and linguistics. The team to implement this ambitious plan

“These operations go beyond espionage or training and are more about surveillance and intimidation,” said Lawrence Abu Hamdan. Picture Dr.

AirPressure.info, hacked by Lawrence Abu Hamdan, extracted data from 243 letters to the UN Digital Library from 2006 to 2021, each addressed to the Security Council by a permanent representative of Lebanon. The documents in question contain information detected by radar, such as time, duration, type, and direction of each wind violation. “The problem is that collecting this information was a laborious process. The documents were uploaded in an unpleasant manner and may be located differently on the website. The team behind AirPressure.info had to patch all these documents together and manually copy each infringement to make these numbers accessible and readable. The Lebanese Ministry of Defense, the UN Security Council, and the UN Interim Forces in Lebanon have monitored and recorded these violations, and have had clear access and authority to do so. Instead, by storing data in a fragmented and uncoordinated manner, these organizations helped to hide the scale of the crime, “said Abu Hamdan, who still has a reputation for managing his project. The platform depicts on an interactive map all the air violations committed by the Israeli Air Force from 2007 to December 2021, thanks to a narrowness of the loops over the territory.

AirPressure.info depicts the platform in an interactive map, thanks to a series of loops over the terrain, all aircraft violations committed by the Israeli Air Force from 2007 to December 2021. Picture DR

Reconstruction of the narrative of Israel and Hezbollah

Days, months, and years, without being closely watched, the four revelations draw attention. First, the average duration of overflight in Lebanese territory is 4 hours 35 minutes, when the sound perceived by the population is no more than one or two minutes. For example, on March 1, 2013, an overflight alone lasted 30 hours and 50 minutes. Second, the overflies cover all areas of Lebanon, contrary to established norms that limit Israeli interest in Hezbollah’s sphere of influence. Third, most of these operations involve war or surveillance aircraft that are the most technologically advanced in the world, and against which Lebanon’s ground defenses are comparable. “It’s almost imaginary. And it proves that these operations go beyond espionage or training, but rather it is for public surveillance and intimidation,” Lawrence follows Abu Hamdan. Finally, fourthly, the database is collected

AirPressure.info shows only two incidents where warplanes entered Syrian territory through the Lebanese border, despite a common misconception that most of these flights were intended to bomb Syria. “The idea, through this project, is to construct an Israeli discourse on the one hand that simply repeats that Hezbollah is its only enemy; And on the other hand, the myth of resistance supported by Hezbollah which had at least 22,000 incidents to reveal itself. Ultimately, the goal was to unveil the global weapons strategy that uses our sky as a laboratory to test these machines “, abbreviated who said he chose the name of the personal ear” because on the one hand I have the use of search. My research is integrated and strong; And on the other hand, I use the artistic side of my work to make politics more sensitive, in a way. “AirPressure.info is not the only thing that is happening in the sky. In this sense, the platform contains 11 articles from scientific journals detailing the physiological effects caused by the aircraft’s noise, including reduced blood flow from high blood pressure. There are signs, of course, with more trauma. “I know that through this project, I am bringing to light an inconvenient truth. This is my way of giving the Lebanese a little clarity, which they are constantly deprived of. And also, perhaps, contributing to the healing of their trauma through knowledge.” “We are indebted to one of the most needed projects of recent decades,” Lawrence Abu Hamdan concluded.

In the absence of rule up to this title, so it must be an ordinary citizen who does it. Moreover, deciding to talk about it has to be an artist. Cold, without effect, with supporting figures and so almost irresistibly. Talking about this noise that Lebanese know by heart, just in their courage, so …

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