After #SaccageParis, the city identifies everything to keep or not to keep

The “Declaration for the Beauty of Paris”, announced last January as a new method for the development and maintenance of public spaces, will be published this Tuesday, June 14. The result of more than 2 years of work, it should serve as a guide for all city departments working in the field.

The proclamation for the beauty of Paris will be made public. The 4-volume document is an “initiative launched at the beginning of the term of office, aimed at working on the doctrine of intervention in public space and re-examining the transparency of the intervention protocol,” Emmanuel Gregoire explained this Tuesday, June 14, recalling that it was the first. For the administration and for all operators “was thought of by the administration.

An educational document as the basis of a work

“This is not a reading document for the beach”, the irony is that the first deputy mayor of Paris, who qualified it as “highly technical”. If the first volume praises what is beautiful in Paris, the second of the 276 pages tries to identify the specifications of the floors, the third of the 200 pages is devoted to the object, and the last, which will be prepared at the same time when the new organic climate is devoted to local urban planning (PLU) objects.

The purpose of this educational document? References should be the basis of work for all heads of technical services in the city of Paris, but also for the mayors of arrears and concessions (SNCF, La Poste, Enedis, JC Decaux …) who intervene in the public space of Paris on a daily basis.

In addition, a Commission for Public Space Control has been set up to review all development projects and to see if they are compatible with the Declaration for Aesthetics. The town hall has been built, a protocol has been set up for the good performance of the construction site and a cartographic platform listing all the Parisian furniture has also been put online.

From benches to garbage cans

Specifically, in this document Paris City specifies everything that needs to be preserved in public space and removed immediately or permanently.

On pages 6 to 9 of Volume 2, we learn that the David Bench, in its original form or modernization, will be well preserved and thus preserved in the streets of Paris. On page 57 of Volume 2, it is explained that the wooden log formwork at the base of the young tree will be moved to the side of the cobblestone. Welcoming Emanuel Gregoire “It’s over with the big pig pen”,

The same thing applies to “for GBAs” (reinforced concrete slides, editor’s notes) or “ugly benches” that will be removed systematically, for “public space declotering” which involves withdrawal – already announced and started – of all useless road signs, “degrading” Strengthens the verb “…

And the first assistant cites a few specific examples, such as garbage cans. On page 29 of Volume 3, it is specified that the “Bagatel” type bins – 21,877 across Paris – will no longer be replaced, will gradually disappear from public space in Paris, known as the “Sybell (3,890 copies) or the compact” Done “(330 copies).

For the elected official, who would like to mention that this work started long before the #SaccageParis debate but who admits that the scale of this movement has pushed him to move faster, it is a question of becoming more efficient. And this, in the various services of the city (cleanliness, green space, roads, municipal police …) but also at the level of clearance who will get a precise specification of what is approved or not in this manifesto.

But realizing that the city of Rome was not built overnight, and that all “embarrassment” from Paris would not disappear in record time, Emanuel Gregoire’s team believes that all improvements will not be visible for years to come. So it is important that this announcement is live and regularly updated.

The first deputy, Lily Munson’s town planning adviser, also recalled that similar work had already been undertaken by then-Mayor Jack Chirac in the 1990s. One type of “1970 street furniture guide” has been produced in 5 years, compared to 2 today.

“We were already talking about closing public spaces, while France Telecom was doing everything, setting up telephone booths everywhere,” Emmanuel Gregoire smiled. At different times, the same practice …

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