Ars anima. 24 hours in a woman’s life …

24 hours in a woman’s life Invites the public to meet 6 women from 6 countries around the world: Iranian Kurdistan, Guinea, Guatemala, Nigeria, India and France. Based on the true story, the exhibition-show explores the life path of these modern heroines. From infancy to adulthood, these women have experienced the injustices associated with their feminine status: violence, discrimination, exploitation, child marriage and pregnancy … And system changes.

A sensitive and interactive experience

The originality of the concept: at the center of the journey in interactions with actors, images and words, theatrical and role-playing twists and turns invite the public to put themselves in the shoes of one in 6 women. Equipped with open headphones and powered by a woman’s voice, the public walks through 4 stage venues where they will experience 4 decisive actions in the presence of their heroine.

Raise audience awareness in a different way

Attracting emotions and perceptions through participatory and innovative dimensions, this exhibition-show helps to raise awareness, make people aware, and even get involved. The project is also part of an educational approach that targets young people (up to 10 years old), with weekly sessions dedicated to schoolgirls and weekends for families.

After Bordeaux, the exhibition will close in 2023 in several major cities in France (Marseille, Lyon, etc.).

It should be noted that this idea has already been very successful, with Born somewhere

To go
An exhibition focusing on climate and development issues presented by Ars Anima in co-production with the French development agency, which brought together more than 50,000 visitors from 2015 to 2019 in 6 cities in France.

Auda, Juanita, Bandana, Abi, Mary and Shaida: 6 tolerant and militant women

Oops Auda was born in Conakry, Guinea, from a marriage denied by the family. At the age of 9, his cousin took him to the village and removed one. At the age of 14, Auda formed the Guinea Girls’ Club to boldly cut, cut off women’s genitals and condemn the practice of child marriage.

Oops Juanita comes from a large and loving family of mam people, an aboriginal community in the western highlands of Guatemala. Juanita saw her life change dramatically at the age of 8 with the coming to power of dictator Rios Mont in 1982. Land grabbing and confiscation of indigenous peoples then occur with impunity for the benefit of allied multinationals. After years of brutal hunting, Juanita joined the guerrillas at the age of 15.

Oops Vandana Shiva is the third daughter of an Indian couple. He grew up in the heart of the Himalayas. He brilliantly studied science and earned a doctorate from Canada. Back in India, Vandana Shiva denounced and condemned the destructive effects of mining, the patenting of life organized by GMOs and multinationals to the detriment of the local people.

Oops Abi is the daughter of a Nigerian mother who does not give birth to the expected son. She is the victim of violence by a father who remarries and leaves her first home in the background. Constantly humiliated by his second wife, Abby and her sister find themselves on the street at the age of 16. Avi then plans to dream of Europe! Eight months after crossing the Hell in Libya, Abi miraculously survived a Mediterranean ordeal.

Oops Marie Jura lives in the heart. She grew up in nature with a passion for dance. The only child, he studied brilliantly and entered the geology at the Normal Supিউre in the Ecole in Paris. But her encounter with a young man turned her life into a vast hell of psychological violence that would be astonishing. There he lived for 7 years in humiliation and isolation silence from which he was able to extricate himself to the extreme.

Oops Probably the daughter of an imam in Sanandaj, Iranian Kurdistan. He confronted his father from an early age to get permission to draw and draw. At the age of 13, he challenged his authority and fled to Tehran. Caught by his uncles who brought him before the family council, he escaped death for a short time.

24 hours in a woman’s life in Bordeaux

Location: Cap Sciences – Hangar 20, Kwai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux

Date: 01/10/22 to 06/11/22 – Course Duration: Group of 15 to 20 people per 1 hour. Price: Full € 10 – discount € 7.5 – School € 5.5

Programming 6 portraits: 1 story per session

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