“I systematically give a gift to my children’s concubine at the end of the year” …

Of course, there are parents who criticize teachers. But many more who recognize their great work. Especially through gifts at the end of the school year. Families would like to thank the education staff for their professional investment in helping the child improve …

In some families, it has even become a ritual. “I regularly give gifts to my children’s concubines or masters. I think it’s proof of recognition because teachers have little to do with it, “explained Beatrice, who responded to our call for witnesses. Sonia never bothers: “I’ve been giving something to my three son’s teacher since kindergarten. It’s my way of expressing my gratitude for their work, which is increasingly difficult. ” According to Leela, the present is very symbolic: “It is a way to take care of our children, to support them in their development on a daily basis and, above all, to thank them for their courage. Because of the current state of education, it will not be easy to manage 30 children aged 3 to 6 every day in kindergarten! Armel also measures the difficulties of the profession: “Teachers are involved throughout the year in teaching our children, in classes that are often too full. A

“I will also give a small gift to each school attendant.”

Rare parents who really oppose this class exit policy, such as Charlene: “This practice is a form of social pressure and” corruption. ” It automatically makes a difference. “Others are more favorable to the process, but subject to conditions, like Pamela:” I give a gift if the concubine was listening, involved. The same goes for Melanie: I feel sorry for him. In short, all the years except one.

Often, parents who want to rob teachers do not stop there and forget about other adults working with children. “I systematically offer a gift to school staff (AESH – accompanying students with disabilities – caretakers, canteeners, etc.) to show my gratitude”, Carroll testified. “I don’t forget the director or the school superintendent who does a great job,” says Sonia for her part. “I am going to give a small gift to every Atsem (specialized territorial agent for nursery school) in my son’s school who will have a small private kitchen. These are essential for the development of children in kindergarten and they even spend more time with the children on a daily basis than with the teacher. We often forget them, where teachers and children are often lost without them, ”Emily insisted.

Each has its own gift budget

And the key to generosity. “Our budget is around 20 to 30 euros,” Beatrice explained. “My son’s CP concubine is really great. Suddenly, this year I will increase the budget and offer him a voucher for 20 euros in a bookstore, ”says Adelaide. Alexia even went so far as to donate 50 euros to the institute and Atsem. And in recent years, online jackpots have multiplied, sometimes allowing parents to pay only 5 or 10 euros. But when many of them participate, the amount increases rapidly.

It remains to be seen what gift to give. And there, the idea of ​​parents is overflowing. “I offer personalized cups, chocolate miniatures and a small moisturizing hand cream to soothe damaged hands with hydroalcoholic gel,” Letitia was quoted as saying. Sonia likes “Organic boxes of body products.» Variety of Sonia Joy: «Small candles, gift vouchers for a salon treatment, chocolate boxes, stolen or even small DIY gifts!”

“How nice to receive thanks verbally or through an object!”

Melanie likes to mark her: “It’s often tote bags, kits, photo frames that my kids decorate. One year I was given a photo frame with the smart inside and a post saying “Visit, break the glass!” The teacher smiled a lot. Laura also relies on her creativity: “I took the initiative to create a personalized photo book with a photo of each student, with a note that parents / children would like to leave for Teacher and Atsam. It requires a little personal investment, but I think it leaves a beautiful memory of their past year. A

And whatever the current, it affects teachers and other staff. As Margax testified: “Here’s a key ring, chocolates, pot flowers, seeds, eternal roses, mint from the garden in a private container, plastic jewelry made by children, school supplies, soap, perio and a bag with exfoliation, thank you.” Mistress “Frames and drawings. I don’t think it’s mandatory, but what a pleasure to receive thanks verbally or through an object!”

Even when a schoolteacher works in an underprivileged neighborhood, he receives very sensitive little attention, as another teacher testifies: , Sometimes even personal belongings that they take home. Once, I even got an eggplant!

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